04 Aug 2022 16:14:56
Crap not having a quality striker, that was the first position that should've been brought in, the CDK thing woeful.
Sold our 2 best players and now have have credit spend of about 10mil.
Think the players brought in will improve us but imo, we will struggle to score as bamford and Rodrigo not good enough.
Cud still be a great window but needs back up GK, LB, creative MF and striker
Looks like west ham getting Cornet, should've got him, versatile and for 17mil, a no brainer. Maybe tempt Ham with bid for Benrahma.
My not agree but I'd go for darlow (GK) , Charlie Taylor, Gakpo, winks and Mitzi Bytshyi
The first 7 games are crucial for Leeds, need to pick up 3-4 wins as fairly easy start but then turns tough, will know after those games if be ok season or a struggle.

1.) 04 Aug 2022
04 Aug 2022 16:30:28
Top post.

2.) 04 Aug 2022
04 Aug 2022 16:46:38
Bamford scored 15 goals season before last, if he stays fit he’ll score goals, there’s also the big incentive with the World Cup coming up with now DKL injured and out of form, Bamford if he impresses early on he might just convince Southgate?!

3.) 04 Aug 2022
04 Aug 2022 17:13:12
Don’t agree opti, he an average striker.

4.) 04 Aug 2022
04 Aug 2022 20:17:25
Winks n Batshuayi are dogsh! te lol.

5.) 04 Aug 2022
04 Aug 2022 20:20:59
Maybe Rodrigo can be the player we hoped.

6.) 04 Aug 2022
04 Aug 2022 20:27:38
We went for a top striker in our eyes with good resale value and failed. Now the moaners are saying should get another. If it was easy to find a top striker who would guarantee you 20 goals in the premiership don’t you think the other 19 clubs would be trying too.

We don’t want che Adams
We don’t want Ben breterton
We don’t want this, we don’t want that
I haven’t seen 1 name that every single fans agrees with.

It’s not football manager where you can sign Messi in 4 clicks and skip 3 days.

I guarantee when we do bring a striker in he won’t be good enough in 80% of your eyes and if we don’t bring a striker in 80% will moan we haven’t brought anyone.

Michy Batshuayi Played 77 games (according to Wikipedia) in the premiership scored scored 15

If Victor bought him there would be an absolute outroar of signing such a player with a bad goal to game ratio

Bamford scores 15 goals in one season
“Bamfords average”

Max cornet going to West Ham
“Should of got him”

Who says we didn’t offer £17mil and £200k per week wages? Ah yeah no1 did. That’s right. I mean a player choosing West Ham in Europa league and a 60, 000 seater and being in the capital over just scraped last day survival Leeds United, they must be crazy huh ?

Our top choice striker choosing AC Milan over Leeds. Why shouldn’t we wait for a player who clearly has potential.

“Our squad doesn’t have enough depth”
*Leeds United sells 2 players and signs many more *

Then the moans start with,
We sold our best 2 players to world class teams and we haven’t bought anyone good enough to replace them. Well durrrrrr that’s why they went to world class teams because they were world class. Of course we ain’t going to replace them with another world class player.

It’s just moan after moan after moan.

7.) 04 Aug 2022
04 Aug 2022 21:20:03
Kudos LAD2 for your tip top moan ?.

8.) 04 Aug 2022
04 Aug 2022 22:39:40
Excellent post away days! Summed it up perfectly! Easy running the club from your armchair!
We might buy a left back and striker but I’ll tell you what, it’ll be fantastic if Pascal shows he can do the job and brilliant if Bamford/ Rodrigo/ Joffy / Greenwood who collectively we are paying over a 100k a week are fighting each other to score the goals. What would we moan about then!

Wishing everyone in the match day squad a cracking start to the season.