05 Aug 2022 23:07:16
Take it all back you doubting Thomas's, Baz, Chris, Hooksie, and the others who all slated Radz, Orta and JM, you should hang your heads in shame, take a look at the league table. it doesn't lie! We are ninth, yes 9th! Give your heads a shake! You know who you are! Baz, get yourself to church and beg for forgiveness! Chris you owe your wife a season of Sunday lunches, and the washing up!, the rest of you must write 500 lines of 'I must not doubt our super leaders'!
Head master George, make sure you dish your own punishment out to them please ????????MOT Europe here we come????????????????.

1.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 00:44:36
Woody how dare you go back to the delusionists lol

what happened to your disappointed viewpoint on Radz and Ortas CDK nonsense?

and now your Messiah Radz in his interview today is talking about no more outfield signings wtf and his fall guy JM bigging up DJ ( again) as a CF option wtf

No LB signing . no striker signing

So are you, Spanish, Bandwagon happy with that scenario?

Wow . no lessons learnt at all from last season lucky escape. bottom 3 or 4 squad . weaker starting line up front without Raph . weak defence esp Achilles heel LB when teams like Cagliari score 2 against us

Ho hum.

2.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 02:24:45
You do make me smile Baz mate you really do! Lol. Thankfully Alf saved me from that blip, he literally became my saviour and rescued me from the dark side! Ha ha. ? In all honesty I think we will be ok this season and it will be a catalyst for a new positive beginning. I’ve realised that on here posters like you, Chris, Hooksie and many others have genuine and really good theories as to what’s going on at our beloved club and once you except other posters views in can be very liberating. I used to get annoyed with the moaning and constant crap but I honestly see where posters are coming from, but Baz I am and always will be an old fashioned passionate optimist. I always try to be like that, even in the dark days of Bates and Warnock that 6-4 or 7-4 thrashing by Preston I used that as we scored 4 so that’s good ? I forgot about their goals! The only thing that riles me now is ex footballers talking crap, and it’s always the average ones that always dislike us and it’s always on TS! We posters on here bleed Leeds United, and we all hurt like hell when we lose, this is what makes us the best supporters in the world. Saying all this though Baz does not mean that I’m joining the Radz out society, no I’m staying with Op, Brighty, Spanish, Alf, Class, Clueless (along with many other optimist’s on here) and of course our beloved George, who I’m glad to say has got over his breakdown and enjoying being on here again, we all need a George in our life eh Baz! And at the end of this going to be a very successful season, you Baz and your little gang had better hide cause we will all be looking for you especially our mate Georgie! MOT oh and please look at the table before 3pm as we are 9th! Lol ????????.

3.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 04:36:19
? Great posts from you.

4.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 04:38:43
Burnley Bazadamus Ovaltine Octogenarian Groundhog Guarantor We all need a George in my life. Lest you agree, you've hopped onto a bandwagon. That'll turn you into the Burnley Bazadamus Bandwagon!

5.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 04:39:40
I 90% guarantee that this afternoon 3 points be ours against wolves we tame.

6.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 04:49:16
Bazadamus We need both LB and striker but I'll only slate the Italian in event that when it's time to go to bed September 1st no-one has been brought in for these positions. You don't wait which is your preference but personally I tend to be patient. ????.

7.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 05:52:13
Is it a super early day for you George or a super late night?

8.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 06:01:39
Alf I'm like Faithless. I can't get no sleep ??. Big day today.

{Ed001's Note - I just assumed you were a bit like Chuck Norris and didn't sleep, you just waited.}

9.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 06:33:30
Great post Woody!

10.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 07:21:06
, ??? brillo post Woody pal .

Yes indeed we view him totally different, but that's WHY I LOVE THIS SITE .

No one got murdered by me or Baz or hooks etc airing our views on Radz, yet some people here get very irate about it

For fark sake, as I have said numerous times, our car mmemts here mean NOTHING, its just a bunch o blokes talking about a club WE ALL LOVE .

So that's why it's great that we all don't agree with everything written here

My gripe with Radz has been the same for a few years now, ?

Is Radz worried about it?

Rhetorical question Alert for the above ???

So let's all just keep doing. what we are typing and all will be ok . C, Mon Leeds today +for season ahead .

Great post Woody pal ???.

11.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 08:14:00
Woody yeah that 6 4 game against Preston was crazy. it was under Grayson though not Warnock.

12.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 12:33:25
Great post Chris!