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03 Jul 2013 23:31:52
BMD has announced he is looking to add 2 new players to the squad by the Pre Season tour of Slovenia.
Gary Mackay-Steven is one player heavily linked with us after saying he wants to leave Dundee. Would be a great signing for us.
The 2nd signing reportedly will be Rowe/Mills. After the signing of Murphy, I would reckon it would be Mills to add extra strength to the defence.

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04 Jul 2013 11:26:55
all this talk about rowe frome p/boro no bid has been put in let's just see what bmd may be trying to secure under everyones noses.

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Dundee United fan here, just want to say that Mackay Steven (GMS) has NOT requested to leave us. With 2 years left on his contract its likely a sum of £2+ million will be needed to get him. Wish you guys all the best next season regardless of if you take him or not.

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03 Jul 2013 22:53:49
apparently a big name striker priced himself out of a move to leeds due to "astronomical" wages. Now, judging by who we have been linked with, my conclusion is that it was Kevin Doyle of Wolves. BMcd implied that the owners would have pursued had he asked but he said it was too much not them, also said that 2 more deals were being worked on. My guesswork here is that they are probably 2 from Wabara/Mills/ mackay-Stevens, though the Mills deal seems to be stagnating.

Also, no idea on this 1 just seems to be being mentioned a lot is a loan deal for Marc Albrighton does Ed 0013 know anything about this? {Ed013's Note - His name is being branded around and a loan is possible although Villa would surprise me if they let him go. They are building a team around their youth}

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A big name striker then you say Kevin Doyle oh dear lol

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Is the big name striker Jan Vennegoor of hesselink?

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Lol none of them 2 are big names

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Nothing to do with wages. Apparently the fee was high but the club were prepared to back McD. McD decided not to risk the clubs finances on 1 player

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But we spent 1 mil on a league 1 player from Crewe?

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03 Jul 2013 22:27:13
Qpr set to offer 1. 25 mill and wright Phillips for Ross mccormack from a reliable source watch this space

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Wouldnt take him and he wouldn't come his wages at QPR probs around 50k. Rangers would have to offer a severance package to encourage him off their books + he's a has been. Better to try and get Mackay Stevens who sounds like another Snoddy, and Albirghton on loan.

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05 Jul 2013 18:55:44
Big name striker Marc-A Fortune who has signed for Wigan?

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03 Jul 2013 21:52:02
Leeds will go back in for Tommy Rowe this week and Gary Mackay-Steven isn't Leeds bound just yet.

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What do you mean "isn't leeds bound yet"?

Would absolutely love both. Couldn't see us not going up under Big Mac

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03 Jul 2013 22:47:43
I hope your right that make our midfield complete, just a new centre back and a proper goal scorer up front. Oh and a new goalkeep because fat kenny is rubbish

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Look we can't make all of this happen immidiately, look what happened to Lecister with Sven. Signed like a whole new 11 who knew nothing about each other played like schmucks, u need to keep a core and though I don't like Kenny with all these changes having the same face in goal would be fairly reassuring + he's not bad for this level. I for 1 wouldn't sign Rowe now, keep tabs on him bid in Jan when they more desperate for a fee.

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I just copied and pasted that from someone who is a former employee of tv, sorry I didn't write it on rumour

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03 Jul 2013 21:46:09
I know these things are posted all the time but I know by byram's cousin (that sees him regular).

He says his dad wants him to stay at least 1 more season so it seems the only way he goes is if the club wants to sell.

SO let's SEE IF WE what HIM.

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Byrams going nowhere, except on the team coach, that is.

. for once the future IS looking white!

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03 Jul 2013 21:08:05
BMD hoping to bring 2 more players in before there trip Sunday


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A centre back and a winger?

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03 Jul 2013 21:02:51
Have been hearing this quite a lot the last couple of weeks, Wes Morgan from Leicester as we will meet their 1.5m asking price. Also trying to do a deal for Chris Burke from Birmingham, they're obviously struggling financially and could do with him off the wage bill.

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Only BMD knows what's going on

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Wes morgan is a real quality cb who we need, he would b amazing but truth is he's from the midlands and wants to stay there that's why he left forrest for foxes

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Yes but I'm sure if the ambition was right at Leeds he could be tempted! Think these two deals would show we mean business!


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I work with a Forest Season Ticket holder and the Morgan rumours are he wants to go back to them. He is Nottingham born and bred, but Forest and unable to come to an agreement over his wages. He'll be far too much for us.

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Morgan isn't leaving leicester and why would hé want to leave Leicester for Leeds,

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Erm maybe cus he thinks joining a quality team would b better than joining a team with money yet no real quality

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Where did u finish. mid table

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Could you afford his 25,000 a week wages?

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03 Jul 2013 18:37:11
Investment coming to Leeds shortly from Redbull, David Haigh putting finishing details together. Fact


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I put up something similar 1/2 hours ago hasn't appeared yet/at all. Something big is happening i'm sure



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Heard a lot of stories of big new investments coming into leeds recently, let's hope its true!


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I really hope so. There's so much optimism about the city now Bates is out and a couple of good signings made, especially the Murphy deal simply because we don't spend £1m anymore until this week. MOT
Chris LS14

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Would love to know if there is investment or we just spent money coming from the players wages we released and the 900k we'd save on morisons wages plus his loan fee.

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Would like red bulls money but would hate to see them do what they have in Salzburg and new York

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I'd speculate that Millwall are paying about £10k of Morisons wages and they'd pay about a £100k loan fee, that added up to £620k so maybe that was towards Murphy who knows

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Would like to think there will be more spending on players, instead of relying on frees and loans, as for rumours of investment, let's hope there true, this club should be competing for the best players, for so long we have not, so hopefully with more £$ from investment we can get the excitement back here again, i'm far more positive going into this season, as I were the previous 2.

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Yeah let's always look on the flip side, FFS, can't you just be happy were spending money, the 3 signings we've made so far will definitely improve the squad, whos the new No 9 going to be as well, good times ahead,

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When Red Bull get involved in a team it usually means a change of name for sponsorship sponsorshipalong with significant investment. What would Leeds fans think of changing from Leeds Utd to Leeds Red Bulls?

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03 Jul 2013 22:15:41
More likely the Red Bull Stadium!

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"Leeds Red Bulls"

Never going to happen.

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So long as it's shirt sponsor and no more.

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I seriously doubt red bull would change leeds uniteds name considering the history of our club. I can just abouts see them buying the stadium/naming rights and having red bull on our shirts this or next season

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Just posted earlier and forgot to mention that the stadium would most likely be called Red Bull Arena and naming rights for the stadium might be a way for us to circumvent/work around financial fair play

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I'm going to hazard a guess here and say that the proposed investment includes the purchase of Elland Road and Thorpe Arch with the naming rights to ER then sold for a ridiculous fee (which is how you get around FFP rules, by selling naming rights, you are allowed to bring in lots of cash, Newcastle, Man C and Arsenal all did exactly that)

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Hmmmm despite Reb bulls drinks can being based on Blue and silver colouring. they are still Red!

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Perhaps if red bull sponsor us they will give us wing (er)s!


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03 Jul 2013 17:25:09
hearing that hull city or after McCormack.

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Would love to know where you're hearing it, or is it a ploy from a Hull city supporter to start the rumour on their site. Enjoy being Yorkshires number one while you can because you only have one season left there.

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They will never be Yorkshire's Number 1 whatever they do. See them on the way down in 2014.

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A. since when was Hull in Yorkshire, they are Humberside (?), having been hoofed out of gods country a number of years ago, and rightly so, they don't even sound as if they come from Yorkshire, speaking a peculiar tongue all of their own!

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They may be in the Premier, but even they know Leeds will always be Yorkshires number1!

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They may be in the Premier, but even they know Leeds will always be Yorkshires number1!


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Not to be a stickler, but Humberside doesn't actually exist as a county. Hull is in East Yorkshire, and so in Yorkshire, plus many Leeds fans travel the short 60 miles down the M62 down to Elland Road so don't be a hater and confuse the place with the football club.

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4th poster, unfortunately, Hull is in Yorkshire having been booted back in when Humberside was abolished - officially in the East Riding of Yorkshire! So they are for at least another season, yorkshire No1 I am afraid.

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My uncle shane, who is a electric metre reader, went to steve bruces house in north ferriby which is based next to my school (bruce 100 per cent lives there), my uncle said 'how about McCormack he'll be on fire next season?' steve bruce replied with 'stranger things have happend'
so there is strenght behind this rumour!

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Hull were linked with Ross mac a few years ago during his cardiff city days.

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03 Jul 2013 16:09:17
Derby, Ipswich & Blackpool interested in White. Doubt he will be here next season.

Hope we can get 800k for him :/

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At least 1m +

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03 Jul 2013 17:12:17
agree, they wer after him last year, however Bmac likes youth so may keep him and develop him 4 a year.

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Pretty sure Derby were intrested in him last summer.

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Not over keen on white, 800k+ would be a bonus imo

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For £800K I would drive him there myself. White is the best player in a position that on-one knows - total enigma

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Derby are always linked with White. Would definitely take 800k+ for him.

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White to Blackpool 300k

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If Derby offer £800k up front. sell him and put the money towards bringing Tommy Rowe to ER.


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I'd like to see Aidy get a good pre-season with the full confidence of BMac and get a run on the wing, we do need a new winger but i'd settle for one and give White a chance, not just 3 games as sub when your losing like Warnock gave him. Has the pace, can beat a man, could be a big year for him IMO. MOT.
Chris LS14

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White isn't a winger, never will be. He's a wing back, poor mans Jordi Alba.

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Sell him for £800k he's not good enough

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If white do stay can only see him bein a squad player.

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I proudly have White on the back of my jersey. The same "fans" who are saying sell him probably didn't rate Byram before this season. I say give him a good run under BMD and we will see what these "fans " have to say at the end of the year.

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The fans who are selling him cringe at his attempts at fining a final ball.
Not a winger. Not really fit enough to be a wing back either.
Really not sure what White is supposed to be.
Yeah, he can run with the ball at his feet and score the odd goal. suppose that makes him a striker

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03 Jul 2013 15:48:24
Hunt already signed - it's on LUFC Website

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Anyone see the photograph, he's got the No 10 shirt and looks a midget between Murphy and Smith. Mcormack and Hunt leading the line will not give as much of a problem to defenders on crosses as a Becchio / Mcormack partnership. Apologies for being negative, just an observation when compared with Smith.

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Hunt is prolific in the air just read one article today and it ells you that. person

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No hunt is useless in the air, his main thing is energy and vision

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McDermott plays football how it should be, woulden't suprise me to see McCormack and hunt start together and smith be an option off the bench, if you look at barcalona none of there front three are over 5'10 I belive we will start off in that kind of mould and if it fails he will change the shape and style and bring smith on!

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Hunt has one of the biggest leaps I've ever seen. Hunt doesn't believe in gravity. You've got a great championship player on a free. Don't complain.

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03 Jul 2013 15:38:20
Noel Hunt signs, confimation on o/s. Really looking forward to this season, McD is doing a really good job. Think that might be it for strikers now, hopefully we will sign a skillful and pacey winger, centre back and new goalkeeper. I hope to see Adomah, Albrighton, Chris Forrester as the winger, Wabara/Mills/Upson probably for centre back and maybe Alex McCarthy as first choice keeper.

Also heard that Pugh has gone to Wednesday. Kenny to be sold aswell.

McCormack and Byram staying, Palace bid for Byram is unbelievably laughable.

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Cant see Alex McCarthy coming, although if he did, I would be such a happy leeds fan! I rate the lad so highly. JS

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Unless MCD is going to change our formation why bother spending money on wingers, i'd rather keep to the diamond formation and buy another playmaker like Murphy or hardworking midfield type.

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Don't think Reading would be prepared to sell Alex McCarthy. maybe, just maybe they would sell Adam Federici and he would be a good signing providing we could sell Paddy Kenny.

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BMcD likes playing a solid 4-4-2

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03 Jul 2013 15:03:06
Many bids are coming in for Sam Byram, Ross McCormack, this will show us how much GFH want to get us back up and not do a KB. But it is looking good as we have signed Noel Hunt ad 2 other players affording their wages, Mark Albringhton and Gary Makay-steven are 2 more players to add to BMD's Squad.

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We should try to keep Byram, young lads need a couple of years developing before they jump ship. If he develops his value will rise too. We need home grown players who will give their all for the club

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03 Jul 2013 14:14:12
I have heard several rumours that we are among a few clubs looking at 23 year old midfielder Ed Upson. He is at Yeovil has around a year left on his contract and has played for England U19

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Dont think wed sign Upson and Murphy together it seems more of a 1 or the other case

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Kind of player we should be going for, i'd rather we signed ed upson, than matthew upson.

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03 Jul 2013 13:25:44
bids comin in for byram and mccormack, time to show how serious GFH are especially after the piece in the YEP and haigh saying he's wanting to take us back to the big time

Believable18 Unbelievable5

Take them - we could do with the money. McCormack's past it

Agree6 Disagree25

Can, t see neither goin, if bates were still in charge i'd be worried, thankfully now he isn, t.

Agree9 Disagree3

Yeah I thought that when he scored that tap in against Tottenham last season.

Agree8 Disagree1

Wise up first poster

Agree8 Disagree3

Mccormack past it? you got to be joking. would be a major loss if we let him go, will show his quality again this season and bag many goals

Agree14 Disagree4

^does that guy know anything? One of the best players at the club

Agree9 Disagree4

As much as I don't like the way Brown plays I think we could do with his experience

Agree4 Disagree12

Must be blackpool fan lol sorry we like mccormack too much to let go for a million but if you offer maybe 5 we will think about it lol ANT MOT

Agree3 Disagree3

Doesn't matter how good they are, it's about how much you get. If its more than your own value then it's a good deal. People may question club ambition but if the money goes to building the squad then that's ok. There has been talk of £8m-£12m here in recent weeks for Byram, you can't turn that down! That amount will build an automatic promotion challenging team. That might be the wheeling and dealing piece that suits us.

Agree2 Disagree2

"Take them - we could do with the money. McCormack's past it"

For fxxxs sake can you stop being so blxxdy negative for once?

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"As much as I don't like the way Brown plays I think we could do with his experience"

We DON'T need that kind of experience, we need young pr hungry players that want to stay on the pitch for the whole of the game.

Have you actually looked at Brown's discipline record over the past few years?

Even 'big Norm' didn't get sent off as many times, and Vinnie Jones is a saint compared to him?

You STILL think we need Brown?

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"There has been talk of £8m-£12m here in recent weeks for Byram, you can't turn that down!"

Go home Ken, you may be president but we aren't listening.

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Lol mccormack is past it ha what the heck. he's still our best player

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Personally I think there should be at least one player in defence one or two in midfield with experience to give that correct balance in a team. Although I agree we don't need Brown championship too pacey for him, bring some decent experience in mabye a stephen hunt or karl henry.

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Brown while a wee bit slower than in his youth is a good sub, last 15mins or so. nobody likes to play against him I can tell you that for sure

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03 Jul 2013 12:59:26
Pughs gone to Shef Weds for an Undisclosed Fee. Now to get rid of Brown!

Believable29 Unbelievable5

Brown actually cares and we need more players like that in the squad it'd would be a loss to lose him,

Agree28 Disagree30

Have supported Leeds for many years and have seen the Good, bad and woeful. Brown might do some stupid things on the pitch on occasions but he always puts in a shift and he has played some very good games for us when others around him had gone missing. I saw most of the games he played last season and I'm not his dad-not old enough!

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If it wasnt for his permanant fouling he´d be ok as he does work his socks off.

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03 Jul 2013 14:30:10
Brown doesn't care in the slightest he gives away needless free kicks and doesn't contribute anything positive to the team

Agree15 Disagree11

I agree with the first reply. Some people can't see passion even if it smacks em in the face.

Agree6 Disagree15

I can't find anywhere that says pugh is gone

Agree9 Disagree0

No one will buy Brown at his age, and the only way we would be able to get rid of him is by paying off his contract, might aswell use him and I think he's still a good player.

Agree9 Disagree9

Brown is an over the hill, headless chicken liability. Rather have a more disciplined, all round player

Agree13 Disagree2

Brown - reckless tackler who more often than not went for the man rather than the ball, poor passer, lacking pace. Could never understand how he ever managed to get into the squad let alone the team. Good to see Pugh gone if true.

Agree10 Disagree0

Pugh I would imagine will end up at the wendies, as could norris, as for brown, I really hope he is no longer here once the season kicks off.

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Pugh going to Wednesday for a fee.
Good news for them, he plays well for them.
Good news for him. He wants out and he wants to go there.
Good news for the fans. We don't want/rate him Owls fans like him.
Good news for us. He's not wanted and we get money.
Everyone's happy.
The Fat Man

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Brown is a total liability, go and check his disciplinary record!

If Brown can't win the ball fairly he will just hack a player down and get himself sent off, yet again.

And then he will complain to the ref over and over.

Get rid, simples.

Agree4 Disagree0

Brown gives a lot for us. he is passionate something that some fans need to be!

Agree1 Disagree4

Felt a bit sorry for Pugh, played well against Everton in the cup and never got a look in afterwards, especially when we needed a left back prety much all season until we signed Warnock.
Anyway if we get a fee for him then I wish him well. Would like to see it confirmed though.

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03 Jul 2013 12:10:52
Brentfords Harry Forrester signs for Doncaster!

Another one we were 'linked' with, apparently!

Confirmed on website

KTJ - Abu Dhabi

Believable4 Unbelievable8

Are we sure it wasnt Chris Forrester?, or the return of Jamie Forrester?. MOT!

Agree6 Disagree0

Have looked but can't find anything myself?

Agree2 Disagree2

The deal isn't done yet but seems he fancies donny over brentford

Agree0 Disagree1

Phil Hay looked into this one and said there was nothing in the rumours were interested.

I'd suggest that if we wanted him, he wouldn't have signed for Donny

Agree8 Disagree0

From the chatter on Tw*tter I think it's Chris Forrester we're linked with

Agree7 Disagree1

Has NOT signed for doncaster just yet but a deal is in place but no signature as yet

Agree2 Disagree1

I get to see Pats play as often as possible and Forrester is a smashing player. Great feet and lovely control. However he wouldn't be the quickest and is still very lightweight. Not the finished article by a long shot but plenty of potential. Having said all of that he did say a number of clubs had enquired about him but that Leeds were not one of them. I spoke to him last Friday fortnight in Dundalk so maybe things have changed since then.

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03 Jul 2013 11:35:50
many english and scottish clubs have had chris forrester watched over the last while and he is considered to be one of the best players playing in the league of ireland. it is only a matter of time before he is snapped up for fairly cheap money.

Believable14 Unbelievable0

03 Jul 2013 10:22:21
BM has contacted aston villa about a season long loan for marc albrighton, good pacey winger, something we need! M. O. T

Believable29 Unbelievable6

03 Jul 2013 09:55:42
We seem to be heavily linked with some much needed wide players over that past day-or-so:

Mark Albrighton, (scorer of the PL's 20,000th goal) looks like a great addition even if it's only the rumoured season long loan.

Gary Mackay-Steven, would LOVE to see this guy in a Leeds shirt next season. Fast, skillfull and can score, something we have clearly missed since Gradel's departure.

Chris Forrester, scored 2 wonder goals whilst in the Irish league. Both on youtube (I know not the most reliable source, Nuñez for example) but both really good. He is only 20 so would welcome him to ER very much so.

3 players who I think would fit in well, it just depends on finances as usual. Fingers crossed eh.

Believable19 Unbelievable3

All 3 are wingers, so do we really need 3?

Agree1 Disagree1

I think YES, we should look to sign 3, to give some strength in depth when the schedule gets really heavy in mid season.

Agree4 Disagree1

I think he just means 1/2 of the 3 :P

Agree3 Disagree2

Dont forget we've already got a winger Ryan Hall

Agree0 Disagree0

Yeah I did haha, but with Forrester only being 20, maybe all 3. Wouldn't be complaining, especially if one got injured or suspended then we have a quality back up.

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03 Jul 2013 09:11:30
Crystal Palace are set to offer £3,000,000 for Sam Byram.

Believable15 Unbelievable27

Whats that for his right boot

Agree20 Disagree2

Let them offer it, they might need to offer half their squad as well to get to his value

Agree14 Disagree0

And every leeds fan, Big Mac and byram are about to stick their middle fingers up at palace to return the insult

Agree16 Disagree0

I can confirm I heard this on a radio station this morning that talks about sport.

I hope this is not how we are funding our transfers!

Agree5 Disagree0

Wont b accepted obviously

Agree12 Disagree2

Byrams stayin at leeds palace can offer what they like whatever they offer I doubt itl beat man citys interest we heard last season

Agree5 Disagree0

Highly doubt 3 million would be accepted but if they came back with, AT LEAST 5, then it would be very hard to say no, provided it goes back into the squad. MOT

Agree1 Disagree3

I agree 5mil hard to resist but 3mil would be silly to let him go for that as palace would probably end up selling him to city or that red lot for 10mil

Agree1 Disagree1

03 Jul 2013 06:15:09
Marc Albrighton season long loan to Leeds. Young, and very quick. Needs game time after a long lay off at Villa.

Believable26 Unbelievable9

Would be fantastic would get the fans flocking back If we sign players like this

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03 Jul 2013 03:03:55
Haigh started following red bull uk. More sponsors?

Believable28 Unbelievable10

That would be too good to be true

Agree12 Disagree2

Imagine how well we would play if our players had wings

Agree15 Disagree0

Partnership with New York Red Bulls to be announced at 12:30, Lloyd Sam is coming back! (Maybe)

Agree5 Disagree20

03 Jul 2013 02:51:51
According to a few rumours, Leeds are on the verge of signing 20 year old St Pats winger Chris Forrester.

Believable22 Unbelievable9

On Chris Forresters page one of his freiends is wishing him all the best at Leeds

Agree7 Disagree6

03 Jul 2013 10:18:46
Chris Forrester is class - great signing Irish U21


his chip kick is even sweeter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0GK_mvpMcE

Agree3 Disagree1

Think there could be something in this B mac as brought quite a few irish lads to these shores in the past during his time at reading.

Agree2 Disagree0

Seems like it was a bit of a joke. BM has definitely scouted him. Still could be something in it.

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03 Jul 2013 00:10:50
Dele Adebola signed as Player/Coach?


Believable7 Unbelievable48

The same dele adebola playing for aldershot last season in lg2 and is 39?
ha. Cheers lad. I needed that gaah. What a joker

Agree5 Disagree5

He's only saying this as the man himself has tweeted saying he's carrying on his carrer at leeds. Odd one really.

Agree3 Disagree1

Clearly hacked

Agree1 Disagree3

03 Jul 2013 09:52:56
His twitter account was hacked. Already posted a message to say he is not joining Leeds

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