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21 Oct 2012 21:13:58
One dick has ruined our potential future & given GFH a difficult job before they even begin...El Hadji should have kept his gob shut too, common sense - slag off the England captain & the media will use it everywhere - a sad week...

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Before they even begin?!?!?!? THEY BEGUN FOUR MONTHS AGO

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What EHD has to say about anyone is none of Leed's business. Steven Gerrard slagged EHD in a book and he was invited to respond to the slur. Get on with supporting your player or go off and support Liverpool

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Unfortunately with the signing of diouf i could see bad things just around the corner, bad things follow him around like a bad smell...i know the person who attacked kirkland had nothing to do with diouf but he was always a bad omen.

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Will you stop calling Ken Bates a d*ck? It's not nice.

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21 Oct 2012 21:13:04
Saleem Patel is not a happy bunny on twitter this morning. Hope that total person doesn't spoil the takeover. MOT

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I agree that the person that did that unforgiveble thing against Kirkland is an person, but if that is going to stop the takeover.....well than there wasnt going to be one in the first place.

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If the buyers use it for an excuse to get out of it or think about it, then they don't really want the club and should F*** off anyway

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21 Oct 2012 13:29:05
have a look at Andrew Haigh's twitter page and scroll down to the information that is FACT!, about Bates has loaned 2 million from GFH, against lufc shares. Bates can not sell the club until this money is payed back. Once you'cve read it my fellow fans. Ask yourself this, what are GFH up to? Why carn't they knock the ,money off the sale of the club? I really think GFH are just in this for the media attention, with there company looking bad, this puts them in the spot light. People slated LUST but i feel they knew things and asked questions about things that needed asking.
I really think Bates needs to come out and tell us what the hell is really going on with are club. I know they own the club and it's there buisness but this are life, are love, are hope's and dreams.
It's also funny how just before this information came to light. David Haigh tweeted he would not be on twitter for a while, how convienent(spelling might be wrong).
I just hope for once the club will show the respect we deserve. We are the heart,sole and bread and butter of this great club. Without us there is no lufc.
Please comment, when you've looked at the information on Andrew Haigh's twitter.

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What good publicity are they getting from this?

They have announced this to the stock market so if they pull the plug on the deal and with the rumours of no money there share price will fall do seems to me you have added up 2 + 2 = what every you want it to.

From the sounds of it gfh put a lump sum as deposite down to help out with the club until deal went through.

Deal has taken forever because of bated many off shore accounts plus both sides playing hard ball against each other and having to get permission from there religion to buy the club as they are not aloud to buy into companies that allow gambling and alcohol and sell pork so until they get the go ahead wont happen.

It will happen eventually and I bet there is a private backer to the deal. My own personal opinion only time will tell.

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So bidding for a club and then not completing would put GFH in a good light? I don't think so, it will happen this week. If it doesn't then I think it never will.

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The deals done dont worry it,ll be announced this week gfh-c just waiting to inform Bahrain stock market prob tommorow as per rules as this purchase can/will influence there shares price etc,I think we,ll find out a lot more in next two days expect big announcement before Charlton game tues eve,keep the faith

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21 Oct 2012 20:27:44
Andrew Haigh is a Leeds fan and a reporter, all he did was get a document from Companies House (freedom of information) quite a few days ago so old news really. It's not FACT what he says, it's just his assumption, he even states he's no economist. In fact it shows GFH Capital have invested 6mill over the past few months, during negotiations. I'd take that as a positive sign. David Haigh not to be confused with the reporter is talking again on twitter, in fact he's meeting Ben Jacobs (BBC Middle East) tomorrow, so we might get some more info. Can I just add, I looked at Salem Patel one of the bidders twitter yesterday, he condemned the violence against Sheffield Wednesday, as most right thinking people would, and the abuse he got from some so called Leeds fans, would definitely put me of investing, our own worst enemy at times

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21 Oct 2012 20:44:40
yeah what's going on with GFH, is this loan part of an investment is it ping to be a takeover. Surely it must be a full takeover the way Haigh and Patel get on over twitter. I just want this over and done with so we can MOT!


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Its not a loan, or an investment. It will be a deposit against future purchase of the club in order to gain a period of exclusivity. Therefore it will not be invested in the team or contribute towards running costs but held until any negotiations or contracts are complete. If GFH pull out the deposit should be made available to the club. The only suspicious thing is that GFH have not brought the rest of the money to complete the deal!!

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Are we on about David Haigh, not Andrew.

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