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06 Jan 2012 22:47:43
Leeds to sign Fabian Delphi on loan

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Not a chance as he is being given a frequent run out by McLeish.

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Why are some Leeds fans obsessed with bringing back players that decided to leave Leeds.
The only player I'd want back that decided to leave would be James Milner and that's only coz he posted a 2 page spread in the YEP when he was sold about sad he was about having to go.

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Not to mention how he's a versatile first teamer for the possible champions of England and a regular international...

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Where'd you hear this? Dare I say, from an oracle?

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06 Jan 2012 22:08:51
As anyone heard out on keogh? Whether we are attempting to sign him on a permanent fee or wot not, ed?

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No Grayson reported as saying he wont be a leeds player again

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I fink well sign keogh with all injuries with got weve got to get him!

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Dont need him, scored 1 goal...hardly a goal machine.

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I got told when he becomes a free agent in the summer he is coming to leeds?

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06 Jan 2012 19:48:55
I have apparently heard leeds have put an offer in for billy sharp, i dont know how much but i rekon it would be a good signing, can u confir the speculation ed? {Ed001's Note - no, I have heard nothing of the sort, sorry.}

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Would love him sign but we won't pay a few million for 1 player

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Would love this to be true (not saying its not by the way)

Wish we'd got him when he went to donny, he's proven he can perform at this level and isn't a 1 season wonder

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How can anyone 'apparently' hear?
Either they have heard or not!

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He cant perform infront of a crowd on at a club with expectation hence why he failed twice with sheff u and has done well with lesser teams like scunny and donnie he'd be a massive flop at leeds

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I would love to see sharp but i think he would only be signed if we sold mccormack or becchio.

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06 Jan 2012 19:37:30
leeds getting de santos and harry kane on loan from spurs cheers harry

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What a plum at least do some research about the players first.
Stand on the naughty step and don't come back till your ready to apologise.

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The guy that sent first reply... what a legend ha, ''stand on the naughty step'' you are 100% right

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Yeah naughty step with the big white cap on with a great big 'D' on it....TO??R

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Yeah, anything to increase his shame through his idiocy

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06 Jan 2012 19:28:10
Leeds being linked with Harry Kane and dos santos from spurs on other transfer Page. Load sh@te if you believe it you'll believe anything seen as Kane already gone millwall
Chorley White

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Dos santos played for galatasaray on loan a couple of seasons ago......no thanks

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06 Jan 2012 19:24:26
Matthew Upson not getting games at Stoke. Larry should put in a bid for him.

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Can tell u follow leeds alot, bates is never gunner grayson the amount of money that will be on upsons head, so get back to school

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He's been given 1 million plus additional funds from players sold. we're in dire need of a central defender. he is fond of loan signings. how is this unrealistic?

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Because mate, if they accept loan bid other clubs will look at his records and prem clubs will join the chase and therefore leeds dont have a chance

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What makes you think Stoke would loan to a division rival? {Ed025's Note -how do you mean...a division rival?

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They loaned us danny pugh didnt they?
smart arse

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06 Jan 2012 18:11:10
Why oh why are we always looking for a cheap Beckford'esk lower league signings surely there are loads of good young players at top European clubs we could look at either as loans or to purchase . I mean come on some of Larries signings have been poor to be honest .we have Lucas Radebe ,one of south Africa's sporting ambassadors yet we even when he was playing never tapped in to the African Market yet there are some top quality young Lacey and powerful African players who seem to come into Europe via French football.come on bates n Larry look at the bigger picture n please stop buying over rated has beens n never Gunnar be's!!

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I agree, the future are young players not sell-by dates players on loan on high wages, and wont gives their best. I think the Reading Goalie should be considered. Plus we have some really good youngsters that need to be given a chance. Larry needs to see the future.

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I think we should be looking to the lower leagues for talented young players, look at Lambert at Norwich that is what he did and look at where Norwich are now!

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I agree that quality youth is the way forward, I know he's a loanee but Townsend is testament to this, as was the gk from Reading who I'd love us to sign but as such a huge prospect, I suspect Reading won't want to sell and would take a fairly big bid to even tempt them

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Why we chasing GK's we have more goalies than fit defenders, and no decent manager ever rotates his goalkeepers, lets just bat it out with Lonergan and Cairns and invest in protecting them guys with solid defenders

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McCarthy is awesome, but they won't sell him... Or not for money we can offer.
He'll be an Arsenal or Spurs keeper in a year or 2... That's my prediction.


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Norwich are successful now because our most influential player chose to join them rather than re-sign with us. When he plays for them they get some kind of result; when he was absent for us (rarely) we lost. I seem to remember that quite a few of you were not too impressed with Bradley J. Probably exactly the player we could do with this season.

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Good point well made. I was never that keen on bj but we do seem to be missing something in the midfield..

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African players are good investments but
african nations dont help look at gradel.

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What you have to remember about African players is they need work permits.
Its easier for them to join European clubs as there laws are more relaxed... good idea though!

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A couple of years ago we were linked with buying a striker from Bristol Rovers but we didnt take the risk,now Ricky Lamberts scoring for fun at Southampton.MISTAKE.Then we were linked with buying a Shrewbury Town striker but again we didnt take the risk,now Grant Holts banging em in at Norwich.MISTAKE.We decided instead to buy Billy Payner who had been banging em in against all and sundry(including SUPER LEEDS).MISTAKE.What we should av done was buy Charlie Austin as well then we might well av been having this dialogue in the Premier League.MOT

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I agree with the work permit issues but doesn't that tell you what a decked up country we live in , when we allow immigrants in who are clearly bringing nothing to our country and spend tax payees money allowing them to stay yet a young player who is coming into a high payed job can't get a permit!! Ridiculous if you as me.

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I was never keen on bj when he was played out on the left but last season him and howson were quality and bossed that midfield!?

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06 Jan 2012 16:41:02
what about Zenden? hes available on a free

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Sure he was trialled and rejected the contract offered.

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06 Jan 2012 16:33:34
maik taylor has been given a contract extension until end of season as cover for lonergan.

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06 Jan 2012 15:52:24
leeds in hot pursuit of non league striker jamie vardy (fleetwood town) has alot of pace and think he scored 20 - 30 goals a season so far. could be the new beckford for us ED ? {Ed025's Note - i have a feeling that the old beckford may be available..

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Yeah ed, i think beckford will be leaving Leicester this window. {Ed025's Note - he seems surplus to requirements at leicester...

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I'm sure the old Beckford will be used to a much fatter pay packet than Captain Birdseye would be willing to pay. I've heard a rumour that he even does his shopping at Waitrose now the flash t**t

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Just put in a cheeky 1m bid and we'd probably get him.

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If Beckford is available and would come snap him up straight away.

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Not too sure about beckford hasn't worked out at Leicester and with all the money thu spent you would think they could supply te great man, however only went to everton a draw of premier league and money but saying that if would could see the man who said (what shirt am I wearing brov? Are you being serious?) perform as well as he did then would be a great signing!! Super Leeds

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All this talk of Beckford, av you 4gotten that he thought he was 2 big for our Club, His ego was far 2 big....

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Bring him back with players who know his game. reforming the Becks-Beccs partnership would be a gamble worth taking.

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Beckford on 40k at Leicester so he sits on the bench when he comes on can,t be bothered the old Beckford has gone sorry

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If we could get him back and his head was right, I'd have him.....to he poster who effectively questioned his loyalty because he left.....can you blame the guy - he isn't a life long Leeds fan like we are, has a chance to test himself at the highest level and also get a rise in wages from probably around 10k a week with us, to a rumoured 25k a week with everton, you can't blame him for that. It's the pinnacle of the guys job other than playing for his country.

Regarding his wage, why not get him on loan - it would suit us as if he really is on 40k we couldn't afford it, get them to pay part of it and it solves a problem for them that it possibly gets him match fit and sharp. If he helps get us promoted an we want to make it a perm, we're in a much better financial position to consider it

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Why bring him back ?.He's already proved he cant cut it at higher levels.Lets face it tbe guy is good in league 1 but no higher

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He scored 10+ goals for everton how can he not cut it?

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Agree man he was everton top scorer and some of the goals he scores wer class ie against chelsea and i tihnk the otha was bolton..... doubt hed come back but hey i wouldent say no!

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06 Jan 2012 15:30:57
Leeds interested in singing LA Galaxy's Chris Birchall on loan
Source Sky Sports News

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Rangers and donny want him too so he must be decent.

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Not that decent if donny want him and my gran could play for rangers and score 30 goals a season

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Rangers are still a good side, so therefore he must have something about him..

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06 Jan 2012 15:28:10
we want players in with some quality and who would play for the shirt etc, what about richard wood l/cb, would be cheap as cov are brassic and he is a lifelong leeds fan.

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06 Jan 2012 15:25:54
Anybody herd enithing about keogh? thought he was ment to be making his loan permanent? would love to see him sign up

cheers MOT

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Isn't the main job o a striker to score? Don't get me wrong his work rate was second to non but he made billy look like a sharp shooter.

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He has gone back to wolvews but he is going to come as a free agent next year sg and kb alson ak is going to sign next year for free

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Yes, the main job of a striker is to score. Keogh is not a striker though, he is a forward. Very different type of player/role.

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Him and mccormack had a good partnership up front then SG ruined by bringinf that waste of space becchio into the side.

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Waste of space shut up he would have been better on the wing or behind a forward.

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Ppl on here are crazy, i post a simple question and recieve carp back lol..... imo i thnk keogh is pretty decent given our current team , as for those who clicked disagree, what you disagree with a question?

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06 Jan 2012 12:52:17
alan smith in tlaks with QPR - keep away from elland road MOT

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Alan Smith maybe left us MOT but he played for the shrit. he did not want to leve the club but he had to for 7m and that was the higest bid for him

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Despite him playing for the shirt. We don't want dead wood. MOT

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I hope we can secure him, he's not over hill yet n his passion will prevail once the white shirt touches his back again, all will b forgotten..

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Your wrong!! when scum bid 7 million for Smith, Newcastle made us a bid of 8 million but that man that said the only club he could never sighn for was scum suddenly changed his mind and said the only club he was going to was scum, costing us a million quid, let him rot at newcastle

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Every transfer window smith is linked give it a rest love him or hate him where all bored to death with this rumour

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Smithy gave his 1 million signing on fee with scum back to leeds, so even if newcastle bid 8 million - we still recouped the same amount back. wind your neck in - as decent as it'd be for smithy to come back we won't sign him - because we don't need him. focus needs to be on our leaky defence!

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What I don't get is why people keep thinking that Smith wanted to sign for scum, Yes there were other offers made for him by other clubs (first I've ever heard of Newcastle at 8Mil mind) but the problem with ALL the other bids is that the WERE NOT Cash Up Front. Only scum would pay the fee in full. So as we were in the s*** with HMRC on our backs and in desperate need of some liquid capital thanks to that cretin Ridsdale, Smith was left with only 1 choice that would actually help save the club he loved. Doubt the rumour is true, can't see it happening yet, maybe if we get promoted we might sign him on a free and he can fill the equivalent of Frank Lampards current role at Chelsea as a rotation option.

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FFS leave smudger alone, he gave leeds his 1m signing on fee to help them out of the s**t, he cried his eyes out when we got relegated and he was as big a leeds fan as the rest of us. Personally i'd love to see him see out the rest of his career as captain with us,, possibly as holding midfielder. Also why havent we got Radebe as defensive coach?

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Give it a rest with Smith, his days as a footballer are numbered & he is past it. Yes he was an incredible servant for Leeds and he was passionate for the club he supports, BUT that was then and this is now. Lets move on from him and go with new blood.

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Man utd were THE ONLY team to offer us all the money up front and not in staged payments. Combined with smithy handing back the 1m, that transfer deal pretty much single handedly saved the club from going into administration. I worked there at the time in the commercial dept and it was twitchy bum time for our jobs.

I'm not convinced either way what he could do for us now to be honest. Love the guys passion for the club but questionable if he's done or not

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Alan smith will be Leeds through and through no matter what. so what he went to scum i would have gone too, hes a professional footballer. As for him coming back why not if we can get a good deal its worth a gamble. if he comes on and scores a important goal all this hype will be forgotten when ur celebrating in the stands!

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06 Jan 2012 12:51:51
george elokobi in talks with leeds

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Why...we don't need a left back with White and Pugh both able to play there?

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Yh but white is gd but we need someone better to be honest and we need pugh in the midfeild so i think we need a new LB


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That's not what Sky Sports News says: Forest, Palace and Boro all interested.

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With our budget being so tight we need to spend any transfer funds on key positions rather than another Left Back. 2 Centre Halves, a Centre Midfielder 'General' and a Right Back would be my priority. A pacey Striker wouldn't go a miss either!

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Think sg should play Tom lees at rb were he started and 2 cb are a must d odrea is gash and with fat pat done at leeds

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06 Jan 2012 12:08:33
Just seen on the interactive board thing on sky sports news that we are interested in chris birchall from la galaxy along with rangers and doncaster. I know he's the white guy who plays for trinidad but can't remember much about him when he played in england before.

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I am sure he played in League One but forgot which club. {Ed001's Note - Port Vale.}

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Very average player nothing to get excited about, can't see us pursuing him, saying that with bates at the helm you never know.

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I remember signing him in an old Football Manager. Decent squad player...not that that reflects on his real and current ability.

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He was at port vale and he isn't even that good to be honest

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Whatever he's like, he isn't the solution as we'd only have him for 2 months until he has to go back to LA - good player or not, this would not be a good signing - I think a major issue we've had with the defence is the lack of a back 4/5 that is playing regularly together and work as a unit, what with paddy being crocked (and also poor then dropped), o'dea having injury problems, the ban etc for lees, Connolly being poor and injured, white getting a ban and lonergan getting injured, they haven't had a run of 10+ games to really know each other and work together. Signing this guy would just add to it - just get used to playing with him then he goes! We either need perm signings OR at the minimum, loans until the end of the season

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06 Jan 2012 11:57:10
Veteran gk maik taylor extends contract until end of season its on our site

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06 Jan 2012 11:55:39
Maik taylor signed up until end of season

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06 Jan 2012 11:52:34
not a rumour but just a suggestion, free agent, prolific and experienced, only had a bad time at 1 club apart from that can score goals from anywhere, wages wouldnt be a prob i dont think as he has never been money greedy- MATEJA KEZMAN

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More hassle than he's worth i reckon, he's hopped around so many teams. surely that must say something about him.

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Not really, maybe he signed short contracts, he left chelsea as he did underperform, he left psv because chelsea offered alot for him, hes never been a naughty boy and im not saying long term jus short term

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06 Jan 2012 10:57:16
just read on twitter that leeds are interested in steed malbranque... hes a free agent and a decent player... worth a punt as he fits into our price bracket...

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He retired from football a few months ago because of the death of his son with cancer {Ed003's Note - It was a horrible rumour that did the rounds a few months back, completely untrue }

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