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06 Mar 2012 23:43:49
Owen Hargreaves to sign for Lufc on Friday .

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Why would he do that? And why would we want an injury prone player?

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Because hes a decent player that could teach our midfield a thing or 2 {Ed020's Note - he's experienced, i'll give him that. but i'd siogn him only on a pay as you play basis.}

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Its nearly Saturday, never mind maybe I will see him in billy's bar with Heskey

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06 Mar 2012 19:12:15
Leeds to sign pompey midfielder hayden mullins on loan

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Portsmouth player of the season last year - worth a punt at holding midfielder and out of contract in the summer - just how Bates likes em.

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06 Mar 2012 16:27:09
Marvan Celik could be great signing for Leeds! Just what we need.
"I am a player who always plays with heart
"It doesn't matter for me where I play, that is for the coaches to decide. Of course the fans can expect to see goals but I can also defend well."
The player, who will wear the number 24 jersey with "Mervan" on the back, was spotted by Rangers scouts Neil Murray and John Brown before leaving GAIS under freedom of contract.
McCoist said: "Neil and John first brought him to our attention and Ian [Durrant], Kenny [McDowall] and I have all had a look and he's very direct and very competitive.
"He can go past people and score goals and he can play wide in a four or five and in one or two games we've seen him through the middle as well.

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Hes absolute s**te watched him a few times for rangers since they signed him in january and trust me we dont want him

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Absolutely terrible player. Let's face it if he can't get a game for that lot he can't be upto much.

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06 Mar 2012 14:55:26
does anyone know a site i can view tonights match on please?

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Go on you tube and type in how do i watch football on line and it wil show you, can't remember name of site, its hit and miss with championship games tho {Ed007's Note - Try this:

1. Install the browser Google Chrome.

2. Look in the top right (your right) corner and you will see a spanner.

3. Click on the spanner and select 'tools'.

4. Click on extensions

5. At the bottom right (as you look at it) you will see 'Get More Extensions >>'. Select this.

6. In the search box type 'Chrome Live Football' and search.

7. Click on Chrome Live Football and then click on install. (it may download to a holding file in the bottom left as you look at it, in which case as soon as it's finished click there, but mostly it will install itself)

8. A small football will then appear in the top right (as you look at it). Click on that, select 'live stream' and reset the clock to GMT and it will list all the live games available all over europe and other places.

You may occasionally need to install other programmes or the link you pick will only work on Explorer (in which case cut and paste the URL into Explorer), but you will always get every EPL match (or any other). Sometimes you will only be able to find it with foreign commentary and sometimes you will get it in English. You'll get about thirty links and you may have to look through a lot of them to get what you want. You will also get most La Liga matches, Greek matches, Italian matches and French matches as well as top matches from South America.

Someone also asked about viruses etc. Google Chrome is actually far more secure than Internet Explorer so the risks are considerably less, but you should have decent virus/spyware programmes and run sweeps regularly as a matter of course.

The quality will also depend on the speed of your internet connection. If you have super-speed and have a modern HD TV, consider connecting your PC to the TV via the PC socket on the side/ back.

Cut and paste the above into a document and save it for future reference.

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Are our games even broadcast live cus I've never managed to get a stream unless it from sky or ESPN or wateva, even lutv dusnt show live streaming... Just commentry I imagine hull may b wrong.... If anyone knows enithing different please share

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Hey Ed - tried doing what you suggested and there are a load when you search for Chrome Live Football - any there you'd recommend? {Ed007's Note - The one I have installed is Live Sport v3.2.}

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Thats a lot to go thru! Just go to Wiziwig.tv every sporting event around world on there. Live prem at 3pm satdy's and 1 live championship game at 3 pm satdy's. Even live reserve's.

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The google chrome link aint got the leeds game any 1 got any others

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Well no links for tonights game, for all free sky sports, espn, ect ect, google nagra3 and download the toolbar good pictures off that, theres also freefootball.eu lots of links on there, and if you want to listen to leeds without paying bates ridiculus yorkshire radio noncence go to ustream the mighty whites where i shall be tonight....come on leeds..

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06 Mar 2012 13:25:25
Leeds United goalkeeper Paul Rachubka has joined Leyton Orient on loan.

The former Blackpool goalkeeper has joined the League One club in a deal until April 6.

Source: Leedsunited.com

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He had a nightmare debut by all accounts, at fault for the first and had conceded 4 before half time against Wycombe who were bottom of the league. His confidence must be even lower. Does anyone know how long a contract he signed in the summer?

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He signed a 2 year contract last summer, so it will expire next year!

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06 Mar 2012 13:24:53
Leeds bring in Robinson

Leeds United have bolstered their squad with the signing Bolton defender Paul Robinson on a month's loan.

Source SkySports News and Leedsunited.com

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Great signing. A no nonsense defender who takes no prisoners. Warnock knows what it takes.

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Echo the thoughts of the last poster. This is probably the best signing we've made in 3 years. He is strong, leads by example, detests losing and will pin people against the wall if they're not doing what they should be. A real worker. A real 'Leeds' signing. Well done to the gaffer.

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Perfection, the gaffer is doing a great job in my eyes and i cant wait to see what he can do in summer

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Great signing realy enjoying the good buzz about the club lately long may it continue

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06 Mar 2012 13:12:22
Hope leeds make a move for Gregg Wylde after his release from Rangers. Good versatile young player

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Should also go and get Wildes team mate Celik also available on a free. MOT

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Hull, Villa and Bolton also showing an interest, need to act sharpish as he is unattached. Ideal replacement for Howson!

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06 Mar 2012 12:16:32
Paul rachukba has joined leyton orient on a month loan

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06 Mar 2012 12:15:51
Leeds united have signed bolton lb paul robinson on loan until april 9th source os

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Great signing at this level albeit only for a month- fair play Mr Warnock for getting that to stick.

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Same happened when he went to Bolton ....loan then signed ...expect the same (in summer) but at a lower price than Bolton played (1Million) if so it will be an excellent signing - he is right out of the mould of what we expect for our defenders (echoes of Norman/Lucas etc) - bring him on!!

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06 Mar 2012 11:49:52
Paul robinson signed


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That's great news, enables Aidy White to play left wing and use his pace, with Pugh as a backup if we're getting dominated or one of them gets injured.

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It's true. Will he go straight into squad tonight?

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This is an awesome signing! Just what we need to bolster the defence!

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Solid left back/centre half. just what we need in my opinion

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Alot of positive moves from warnock. Also well done ken bates for sanctioning the moves. Things really looking up! Mot

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Or we can use Pugh in midfield to shield the defence if Brown become tired.

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What a great boost! We need strong players with leadership qualities and weve just signed one. come on you Whites! MOT

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Get some brains and brawn in the defence. Good signing.

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