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09 Jan 2012 22:52:44
Leeds to sign...

Lichaj and Delph both on loan until end of the season.
Keogh also on loan until the end of the season.
Robbie Rogers
Sean St Ledger

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Is all of this true? They look like good signings!

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Keogh isn't coming back thankfully. St Ledger no better than we have

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Leeds are, for some reason unbeknown to me, unable to take Andy Keogh on a further loan.

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Leeds and villa definitely in talks about fab for loan, source fab

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This is what I've been told. I'm not going to go into the details of my source because no one believes it anyway but I trust them.
And judging on the nature of the players and our past history, they all seem feasible.

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The reason unbeknown to you why we haven't signed Keogh is simply because he doesn't score goals and isn't very good. The Barnsley game proved that. He will never play for Leeds again.

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Lihaj, wont happen
delph wont happen, plays when he isnt injured( which is very little)
keogh definitely wont happen
robbie rogers has been going on for 2 weeks now...
Sean St Ledger already agreed terms with ipswich, cant see bates spending money

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Andy Keogh was total garbage why would we want him back?

Beckford & Delph plus a centre back would make all the difference

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Can't take Beckford this year, he's already played for too many clubs apparently.

Keogh can't be taken back on loan due to loan signing restrictions ... regardless as to whether any of you want him or not.

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09 Jan 2012 22:53:32
Leeds winger Snodgrass is set to leave Leeds to a Premier league club for around 7m {Ed045's Note - He won't go for any less than 12-14mil if he was to go.. which he won't.

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If we get 12-14 mill for him let him go, half of that money would bring in enough replacements to make the squad more viable for promotion.

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Would that be 12-14 mill rupees, makes me think the value of decent players have just gone through the roof.. Henry 60 mill??

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Snodgrass 12-14 million, im a lifelong leeds fan and that is utter crap. if we got a bid of 5 million bates would snap it up, be realistic!

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So you're saying if 11m came in for snodgrass he wouldnt accept, of course he would, snoddy would also go. That amount would triple his wages...at least! talk some sense please

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How much of 12-14m would SG get for new players ? SFA. We might stretch to a free transfer of a Scottish 2nd division player with wages of 250 a week !
Papa Smurf is a businessman, all about return on small investment !

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12 to 14 mill you lot talk s**t if we get offered 3.5 mil he will be gone trust me probbably less

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12m your having a laugh, will be lucky to get 2m and that will be in satge payments based on appearances etc. Over rated player , doesnt beat first man with crosses or dead ball situations enough and cant whip a cross in, always floated in. Show him inside and you stop him playing too would get shown up in Premier lge. Even if we get a decent fee it wont be spent on the team either.

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I think Ed's right to be fair as Wigan put an 8million bid in for snodgrass in the summer and Leeds rejected it! So talk some sense guys!

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^^^ Is that why we turned down 3.75m in the summer then? In a world where Andy Carroll costs 35m Snoddy is easily worth 12m.

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We will never get 12m for snoddy. Look at Delph better player and younger we only got 6-7m for him. IF we did get any offer over 8m it should be taken, only if it's all up front.

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09 Jan 2012 19:30:07
Possible swap deal being talked about tonight for Aiden white involving Ryo Miyaichi going the other way. this could potentially be a good move for both teams but will lead to speculation that Robert Snodgrass is about to leave.

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Ive heard the same rumour at the emirates tonight ,is this miyaichi any good ?

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Dont know much about him but hes quick on FIFA and decent stats so sign him up! ;)

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He is technically top class and very fast, good move if it happens especially as white will go for nowt at the end of the season. Did well tonight with what was available need to get clayton tied down as well he looked very good tonight.

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Not sure about the player but my brother told me earlier today that we were looking at a swap deal with arsenal as Aiden wont sign a new contract.i cant say what his job is because he would get into trouble but he's not usually wrong

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Aiden def wants to leave he's set his sights on Prem club and has openly been telling people.

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Probably be a swap deal like White for Miyachi on loan.

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If we can't afford to give White a decent contract how are we gonna afford to give an Arsenal Youth who's apparently still good a decent one?

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If Aidy White lets his contract run down who's to say we will replace him at all, or even swap - don't we have the impressive Ben Parker....!

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So much for breaking into team .Another player who the club has looked after while injured,then he s**ts on us 1st chance he gets.As the saying goes-Go break a leg son....udeserve it.MOT.

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Signing players cos there decent on fifa now are we? get a grip you tube

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09 Jan 2012 19:27:43
Robbie savage getting some right stick from leeds fans gotta love savage what a character we could of done with him before he retired

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He said he would come out of retirement to play for Leeds!

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09 Jan 2012 19:15:46
Gimpel starting

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Gimple was not even on the bench ? so why say he was starting
FACTS first please

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Is gimpel in the u18s ? If so why didnt he play for the u18s in their last game ?

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09 Jan 2012 19:05:28
Leeds to sign rangers duo kirk broadfoot and clint mckay

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Can't get in rangers team why would we want them ???

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Whos clint mckay, it's matt you person so clearly not true

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Clint mckay plays cricket in australia hahha, sure it's matt mckay that plays for rangers

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Yeah there going to let someone go whos only been there for 6 months and been injured half the time. come on talk some sense

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09 Jan 2012 17:42:14
Ken Bates would not work with a manager he could not control....Neil Warnock not an option.
lets give Grayson a bit more time..
what if we win tonight?

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Ken bates needs to put his hand in his pocket and spend some money this transfer window, if we are going to get in the play offs or higher.
where has all the money gone that we got for the players we have sold over the past three years we must of had more than 10million

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Tonight is not important, if we loose I dont mind as long as we dont get trashed. I want promotion.

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09 Jan 2012 17:22:46
Leeds to sign Motherwell winger and Jamaican international Omar Daley for 450K

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You and i both know Leeds won't sign anybody not even the defenders we desperatly need, whilst Grayson is in charge...

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^ il put money on Leeds getting a new defender

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I have heard from sources within the club that Daley is more than a possibility

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He was average in League 2 for Bradford. Not good enough. So we probably will sign him.

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There is no way he is good enough for leeds he wasn't even good enough bradford

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Nonsense. They are and have been looking at a lot of Motherwells young players though..

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There are some possible signings i have heard which is :

Keith Andrews (Blackburn )
Mark Marshall (Barnet)
Jermiane beckford (Leicester)
Alan smith (Newcastle )
and some other players but i have forgot there names :P do u recon we will get any of them ?


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09 Jan 2012 16:32:46
what happened to the Sammy Clingan of coventry rumours all seams to have gone quiet on that one.

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Thats what they were just rumours he won,t
be coming to leeds

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Hes rubbish anyway green and white army norn iron and we should know!

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He's not rubbish, he stands out for Coventry most matches.. last i heard he was willing to sign a new contract until 2015 i think.

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I imagine that he stands out in most of Coventry's matches because the rest of the team are rubbish! He's not good enough in my opinion, but I'm sure others will disagree with me.

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Aye he stands out because everyone cant believe he is being paid to be a footballer and not a ball boy! he is crap

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Stand out at Coventry!! Even barn door billy would look like messi in covs team

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09 Jan 2012 16:24:17
Grayson to be sacked if Leeds fail to take a minimun of 6 points from the 3 remaining games in January, Bates already in contact with Warnock as a potential replacement.

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Dont think this is true but if it is 3 things 1. He is a good manager of lower league clubs.
2. He is arrogant and objectionable
3. He doesn't like Leeds much.
NB I remember another manager, much better than Warnock, who we signed up in spite of his dislike foe Leeds - Clough. Look what happened then.

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Warnock knows promotion from the championship like the back of his hand. No offence Grayson but his tactical knowledge just doesn't cut it. Granted, Warnocks not too clever in the prem, so get rid once we're promoted. With the 40 million promotion packet minus moneybags bates cut of 35million we will still have 5million to get a prem standard manager and maybe a few has beens with the change if we're lucky. This has to happen if we're to go up this year!

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Totally wrong
gives some respect
come back when your more succsesful

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Warnock will get us into the Premiership..! whatever happens then i don't give a shi* S.G is incapable of doing this and to all you who says he loves the Leeds and he's a Leeds fan - well let him buy a season ticket and stand on the kop with the rest of us - Premier League football is what we all want at the end of the day

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10 Jan 2012 09:44:08
Rubbish, Bates has backed Grayson and vowed he wont be sacked

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Can't beleive you guys want Warnock as manager. Grayson is a quality manager, just doesn't get the funds. I'd be very shocked if he gets the sack this season.

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09 Jan 2012 13:17:17
Leeds target Robbie Rogers is in London today (9.1.12). Wonder if he'll be watching the game tonight.

Can play wide left, or might be scouted as snoddy replacement. Either way, would be a good signing.

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Don't know where you got this info from but Wiki (I know it's not the most reliable) reckons we're on the verge of signing him.

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I heard a couple of weeks ago from an impeccable source that Robbie Rogers had been training with Leeds, was sensational, and would be signing on 1st Jan. It's not happened so far but perhaps that's to do with a work permit.
Sadly, I also heard from the same source that Snodgrass was leaving!

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His info on Twitter had a photo of London bridge this morning. He's been chatting about meeting up with Landon Donovan (who I know is not in London) and a few other americans in the city too. Has said it a few times re: being in London. Hopefully will be at the game tonight and will see us (and the great fans) in action

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From Robbie Rogers twitter page, he is currently in the UK and has been since the turn of the new year.
From his agent in a local Columbus newspaper he has been in talks with leeds and his MLS club regarding his future: he has said he would decide in the new year after discussing with family.
The work permit part is also true as he is not entitled to an automatic UK work permit as he has not featured enough for the US national side, he has to apply on grounds of "exceptional talent".

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09 Jan 2012 13:16:02
Not a rumour but does anyone think as I do that Jason Roberts from Blackburn would be an ideal striker to sign?

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Also not a rumour but a couple of friends are stoke supporters and there looking to offload a couple of strikers possibly being jones and fuller now jones is to expensive for us but fuller is a good goal scorer

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09 Jan 2012 12:24:56
Jonny Howson to Huddersfield for one million.

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I'll have a pint of what you've been drinking!

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And why would he join them for if he as they afe worse off than us in the division u div ! And fir a mere 1million u
Ust of over taxed yourself on that no brainer eh!! U oaf what a waste of time that was silly boy !!

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He wants to play in the premiership preferably with leeds but if leeds are not in a position to challenge for promotion for the rest of the season he will leave but definately not to huddersfield

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Ha i nearly fell off my seat when i read this

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09 Jan 2012 10:19:24
Top news! I hate fans naming ex players but Leeds are in talks with villa about the possibility of Fab returning to Leeds on loan, he would prefer to stay in premiership but would returns if both clubs do agree, gods honest truth, source, fab himself

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09 Jan 2012 08:33:37
look we have a decent man and leeds fan as manager.we have a chairman who saved us but wil no longer spend decent money.something has to give.and im afraid it will be grayson,then bates will hope he can get another manager to bring the beat out of the players.
grayson does some weird things tatically but he is leeds through and through.
i mean i saw on ssn that us and bristol city are in for a rangers player.thats says it all really.no not a good rangers player either.
dont know where we are going now but in my opinion it will be grayson that finally takes the rap

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Why does something have to give? We're currently 1 point off the playoffs with half a season left to go. Let's talk about who it condemned/commended at the end of the season when we can realistically see what this season's efforts have reaped.

There's a long way to go yet!

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Maybe grayson should look at getting some of the old leeds players to ellend road to give the lads the guts and glory routine that they used to get maybe it will work

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09 Jan 2012 08:07:15
Leeds defender monty gimpel may get his first start tonight against arsenal. Source. Daily star. Lacy leeds

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Isn't he on Arsenal's shopping list.. Be a good advert then. Lets hope if he plays well Wenger will say "I didnt see it" ..

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We beat arsenal to him, he chose us over arsenal and another PL team.

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08 Jan 2012 23:46:55
3 players we are looking at matt Richie, Tom Ince and matt tubbs look like worrying times as none of these are defenders but mabye we are looking and my source hasn't been told

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