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Leeds United - The Fickle Fan?


Fellow Leeds United fans, I have been an Editor on www.leedsrumours.co.uk for over 18 months now and fully enjoy the ride that you guys and girls bring. I already knew how passionate the Leeds United fans were as I have been a supporter for over 30 years and still hold a season ticket, but what did make me see a different side of the fans was the constant moaning and the bickering among each other which lead me to write this.

As everybody already knows, being a Leeds United supporter is like being on the biggest roller-coaster on the Planet! or as the famous song states "we've had our ups and downs" (you know the rest, I can almost hear you sing it to yourself) From editing this site I have found to some extent that some fans are still living in the past, whether it be the 70's where so much history was made, the promotion in 1989 where Leeds were on their way back, the Title winning team that saw Sgt Wilko become a legend, the David O'Leary era where so many young hero's were made or even recent history that saw the likes of Jermaine Beckford fire Leeds United into the Championship. Either way the past has so many memories, GREAT memories and Leeds United has a History to be proud of, but does it really mean that because of the great players we had, should we re-create such history by bringing back your Alan Smiths, Beckford's, Harte's etc etc?

We are very proud of our Club and it is proven by having some of the best fans in the Land, but should we not try and move forward on new terms? Should we forget the Smiths, the Beckford's, the Harte's? Should we support GFH and Brian Mcdermott all the way to the finish line? I can hear some of you say NO and I can fully understand that a lot of the fans have lost all confidence in the club, how could you argue against that when Leeds United had in Neil Warnock's words "A cancer in the club" or as I like to call it an evil version of Santa Clause, someone that takes takes takes instead of giving! But surely we have to give GFH a chance, they wouldn't have bought this great club if they had no intentions of progression into the Premier League, after all that is where they will make their money back.

Brian Mcdermott is a breath of fresh air and I am the first to admit he wasn't my first choice in manager, but he has definitely won me over so far. He is calm, intelligent and has the gift of bringing in players from the lower leagues and turning them into winners. Yet fans still moan when we sign Matt Smith, someone I think can make a real impact, someone that has made the biggest move of his life and will take it at all costs. Lets give Brian the time and support the players in a white shirt all the way to glory.

Time and time again I see a rumour developing that has come from a trouble causer, a rival fan or a bored agent that is trying to better their players profile by linking them to Leeds United. Yet when the rumoured player signs for another team some of our fans kick off that we have lost another target, but did we? Was he ever a target or was it someone stirring things up! Take Johnny Russell as a prime example, has anyone ever seen him play, would he fit in the Leeds United set up or are we gutted he has signed for someone else because someone made up a rumour that he was coming to Leeds United and we feel like they have let us down again by not signing him. Sometimes I feel that some fans will not be happy until millions of pounds are spent on a player, any player as long as money is spent. Unfortunately times have changed and Leeds United are no longer a spending force like they once were and to be fair there are a lot of free transfers out there that can do a good job for us.

There was a time on here when many a fan posted "I will not step foot in Elland Road until Ken Bates has left" this had a mix reaction from many, for example; "Armchair fan", "glory hunter", "go and support Man City" or "I haven't bought a ticket since he bought the club", "Let's start a protest against him" "boycott" etc etc.
Now that Mr Bates has left the club (albeit he lingers in the role of President) and rumours circulating that GFH have no money or have no ambition or want to sell, I am hearing the same quotes again. Lets not forget that GFH are learning their trade here and have already made small steps to making things better for the fans. Cheaper tickets, especially season tickets, better membership deals, extending the contracts of our youngsters and of course bringing in a very ambitious manager. The list will get bigger and bigger and I go back to an earlier point, GFH need to spend to make a return on this and they appear to be doing it the sensible way. After all I am sure we don't want a Blackburn or Portsmouth situation.

So are Leeds United fans fickle? Aren't all fans! One thing is for sure, Leeds United have the best fans in the land that have followed their team all over the World, through the Ups and Downs and all the broken promises. Lets get behind the manager and GFH and support every player that puts on the white shirt. Rumours will come and go as will players and if we didn't all have a different opinion this would be a very boring site. Onward s and upwards,

Marching On Together

Editor 13

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01 April 2014
4Gmoqp I cannot thank you enough for the blog.Really thank you! Want more.

{Ed013 - Thanks mate}


22 March 2014
Ddn02p Enjoyed every bit of your blog.Thanks Again. Will read on...


04 February 2014
RK8fjB Major thankies for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.


16 January 2014
33FO15 Looking forward to reading more. Great post.Much thanks again.


07 January 2014
VhKb4n Muchos Gracias for your article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.


14 December 2013
V7N7ih Fantastic article post. Keep writing.


16 October 2013
MG90eg Really appreciate you sharing this blog post. Cool.


10 October 2013
You write very well! Thank You - Ed013


24 September 2013
TOL5SW Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article post. {Thanks For your comments, much appreciated - Ed-013}


19 August 2013
HLmawb Thanks-a-mundo for the post.Thanks Again.


12 July 2013
Very very true!



07 July 2013
Hi Ed, written by a true LUFC supporter; God we've had our "ups and downs" haven't we!

With the exception of the very few no one has the faintest idea on this forum who the club or managers transfer targets are and, if they do would be foolish to post such targets.

I've supported LUFC since the early 1970's and will until the day I draw my last breath; we had a hat lad of "good" managers, players and back room staff so why should now be any different.

FFS give GFH, BMD and the players the chance to prove they can do it, this team is NOT BMD's he has inherited some dross from NW and SG but to off load them takes time, time unfortunately some supporters won't give.

Good luck for 203/2014 but, not being negative just realistic, no promotion for us this year.

{ed013 - Hi mate, thanks for the comments and I agree with you and promotion will possibly be too much this season, but I am happy with Brian's 3 year contract, he will turn us in to a Club fighting at the right end of the table and have everyone on the same song sheet. All the best buddy MOT}


04 July 2013
I can't fault one single word of your well thought out prose and i agree with it wholeheartedly but you did forget to mention Tony Yeboah's goals

Shame on you

I just want a team and its manager that are all trying, a little bit of entertainment, some great goals, less conceded than recent years and fans that really get behind the lads, and sing their hearts out ofr the club. Lets show Bates what he could have built. A great club once more.

BMD gets my support and why shouldn't he?
He is my teams manager
I am a Leeds fan
At the start of the season I move back to yorkshire after 28 years away and i will be there rain or shine, 1 up or 1 down

MOT (now is the time for togetherness) {Thanks mate - Ed-013}


12 June 2013
A very honest approach here and agree with most of it. Too many fans jump on the bandwagon, give the new guys a chance MOT

Taylor LUFC


12 June 2013
Very good blog Ed013! I believe like yourself that we have no other choice but to get behind GFH.

Like you have stated, if they had no ambition they would of not hired BM. He was wanted by other clubs, we secured him.

The old Johnny Russell saga was undeniably annoying. Some benefit fiend from Dundee was posting that rubbish, hourly.

All the best,



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