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07 Aug 2020 20:15:24
If there's 1 thing I would banish from modern day football is playing out from back, City almost conceded then 5 mins later Real concede after sloppy out from back play,

It's crazy that coaches advocate this.

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07 Aug 2020 21:59:26
So If we played Hoof Ball and not got promoted, you would be happy?

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07 Aug 2020 22:25:52
So you had a terrible season then Chris watching us?
I taught this way from day 1 over here. Amazing to watch a confident defender chasing a ball towards his own goal line turn across into the penalty box and pass.
It's how you learn to control the ball in the other third of the field.
Easy to do with kids but I get the nerves and the risk. It's simply we've had too many players who haven't practised it enough in our back line.

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07 Aug 2020 19:54:37
I have a confession

I LOVE PABLO ❤⚽️🏆⚽️❤

# Champions ⚽️❤🏆🎖.

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07 Aug 2020 19:12:40
I'm pretty sure by all accounts we were supposed to have wrapped up Geldhart from Wigan this week .
So I'm not holding my breath on these other players we are rumoured to sign.

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07 Aug 2020 19:52:24
Yeah Mighty

it's really best not bother following any transfer speculation sites re Leeds United for one's peace of mind and to preserve one's sanity 🤣😉😁

Georgey will tell you so . isn't that right Georgey? ! 😁🤣😉.

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07 Aug 2020 16:23:51
When do the fixtures come out?

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07 Aug 2020 18:09:05
I think I saw somewhere about August 21st.

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07 Aug 2020 15:14:24
Brighton sign another centre half, how many do they need?

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07 Aug 2020 16:19:32
Well if it was leeds I’d say 2 will do for the season.

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07 Aug 2020 14:59:23
I'd rather buy Ollie and foyth than spend $30-$35 mill on white.

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07 Aug 2020 16:21:04
Unfortunately they don’t accept Aussie dollars there worth about as much as the rupee.

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07 Aug 2020 18:08:17
Lol Taddy very droll.

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07 Aug 2020 20:21:03
I’d probably agree to be honest the price white would cost, although I’d love him at the club we could probably get foyth, Watkins / Benrahma and Harry Wilson.

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07 Aug 2020 06:21:30
Likelihood his we will start the first game of premier league season with the same line up as we ended the championship minus Ben White.
If we have 45 million to spend then looking at the names we have been linked with then Foyth 10 mil
Harry Wilson 15 Mil
Then that leaves about 20 mil for either
Nicolas Gonzales from Stuttgart.
Plus geldhart and mcguirk on cut price deals from Wigan.

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07 Aug 2020 11:46:09
Cheeky loan maybe.

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07 Aug 2020 00:15:13
I read sky sports transfer Centre daily, and I think they are on the take, as are half of the pundits there. Close quotes, but not exact:
"Norwich see the bid as derisory, and an insult"
"Edouard is worth 40mill and could be bought by a top 6 PL team".
Where do they get this guff from? No one tells them anything, so stop turning our football into a Christmas episode of Eastenders! PLEASE,

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07 Aug 2020 05:53:47
Well said.

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07 Aug 2020 08:10:47
All this bull in the name of news 🤮🤮🤑.

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