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Team Review - Crystal Palace

16 Apr 2021 10:50:10
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Team Review - Crystal Palace

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Review Of The Day 15th April 2021

16 Apr 2021 07:39:18
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 15th April 2021

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15 Apr 2021 16:58:53
looks like we going to have to sign up to villa tv to watch the under23s hopefully secure the title on Friday.

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15 Apr 2021 17:44:12
Noooooo don't do it Whitesee!

Don't give your hard earned cash to the Vile😂

How about buy a drone with camera off Amazon

and fly it over tbe damned Vile Park and it's training ground during match. 👍😂.

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16 Apr 2021 06:17:31
They're not the first smaller club to have worked out they can make a bit of money by charging the Leeds fans.

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16 Apr 2021 09:26:17
Sorry my mistake now reckon its on LUTV. Thought it was like the Palace game where you had sign up to their site.

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16 Apr 2021 10:11:00
Too late Whitesee. I have already bought my stepladder from B&Q.

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16 Apr 2021 10:37:34
And my Amazon drone got Saturday delivery date so have cancelled it.

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15 Apr 2021 08:22:50
Thought it might be interesting to watch the highlights of last Saturday's game on the Citeh website, to listen to their commentary.

The initial comments at the start of the match noted that, to date, Citeh had faced 28 other sides across all competitions this season and had beaten all of them (at least once) . So if Citeh go on to win the Champions League, Leeds will be the only team faced that they have not beaten.

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15 Apr 2021 10:38:14
As a matter of interest what did commentators say about both goals clueless?

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15 Apr 2021 12:36:59
the commentary of the second goal was:

Bro 1: “I mean, three minutes of injury time, three minutes, is that enough time? ”

Bro 2: “Of course it is… It might be enough time for them. ”

Bro 1: “Oh no, no, no, no, no…”

Bro 2: “They’re in behind…”

Bro 1: “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…”

Bro 2: “It’s Leeds 2-1.”

Bro 1: “Yo, I said it. They had chances to score. ”

Bro 2: “I can’t believe it. ”

Bro 1: “They had chances. That’s what happens when you miss chances guys. We did it against Dortmund. Today we missed our chances and lost the game because we are not clinical enough. Spend £150m on Haaland because this club has too many players that can’t score. ”.

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15 Apr 2021 12:59:40
Wow. Critical when you’re team creaming the league and semi of euros. Jeez. That’s sad. They lose one game and want to spend 150 mill.

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15 Apr 2021 18:45:54
A few years with money and the fans totally change, sadly.

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Review Of The Day 15th April 2021

15 Apr 2021 07:39:25
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 15th April 2021

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14 Apr 2021 21:29:32
Forshaw the Leeds ghost due to play his return game for the u23s on Friday. Is he a player that would be useful for the firsts next season or a case of too little too late?

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14 Apr 2021 22:27:13
Think they’ll try and get him match fit and sell him to a Championship side, his contract is up next year but I don’t think they’ll get much return on him anyhow. I’d be astonished if he got any first team matches.

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15 Apr 2021 00:01:41
Honestly I'd sell or see if he will mutually terminate his contract. He's been out too long, will struggle to step up after 19 months out. Let him go so he can find a champ club to finish his career at.

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15 Apr 2021 06:06:23
Think we should see how he gets on. He played in the friendly game at york last Saturday possibly hoping to get a full game with the under 23s or as long as he can last. Only three u23 games left, but I think he might feature in all of those. We are not blessed with lots of options in his position with experience so if he can do a full preseason he might just be a squad asset next year. Good luck to him.

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15 Apr 2021 12:25:53
I didn’t rate him as a championship player never mind a premiership player who’s been out for 19 months.

Bielsa seems to love him and he knows far more about football than I do so maybe there is a player waiting to surprise us all.

I’d personally be shocked if we didn’t sign at least one centre midfielder of some sort this transfer window.

Hernandez too old now and with klich losing form that’s 2 midfielders down. Rodrigo isn’t quite the player we was hoping for and is possibly only playing there due to a shortage of options otherwise we wouldn’t of been trying to sign a centre mid come back end of the window at the start of the season to only fail his medical at the last minute.

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14 Apr 2021 21:19:06
Ian Wright has visited Thorp Arch to record a Kalvin Phillips special that will go out on Saturday on Football Focus.

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15 Apr 2021 08:12:58
Good to see Kalvin, and Leeds United, get this kind of recognition from the BBC. Should be a good watch.

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14 Apr 2021 07:50:53
Gonna be interesting in Europe tonight. In theory we could have three in semis. That would be a great outcome. Realistically I don't think Liverpool will make it but I hope they do.

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14 Apr 2021 21:14:54
Yeah it's an uphill battle for Liverpool - especially with no home support.

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