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21 Jun 2022 16:23:56
A frustratingly quiet week on the old transfer frontage. ( yes we signed Roca but that was all but done by Monday last week)
Rumours have slowed down, nothing concrete coming out the club regarding sales or purchases! Is it just me that finds this a tad worrying or is it just paranoia due to our last like 6 transfer windows?

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21 Jun 2022 16:49:59
Just paranoia Sweatz Everything looking good and shaping up just fine. going to be an exciting 22/ 23.

21 Jun 2022 17:39:22
Sweaty 🥵 Paranoia. Many players on holidays. A dip in noise shall be followed by more action next week my opinion. Am I still talking about transfers? 😜😋.

21 Jun 2022 17:45:17
Very happy with our signings to date still need five, six more for the season ahead, but cold hard reality is the remaining signings are dependent on the proceeds of selling KP and Raphinia.

Don’t mind the current ‘noise’ around Raphinia as is likely to increase interest, price, would actually prefer he was not sold to a competitor in our league but got to get best price possible for new replacements and if Raphinia and his snake of any agent say it’s Barcelona or nothing, then get settled son, you’re contracted for another two years yet pal!

21 Jun 2022 19:19:48
Well said Class!, Expect things to start moving once players from various teams contracts expire towards the end of this month / beginning of July. Personally think we need in another 5+ players for our first team squad.

21 Jun 2022 20:11:13
Can't really complain at 3 in so far with the window only just open. Better than our usual mad rush at the end of the window or nothing at all. I think we will get another 2 but could be more if KP and/ or Raph sold.

21 Jun 2022 21:12:32
Lads I’m happy so far just thought it had gone a tad quiet that’s all. Probably over thinking it while sipping on gin n juice on hols in Zante . 😂😂.

21 Jun 2022 21:19:43
A fair start but it will start to feel very underwhelming until/ unless 2 further players of real quality up front Striker (s) and (another) CAM are recruited,

Plus at least one other CM and a LB and an experienced GK.

21 Jun 2022 21:24:13
With Alf, 2 more (LB and CF) plus replacements for KP and Raph when sold.

22 Jun 2022 02:36:14
Class Can see Raph being a Chelsea player by end of the month.

22 Jun 2022 08:52:11
Very good chance George, so long as it’s a decent price as for opening Arsenal bid what did they pay for their flop Nicolas Pepe £72 million!

Review Of The Day 20th June 2022

21 Jun 2022 07:39:51
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 20th June 2022

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20 Jun 2022 13:00:47
A worry that many reporting Raphinha to Arsenal for sub £50m. His 'dream' was Barcelona and that shouldn't have happened for less than £60m. Selling in division should not be less than £65m.

Also Kalvin to City seems to be getting more and more traction.

Wouldn't mind a pair of City prospects in Palmer and McAtee or Delap to help that through with some cash if it seems nailed on.

Good to see us moving for targets at rb, cm, and CAM. Still want that experienced reserve keeper, probably another cm, a lb, and a Striker.

The above is only 'net ins' so if as expected Raph and possibly Phillips leave add replacements for them (unless replacements come in as immediate part-exchanges) .

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20 Jun 2022 13:20:37
Can't understand rapphy it's just a stop gap that really anyway if he doesn't want leeds united sod him get what we can for him n Philips mot wigan whites.

20 Jun 2022 14:01:26
Ealing - the figures quoted in articles re Arsenal’s interest in Raphinha will just be guesswork and partly based on the fictional info SPORT kept on churning out while trying to help finesse a budget transfer to their beloved but brassic Barca. Phil Hay has previously said Leeds want £60-70m for the lad, and nothing has happened materially since then to make the Club reduce that figure.

20 Jun 2022 14:08:56
Old Fabrizio Romano is now claiming the fee for Raphinha is expected to be £65/ £75m
I’d accept smith Rowe and £50m 😉.

20 Jun 2022 16:49:51
EalingBkb he said he want to play for a better club yep that’s right Leeds give him that if he thinks they are that then he can go but only if the asking price is higher that that we would have gone to Barca,

20 Jun 2022 18:53:57
Sweaty 🥵 ESR is a terrific player. I can see Raph ending up at Chavs, not Goons.

20 Jun 2022 19:20:29
I’d accept Rowe and 30-35 million. Unfortunately can’t see Arsenal selling the lad.

20 Jun 2022 19:29:50
Very good mate of mine is a gooner he feels Arsenal would be another stepping stone for him, and he can't see them giving us smith rowe,

20 Jun 2022 21:09:39
I think Raph just wants to go to a club who are showing ambition. This is one of the results of our failure to demonstrate any ambition whatsoever last season and a measure of Raphs belief that we will be showing any serious ambition this year.

20 Jun 2022 21:22:05
If anyone is prepared to cough up 70 plus Mil up front, they’ve got their man. If Arsenal pay 70 Mil for a winger, I’m a monkey’s uncle. They desperately need a 20/ 25 goal scoring striker, that’s where their big money is going if they won’t to progress. Nketiah is not the man now, maybe in the future?
As Clu said, just media hot air.

20 Jun 2022 21:39:24
Spot on Alf : much more ambition and far better players recruited last season could have led to Raph staying longer.

21 Jun 2022 06:30:10
Baz Realistically was never going to happen with Radz decision to sell.

21 Jun 2022 06:54:18
Also why would he go to Arsenal, it’s a given that Raph would want to be involved with CL football. Arsenal are being used as the stick up up the bum to get Barcelona moving and create the funds necessary. They have to sell players, quickly.

21 Jun 2022 07:02:40
Totally agree Alf/ baz, said we needed to build a squad around raphi after coming 9th.

20 Jun 2022 12:21:49
Congrats to Leeds fan Billy Foster, finally getting his hands on a Major trophy 🏆after 40 years caddying for some of the biggest names on the golf tour. Congrats also to Matt Fitzpatrick - his fellow Yorkshireman - who’s bag he was carrying at the US Open - as it was his first Major too.

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Review Of The Day 18th June 2022

20 Jun 2022 07:39:36
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 18th June 2022

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19 Jun 2022 17:15:20
I see on Instagram that agent Erling is on holiday with the lad Erik Bothiem that we are looking at on a free.!
Maybe he could have a word in his ear, big mates and Leeds and Manchester ain’t far apart for their social lives.
Just a thought.

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20 Jun 2022 02:54:01
See what ya meen sweaty spuds, they could nip over to cess pool for a day out or maybe Whitby for fish and feels 😳.

20 Jun 2022 05:40:32
Forking love Whitby. Best 👍 fish 🐠 and chips 😋 ever had in my life. Nothing even half as good. Superb. Love 💓 Yorkshire.

20 Jun 2022 06:44:48
Magpie is my fave for fish and chips.

20 Jun 2022 07:56:42
Fish n feels Martin? Hopefully no reach around between the 2 of them! 😂😂😂
Seriously though he does seem to be worth a punt on a free transfer.

20 Jun 2022 08:10:27
Was ment to be fish and derks, bloody prendantic text 😉.

20 Jun 2022 08:11:05
Magpies have started doing smoked fish now since it burnt down again.

20 Jun 2022 08:47:09
Magpie best in the world.

19 Jun 2022 08:37:39
I'd say go all out of Zinchenko, I don't think he is out of reach financially . I think he would be a great left back but can play multiple positions.

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19 Jun 2022 10:03:13
100% agree with you Mighty. Honestly, I’d probably be happy with Zinchenko, McAtee and £25m for KP.

19 Jun 2022 10:49:33
Hasn’t Zinchenko said he wants to play LM/ LW as he does for Ukraine? Might not be interested in a LB position. Would be more than happy to see him at Leeds, great player.

19 Jun 2022 11:38:10
1) No chance Zinchenko as would Zinchenko not have much higher aspirations than joining struggling lowly Leeds United ( in comparison from what he has been used to at Citeh at least ) ?

2) I think KP may end up partially regretting a move to Citeh if he likely gets limited game time; KP likes playing football NOT watching it on bench or in stands and also if limited game time likely impacts detrimentally on his England 1st team chances

3) So Barcelona want and expect £80 million from Man U for De Jong but only want to pay £40 million for Raph ( arguably a ( much) better player than De Jong )

HUSTLERS Barcelona!

19 Jun 2022 12:26:20
I hope the powers that be don't fall for this rubbish and stick to their guns.

19 Jun 2022 14:10:30
Indeed LUFCfeath . £40 million offer or £47 million that Leeds reportedly want!? .

would on balance prefer Raph have to stay next season help Leeds stay up

play well for Leeds to get in Brazil World Cup 1st team

with no sale agreement at all that season

than those undervalued figures

It would be gratifying for Leeds supporters to see Radz and co not to give in to coercive tactics of Deco and Barca.

19 Jun 2022 15:28:48
Baz Would be nice to see our price go up because of their underhanded tactics.

19 Jun 2022 17:20:27
Barca becoming play group fc with the age of all their kids.
I’d steer Raph towards Chelsea and take Gallagher +£30m and I hate Chelsea but Barcelona are simply insulting both us and raph in my opinion. Yet they want £80m for De jong!?
Barca are a spent force and Rapha would be nuts to go there in my humble opinion.

Review Of The Day 18th June 2022

19 Jun 2022 07:39:49
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 18th June 2022

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