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25 Sep 2023 14:35:44
Looks like Gnonto is out for a while now! Surgery required.




24 Aug 2023 07:38:18
Salernitana reportedly in for Leo Hjelde, with the club holding out for £1.7m.
Surely worth more than that?


1.) 24 Aug 2023 07:53:57
Hardly seems worth it.



22 Aug 2023 18:10:20
Things sound to be moving in the right direction at last, hopefully.
Kamara, Close. Brighton lad on loan, to buy progressing supposedly. Striker options are open, but many fold options being discussed.
And Gnonto finally seems to have given up, and has been recalled to first team training! Will be interesting to hear that story?


1.) 22 Aug 2023 20:21:24
The Brighton lad link is way off according to Graham smyth.

2.) 22 Aug 2023 20:02:49
Doubt we will ever get the real story Bright.

3.) 23 Aug 2023 08:54:00
I meant to pose the question in that post, is Ianis Hagi at Rangers also worth looking at? He is not in their CL squad under that numpty Beale? I seem to recall we were looking at him at the same time as Rangers, but he went to them for EU footie?



11 Aug 2023 20:15:30
Gnonto reportedly unwilling to play against Brum, and hasn't travelled! Club reiterated the stance that he is not for sale.


1.) 11 Aug 2023 20:41:08
Sell now Brighty - don’t want players who don’t want to be here, bad for the dressing room.

2.) 11 Aug 2023 20:51:51
Get rid of the prima Donna, little ✊??er
Ungrateful, badly advised bad attitude.
Maximise what we can get for it and get it out of our club, no rotten apples welcome here. 1 in all in or F off.
Get it out of the club asap.

3.) 11 Aug 2023 23:02:11
Sweaty - just selling Gnonto for whatever low price Everton (or whoever) want to pay would set a bad precedent - suggesting 49ers can be bullied by agents and lowballing changers like the Toffees.

4.) 11 Aug 2023 23:31:59
What Cluey said. Stick him in reserves then arrange for opposition manager to play a back 4 of Thanos, Dr David Banner, John Wick and Skeletor. Bring Mike Dean out of retirement to ref game and tell him it's Ambrosia and they're always trailing. Make the game indoor in a hardened facility.

5.) 12 Aug 2023 06:33:59
Clue I didn’t say bend over and spread the cheeks for Everton, certainly not at their reported £18m.
If Scott’s work 25+ then it’s £30m minimum.



25 Jul 2023 06:01:53
Bayindir, the Turkish GK target is now wanted by Taunton.
Origi, our £10m reported striker target, is also wanted by Wet Spam.


1.) 25 Jul 2023 06:35:35
As I have said before. Offer the club the money. Give them 7 days to accept and move on.

2.) 25 Jul 2023 09:52:06
Question is, who said we are after either of them?
Nobody from LUFC has.
I mean Origi, really.?
He’s at AC Milan, champions league AC Milan. Why would Origi come to the Championship?

Piroe is realistic, unless Swansea price us out that is.

I am however getting a tad concerned by the seeming lack of incomings now.

We must utilise the loan market ( incoming ones)




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29 Nov 2023 19:21:18
Great news. Back to our first 11. No sentiments maintained for anyone.


1.) 29 Nov 2023 19:45:58
Good news re line up
It's a must win.

2.) 29 Nov 2023 19:50:35
Leeds will win 2 nil
Leeds 2 vs Swansea 0
Dan James
and Joel Piroe.

3.) 29 Nov 2023 20:38:55
You were right for a minute baz.

4.) 29 Nov 2023 20:47:23
Rutter is playing really well. Some of his touches have been sublime first half.
That goal! Brilliant.
Got To keep it up second half!

5.) 29 Nov 2023 21:03:38
DJ (and I) denied by useless dodgy match officials Aus.



17 Nov 2023 13:06:56
10 point deduction for the fudges. not enough!


1.) 17 Nov 2023 13:35:19
Will get reduced on appeal, bet your life on it. Agree should be doubled.

2.) 17 Nov 2023 13:39:42
Can you imagine if that were Leeds?

It would be double that amount of points!

Luton, Burnley and Sheffield United - please wake up and send these cheating $%! tS down!

3.) 17 Nov 2023 13:44:23
Think for them they are very lucky that the teams down there are the worst I’ve ever seen in the Premiership.

4.) 17 Nov 2023 13:44:52
First of all somewhat refreshingly surprised by the decision of any deduction points . but why just 10 not 12 or 15? . and . how long does any appeal process take? .

Secondly, BUT just their luck that it's applied in a season with 3 absolutely woeful promoted clubs. so in essence a token punsihment of sorts because it is not a deduction that they will really suffer much, if at all from.

If it had been a 20 point deduction they would still very likely stay up.

Having said tharc.

5.) 17 Nov 2023 14:46:20
Due to the poor teamns in the PL this season they'll easily finish outside of the relagation zone.

6.) 17 Nov 2023 17:11:35
Agree with all of you!



14 Nov 2023 17:18:35
Good luck to Skubs, who has taken over the lead role at Lincoln City. Hope he does well.




10 Nov 2023 11:45:13
Liverpool willing to pay £40m for Archie. Don't think we will accept anything at all, nor will the boy want to leave either.


1.) 10 Nov 2023 12:07:06
Why did Scousers omit the 1 digit prior to the 4?

2.) 10 Nov 2023 12:38:37
Can’t see him leaving either Brighty, he is the future of our club. If he does go it’ll likely be when his stock has gone much higher than a lowly 40Mil.
I can’t see any of our current players leaving in January, not even Gnonto, more likely one or two of the loan clause players like Roca and co.

3.) 10 Nov 2023 12:49:17
That just adds to his value. Alert everybody else.
If we not in prem in next year. Sell for 100 with buy back clause.
He is class.
And that vid training vid. How hard was he trying. That lad won’t burn out.

4.) 10 Nov 2023 13:33:39
£40m for a 17 year old is crazy money. If I were Mr Marathe I'd poliely by saying thank you for your very kind offer, now go put your shell suit back on and do one.

5.) 10 Nov 2023 13:51:32
Firtly some ver wishful thinking naivety on this thread.

IF Leeds United do not go up and Liverpool come knocking then expect Archie Gray very, very likely to want to move on ( regardless of his obvious Leeds connections) .

We have seen it all before with local lads Milner, Lennon, Rose at his age.

Super talented ambitious lads such as Bellingham (and Gray) etc move on to upward club curve immediately.

The only potential issue will be if Marathe digs in wisely for a huge fee which scousers baulk on agreeing.

Its absolutely imperative that Leeds United go up, and then rapidly improve AG contract terms. Even then he would still be likely to move within another season.

6.) 10 Nov 2023 15:19:06
Baz What of the Gray family name and longstanding association with LUFC? Surely that counts for something. I can see Arch staying put.

7.) 10 Nov 2023 15:36:12
Yep slightly possibly George but only for one extra season perhaps without promotion.

Should be noted BOTH Archie's grandad Frankie and father Andy left Leeds United for other clubs too.

Its only one club Super LUFC Legend Eddie Gray (his grand uncle) who is purely 100% Leeds United within the Gray elders!

I reiterate promotion this season is a MUST for LUFC for numerous reasons!

8.) 10 Nov 2023 16:09:06
Baz, i don’t think there’s anyone that’s contemplating anything less than promotion at Elland Rd right now for the end of this season.
For me the question isn’t can we get promoted, it’s can we stay up in the Premiership once there again?

9.) 10 Nov 2023 17:34:18
OP it would be more than a tad presumptuous of you to contemplate that promotion is a GIVEN for LUFC.

A lot needs to happen first for LUFC

little to no injuries. making quality signings in Jan . having a lot of good luck. other teams Ipswich, Southampton etc losing form . all need to happen . etc

But you are correct about the question of whether LUFC will be equipped with required durability if/ when LUFC return to the EPL.

10.) 10 Nov 2023 18:16:44
Our owners don't need the money.
Archie is a bit young yet and has not played enough in the first team. If he went to a prem club he would be a bit part player.
I think his links and family ties will give us a little more grace with his loyalty.
If by some reason we don't start moving up and improving by time he is 19-20 then we could loose him.
He will have the chance of getting a team being built around him.

11.) 10 Nov 2023 19:54:15
Apparently Everton are interested too ????
I thought they were skint and about to get their wrist slapped for previous overspending ????.

12.) 10 Nov 2023 21:35:43
Never a given, just my estimation, they are going to have to work very hard to deserve promotion and I believe Farke will do it.

13.) 10 Nov 2023 22:33:41
Decent follow up posts Ben, Leeroy and OP.

14.) 11 Nov 2023 08:40:55
Andy going price will increase if we don’t go up this season I think the investment men will look at the offer, money talks no matter what anyone thinks there is no guarantee that we will go up this season or even the next as all the loan players we have will not want to stay nether will some of the others this is our best chance, next season will be a different story if we stay down.

15.) 11 Nov 2023 09:41:26
I’ll try and ask Eddie what his thoughts are and report back.

16.) 11 Nov 2023 10:33:07
Archie Gray even ?? mind going mad.



04 Nov 2023 16:33:54
Sam Greenwood notches a potential winner again. Pleased for the boy, as he seems to be getting his career back on track.


1.) 04 Nov 2023 16:57:02
Vieilles nouvelles, Monsieur Fumuer.

2.) 04 Nov 2023 17:55:23
… et retour à l'école française pour toi George ?.

3.) 04 Nov 2023 18:08:43
De meilleures choses à faire, OP.

4.) 05 Nov 2023 14:26:47
Despite having French as one of my other languages, the only suitable response is ; “Mange tout, Rodney. Mange tout. ”.




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16 Nov 2023 17:13:13
They are literally having a giraffe in that case!




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15 Nov 2023 11:07:15




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02 Nov 2023 17:18:25
Get rid and sign Jaidon permanently.




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05 Oct 2023 06:37:16
Show me the moneeeeeey!




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02 Sep 2023 11:06:37
Would rather have the young lad than that snake Sinisterra! Out of everyone who has abandoned ship, Sini has disappointed me most with his actions. Hope Bournemouth get relegated by Xmas!





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02 Dec 2023 07:40:31
Lol Baz. I agree that it will (tho shouldn’t) be reduced, but primarily due to the ramifications it presents for Chelsea and Citeh, rather than anything Everton may be presenting in their case.




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02 Dec 2023 07:38:31
I’m erring towards 3-1, or maybe 3-2, because as Leeroy says, they have a goal threat even without Sam, whom I hope will be in the stands to receive a warm welcome. Also agree with you Baz regarding the other results. Brom will gain ground, so a win for us is vital.
Looking at the table this morning, I got to say that I think the top 5 now is likely to be the same come the season end, tho clearly the order will change. That final play off spot is the one everyone else is realistically fighting for imo.




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27 Nov 2023 07:02:08
That was one of the best matches I’ve ever attended!




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26 Nov 2023 17:58:31
Intensity has everything to do with it Chris. I can split 15 tonnes of wood at home in a day, but if I had to do it in 2 hrs, I’d be fahooked.




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26 Nov 2023 17:08:55
Bitter as ever Chris. Get over it.
And yeah, rugby players still go at it two days after a game. Irrespective. I’ve played with a broken ankle and heel. Kinda countering my own point! ??.