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GFH-C, The toy that went wrong


After having a night to reflect on the atom bomb that went off at Leeds United last night, my head is no clearer. GFH sack one of the best managers Leeds have had for a long time, they sack Paul Hunt and David "Leeds United" Haigh walks out in protest, can this circus act get any worse?!

Brian McDermott has had a terrible run of results and he is the first to admit this, but come on we all know you need time in football and the poor man was told in December that he would have funds to BUY players in January and we all know how that developed! A free winger, initially on loan and a winger that has had less match time than Habib Habibous duck!! Brian McDermott has been working with a team of players that I am sure if he was to be 100% honest he wouldn't have at the club, players from previous managers on big contracts that didn't fit into his plans. I had massive faith that come the summer and with new investment Brian would be able to mould the club how he wants and have a real go at promotion next season. He would be rid of a lot of the players that are out of contract and he would have significant funds to bring in players. In the time it takes to eat a 10 inch pizza the club has been turned upside down and Brian McDermott cruelly sacked a day before a Yorkshire derby! I mean come on, the man gave his pre-match conference yesterday and although you could tell he was unsure if this was his last game, the man clearly loves Leeds United and would have done everything for the Club. For what ever the reasons are for this fiasco, bad results, Cellino's demands or a board member of GFH that clearly doesn't understand football, you don't sack the manager on the eve of a Yorkshire derby after he has prepared the team all week and especially on transfer deadline day when the fate of players is up in the air! So many things happened last night that are wrong and have made this great club a laughing stock, you know things are bad when rival fans pity us!

My take on this mess is that once Mr Flowers found out about the money still being paid to Ken Bates, approx 4 million, he rightfully lowered the asking price to meet with this debt. Maybe if he had been told about it in the first place things wouldn't have got to this, but as it is GFH wouldn't drop their price and in comes an Italian with plenty of money and a reputation that would make Bonnie and Clyde look innocent! Sports Capital fall apart and GFH won't speak to anyone else. Mike Farnan has said on numerous times that he and his consortium have the funds and the proof that they can buy the club and in my opinion they would have the fans best interests at heart and take the club to the next level, but GFH won't entertain them! It stinks of "its my train set and I will do what I want" even if that means ruining this great club! So in protest David Haigh leaves the club and his job with GFH over the treatment of Brian McDermott. I hear that Hisham Alrayes is the one that wanted Brian gone and did from half time at the Sheffield Wednesday game!

We don't know a lot about Cellino, we do know that he has failed in bids to buy Palace, QPR and West Ham in the past and that his criminal record is longer than the great train robbers! An owner that has had 36 managers in 20 years and appears more ruthless than Ken Bates. It remains to be seen if he can pass the football leagues fit and proper test, it will be a miracle if he does! I would say from another point of view if he had bought the club and backed Brian McDermott fans would see him from a better point of view. He only had to give him to the Summer to assess how he wants the club to go. If he fails the football league test how silly will GFH look, no money, no buyer and no manager! I am sure Mr Farnan will be waiting to ambush them!

Amother twist in this saga is that Gianluca Festa, a coach of Lumezzane in the 3rd tier of Italian football is to take Brian McDermotts job and even tried to sit in the dug out against Ipswich! What a mess this is! In my opinion if Cellino wants him so much than add him to the coaching staff and work with the manager, not bring him into a massive club and expect miracles half way through a season when the transfer window is shut. Brian McDermott has been treated like the stuff you get stuck on the bottom of your shoe whilst having a walk in the park!

One thing is for sure, the majority of the fans will vent their frustrations today like they did last night when they chased Cellino around Elland Road and wouldn't let his taxi leave! I imagine Brian McDermotts name will get sang more than any previous managers before him that have been sacked!

Only time will tell what is going on in the Circus, otherwise known as Leeds United and GFH. Will Leeds be the new Watford and we all know how well that worked out! All we can do is pray and hope there is a footballing god that will sort this mess out and Leeds United will get back on track again.

Thanks for reading, please leave any comments below whether in agreement or disagreement.


Editor 13.

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20 April 2014
Awesome article post.Much thanks again. Will read on...


19 February 2014
Excellent read


02 February 2014
The past forty-eight hours have been the darkest for a long time (apart from yesterday's result, it was no surprise and a long time coming, so much potential) but we are Leeds and will eventually ride the storm (damned long one so far) and return to the PL

Ed; have to agree with all the sentiments posted but I believe that I wrote at the beginning of the season that we would not gain promotion and, not being negative I still believe that, if we get promoted with some of our current squad we'll get slaughtered;

I think, at the moment that we need to secure our status in the Championship for next season, give BMcD a five year contract (end of), wait until the end of the season and look to push on in 2014 - 2015,

We have to be patient, we are after all a BIG club alongside 3/4 of the current Championship who are also BIG clubs and we have to learn to complete at all levels, back even to the Academy, who are after all our future!

If I had the money I'd buy the club but, I don't so I have to rely on others to pull this GREAT team of mine out of the mire and to push on, it may take end of next season, it may take another ten years but, I'll NOT walk away!

LEEDS forever, LEEDS until I die!

{Ed013 - I agree mate, the 3 year contract for Brian told me that this was a gradual build and he would be given the time and backing to achieve promotion in that time}


02 February 2014
Good theory. I believe that the business end of the takeover is half public half not public which then add's fuel to the fire for the fans.after supporting leeds (going to games) since the revie era this is the lowest i can remember it ever getting.we can only influence the owners whoever they are by acting as one (the fans that is). we should have a voice because without us they have nothing to make money from.trouble is apart from chanting how do you get that across ?

{Ed013 - I agree and I think on Saturday our point was made, lets hope they listen}


01 February 2014
I think a big thing here is patience. There is NO QUICK FIX. It was impatience made GFH start looking fior a profit from day one, it was impatience made the Italian sack Brian straight off and its impatience that makes some of us criticise Brian, pointing to results and performances. Well he has been with us for 10 months. The last few matches of last season were a write off. Then the summer break. he has only had limited resources to work with. Sure we have some not so good players, some average and some very good, but thats the way it is. GFH didnt deliver. But what Brian excells at is man management, he instills a mentality. He gets the best from everyone. The players love him and are loyal to him, the majority of fans ditto. Thats all we need to know and we should be grateful to have such a decent human being and quality coach as our manager

{Ed013 - Exactly mate}


01 February 2014
I think GFH realise they have dropped a bollock, they underestimated the reaction to their actions, it wasnt equal and it was certainly opposite, fury of fans and the industry as a whole, sponsors pulling out. They are in no mans land at the moment with the deal hanging on league ratification

{Ed013 - Without a doubt mate, they have definitely done that and are now back tracking}


01 February 2014
I agree absolutely, the rollercoaster ride that we are on has just taken another loop and it would appear that the ride we thought was coming to an end, actually has more twists and turns left.

My guess now would be that we will spend money on players we have hardly heard of from overseas, go through
bucket loads of managers, and then they will collapse club in debt but hold onto ground and leave the credible leeds buyers to pick up in a few years

{Ed013 - I just wish we could have one manager, ie Brian McDermott to be given time, these things don't happen overnight}


01 February 2014
100% AGREE.....
Hearing now that it was Celinos solicitor who phoned Brian and sacked him not the current owners as such becuase they dont officially own Leeds can not sack Brian.
Leeds have now come out, according to BBC TV and said that Brian is still our manager and hopes he takes us forward....
hoping they have come out and said this because of the backlash from fans and because there is a good possibility that Celino wont meet the FL fit and proper tests...hopefully Shaun Harvey will look after us for once...
The Leeds players, particualrily McCormack played their hearts out in second half in support of Brian winning 5:1!!
Brians 2nd in command took charge of the game for Brian along with Neil ..hopefully see Brian at the next match and the Farnan group are the ones in control......

{Ed013 - I will pray for that mate}


01 February 2014
Hi Ed

Like all of us this clearly hurts. I am not on the inside, or in the know so find it really difficult to comment, but the Bonnie and Clyde comment a bit emotive and over the top don't you think, not sure Cellino has killed anyone, yet!

a cornish white

{Ed013 - Apologies if it caused offence, a bit of light humour and wasn't meant to upset anyone}


01 February 2014
I totally agree.

Yet another transfer window wasted due to protracted takeover.

GFH have certainly proven that they don't care about the club or the long suffering fans.

Personally I would have reserved judgement on Cellino until he had proven his true intentions. I appreciate he has a checkered past and his running of Cagliari hasn't exactly been smooth but if he is genuine and wants to invest some real money in the club then I would have welcomed that.

Unfortunately he has made a massive error. By sacking BMD he has instantly antagonised the majority of genuine fans and is really going to have to do something special to win us over.

{Ed013 - Fully agree mate}


01 February 2014
Fantastic Read Ed.

{Ed013 -Thanks mate}


01 February 2014
Yes it is a total shambles and the lowest point since I have been supporting Leeds for 40 years. Will Cellini be approved? of course if he has the money. Look at Man City and Shinawatra, a shoe in regardless of fraud and human rights. I feel our ten years of pain is just going to continue.

{Ed013 - Typical Leeds getting the wrong owners again!}


01 February 2014
Great read well done

{Ed013 - Thanks mate}


01 February 2014
Great piece and I agree with every word you have written.

OK we are on a terrible run, but to sack a (good) manager on transfer deadline to potentially bring in a 3rd division manager from Italy (how bad must that standard of football be?),
it is absolute madness.
Matters off the field look even worse ! This guy will probably fail his FL Test, so GFH will owe several million, having had its financial backing pulled by Enterprise and FL, and a load of sponsors shirts that no-one will buy.
I will be at ER today as I have been for 25 years, and I will be voicing my concerns !
10 years of hurt, could turn into 20 years of hurt !

{Ed013 - Thanks Steve, 10 years of hurt = 10 years of lost fans}


01 February 2014
Good article, if any doubt existed in Leeds fans minds about the intentions of GFH then yesterday's schoolboy decision making to; sack a popular manager who had the support of the majority of leeds fans, sack Brian on the eve of Yorkshire derby, before a home game, on transfer deadline day. This clearly shows they know nothing about football, have no connection with us fans, and do not have clubs best interest at heart, it's all about the money money money.

Please god, we need some divine intervention to help our club out, what the hell have we done to deserve the last 10 years of pain?

{Ed013 - There are so many questions need answering and they can't even be arsed to thank Brian in a statement on the OS}


01 February 2014
100% agree shambles from start to fin.. wait a minute it, s not finished. for first time in over 40 years i dont, really want to go to elland rd. whole thing makes me sick. bmcd tactics were poor his loans are poor but how can you treat someone like that and expect support from us. still no official word to confirm his sacking and you allow a convicted criminal to take over without ratification of the payment or passing the FL directors test. i am not foolish enough to say we are the club but without us you are screwed. we were a laughing stock before and to have bloody gary neville feeling sorry for us takes the biscuit. i only hope that the italian fails the football league test and farnan steps in but perhaps i, m still dreaming. I would finish by saying the usual MOT BUT I, M NOT SURE WHAT IT MEANS ANYMORE AND IT, S BREAKING MY HEART


{Ed013 -I feel your pain Allan, who knows, if they had backed Brian in the Summer he may have brought better players in and could have used better tactics, but he had to work with what he had}


01 February 2014
Rumour is that Cellino's 25 will convert to a loan if the takeover isn't approved. That's even more dangerous since he'll want it back pretty quickly.

{Ed013 - So GFH will be owing Cellino, Bates and Sports Capital. You couldn't make this up! What a disaster}


01 February 2014
Spot on and perfectly worded. So, after all the posturing, posing and reassuring platitudes, GFH show their true colours. They are a cancer on our club and the only way to remove cancer is to cut it out, though I wish I could zap 'em all with a large dose of radiation. Not a word, not a single sylable and I read on OS this morning that Brian is looking ahead to the Huddersfield match........spineless, useless leeches hiding in their murky pool, a pox on the lot of 'em

{Ed013 - They will also still own a portion of the club, so will continue to take cash in the future}


01 February 2014

{Ed013 - Agreed, a shambles}


01 February 2014
I did really like McDermott and he certainly talked in the right manner, honest and no rubbish. His signings have been, however, terrible with not one (except maybe Smith) having contributed anything to the team. This coupled with the latest run of results doesnt help his case. Remember, its not just been the last 5 or 6 games games Leeds have been poor ALL season with the only real highlight being against a shocking Birmingham Team. A new owner looks at the evidence and really it doesnt fill you with confidence. But Brian was f**ked over by empty promises, no doubt. Ken Bates doesnt look so bad now after all!


{Ed013 - I agree mate, his results have been poor and some of the signings have too. I think we are stuck in the same rut with Ken Bates with no money, so the quality of signings is not good. I honestly thought after the Summer Brian would turn it round}


01 February 2014
Great read Ed 13, Just want to say thanks for all your hard work in the last 24 hours, must have been a crazy day for you on this site, Still can't believe there has been no official statement on the Leeds united website, Good luck to Brian he deserves better, I am sure he will be offered another job very soon.With Enterprise and Flamingo withdrawing their sponsorship and seeking their money back what happens if the football league fail to find cellino fit and proper, This could get really messy financially. Anyway keep up the good work here Ed love this site

{Ed013 - Thanks mate really appreciate all the comments, its been a long 24 hours and my kids don't understand why I am so frustrated. Its frustrating for me trying to bring them up as Leeds fans when we are all made to suffer so much, some may say child cruelty!}


01 February 2014
Thank you Ed for a brilliantly worded, well considered piece. After a few hours sleep, things look no better to me. I love my club and will support it forever. But will we have a club especially if the FL block things? But today Ross and the boys, do it for the fans, and especially for Brian. Football people know, we all deserve better.

{Ed013 - Thanks buddy, I really can't imagine what the atmosphere will be like today!}


01 February 2014
You are spot on with the assessment of the disgraceful acts of whoever owns Leeds last night. Each time I think that life at Leeds can't get any worse someone manages to pull an even bigger bomb from the hat. I cannot see how it is possible that the FL can let these people buy the club but then again I wouldn't have thought that the last week was possible either. It will be a difficult day for the players today and I have a feeling that it could take McCormack to the next level, I think it will bring the inner Ross out. The platters will be every bit as p*ssed off as the rest of us. MOT

{Ed013 - I honestly thought we were going in the right direction}


01 February 2014
I am behind you too Ed, great article straight from the heart, an utter disgrace is all that Gfh capital are, and have shown they are not and should never have been trusted, my heart goes out to brian, come on all you fab and loyal leed supporters sing for Mr Brian McDermott today!

{Ed013 - Thanks buddy, really appreciate it}


01 February 2014
If Mc Cormack does wear that T shirt Ed013 he will be dead by monday!

{Ed013 - Oh god, didn't think of that}


01 February 2014
Never before have I questioned my belief in LUFC
Treating a person like they have is a disgrace, no football decision, no integrity, no idea.
Sick and tired of giving owners my hard earned cash and more importantly my passion

{Ed013 - Fully agree mate}


01 February 2014
What role will Shaun Harvey have in the FL "fit and proper owner test" ?

He will have been involved in drawing up the contract for the sale from Ken Bates to GFH.

It would appear that it is clauses from this contract that have caused the Sport Capital bid to break down.

It seems to me that there is potentially a big conflict of interest for him to be involved on behalf of the league as it could be seen to be in his best personal interest to get the takeover passed as he can then move on from a very awkward situation.

{Ed013 - Unless there are secret brief cases of money being passed into people's hands then I can't see how he can pass the test. Unless it is like an episode of 24 and Cellino has Shaun Harveys kids held at ransom until he signs the paperwork!}


01 February 2014
100% behind every word, if McCormack also goes then for the fist time in 50 years i will be thinking twice about my membership/support of LUFC. That would break my heart (and that of my 2 lads) but these actions must be pushing the most hardened of LUFC fans to the brink!
It's hard to support people who clearly have not one inkling of care/compassion for the team or loyal fans who ultimately generate their profit. Not a word from the owners who it seems are having their strings pulled by someone who would not be able to hold a job down in the real world.
I will be there today and hope every Leeds fan is to show their support for the team (in particular McCormack) and vent their anger on the owners (would like to see them on the pitch with a microphone explaining their actions).
Even more grey hairs this morning.

{Ed013 - I have asked McCormack to wear a t-shirt under his shirt today with the words BRIAN MCDERMOTT on, so if he scores show his and the teams support that way}


01 February 2014
Totally agree. Can't understand website not being updated. A great passionate blog ed. I know it would be hard and no idea where to start but a shame us fans couldn't mobilise and buy the club!

{Ed013 - Thanks mate, its a sad day for all}


01 February 2014
Agree 100%, I am pinning all my hopes on the league having an ounce of integrity and balls and throwing this audacious attempt to buy our beloved club in the bin. Surely surely this man cannot pass the fit and proper test. Farnan to pick up the pieces and then we will have the owners we deserve. Am I still asleep and this is just a nightmare........

{Ed013 - Just been confirmed that if the football league reject him then GFH will have to pay him back! That's him and Sports Capital they owe money to, this is never ending!}


01 February 2014
Well written and well said, circus is the only way to describe it

{Ed013 - Thanks mate, appreciate it}


01 February 2014
I agree wholeheartedly with every word you said editor. I'm sick and tire of Leeds fans been treated like dirt. Brian was struggling, yes, but when someone is promised funds to rebuild, and that is reneged on, what's a man to do? I will no longer set foot in Elland Road until Messimo Cellino is no longer linked to it.

{Ed013 - I still can't believe that there is no statement on the Official Site, what a shambles mate}


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