Leeds Blog 15 The Circus continues with yet another poor selection and defeat!


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The Circus continues with yet another poor selection and defeat!


The Circus continues with yet another poor selection and defeat!
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Here we are again, another defeat against another team below us in the table, a team that go away with the bragging rights of beating Yorkshire's number 1 Club in which I am sure all of the Doncaster followers will now claim they are Yorkshire's best! Fair play to Doncaster, they took their chances and the second goal must of consisted of over 50 passes before they found Billy Sharp for what proved to be the winner.
Now, lets talk about another poor selection from Brian McDermott. I have been saying for weeks now that Austin needs dropping for Tonge and even Brown would be doing a better job than him. Yet another poor showing from Austin finally saw Brian replacing him for Tonge at half time and in turn brought a man of the match performance from Tonge. Austin was slow, poor at passing, tackling and reading the game. He was not doing the jobs required of him and therefore the Doncaster midfield had a field day with all of the space available. There was one moment he was able to run down the wing with the ball, but there was no-one to support him, so instead of holding up the ball and looking for the pass he just ran into 3 Doncaster players and had the ball taken from which made him out of position and gave Doncaster all the space they could dream of.
Yet again another 45 minutes passed Murphy by, although not as bad as Austin, he is clearly in need of better players around him. He tries to break up the play and look for the pass, but recently he looks lost. We must remember he is still young and playing under difficult circumstances, but there is no excuse for doing the basics wrong. Murphy was taken off at half time allowing Mowatt to come into the centre where he had a much better game. Why Brian plays Mowatt on the wing is beyond me! He is a very talented young player that is very good in the middle, but clearly not a winger. In my opinion if Peltier had stayed at Leeds then Brian could use him at right back allowing Byram to play on the wing which I think would be more affective. Instead we have Mowatt playing there which isn't working.
I thought all of the back 4 did OK today, but I have to ask the question as to why Pugh is being used at left back when we have Warnock who I think is better going forward. Another one of Brian's decisions that baffles me. I wonder how Pugh would actually do in the Centre of midfield, a position that is actually his most natural! Some people will say the defence was poor again, but a lot of that is down to the midfield not doing their jobs which makes the defence work overtime. It was a lackadaisical moment from Stewart which caused the first goal as after a corner was cleared he decided not to follow up the corner taker, which he then had all the time in the world to run at the box and get his shot away for 1-0.
Stewart had a better second half as he was switched from side to side, I just think he is too soft on the ball and unless he has a good run at someone he will most likely lose the ball. He was however unlucky not to score, as was Matt Smith who frustrates me time and time again! Matt has had a very good season and the 11 goals is a good tally for someone in his position, but how he doesn't win more balls is something I cannot explain. He always seems to misjudge the situation and jump too early. I just wish he used his strength/size more and be more aggression at winning the ball. I am sure he will get better and a season return of 15 goals this season is not beyond him.
Once again Ross McCormack came up with a goal and worked his socks off in the second half. He was all over the pitch trying to make things happen and he worked well with Aidy White. He was so close to getting an equaliser and will wonder how the Doncaster Keeper was not sent off after he went round him only to be pulled back where he would have had a chance at an open net! Once again there was a lot of decisions from the match officials that were in question. For instance a blatant hand ball that should have given us a penalty at 2-1 down or the constant time wasting from the Doncaster keeper that should have seen him booked for the second time for holding on to the ball for too long!

To summarise, Leeds were unlucky not to get anything from the game after their one way traffic performance in the second half, but Brian's selection in the first half and the players poor show left us with yet another loss. This is as worse as I can remember watching Leeds in 30 years and the Clown pie Brigade running the Club should be ashamed of themselves. They are ruining one of the best supported clubs in the country due to greed. Lets hope that something happens soon before this great club is dragged through the gutters again.

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18 April 2014
A big thank you for your blog, great read and so true. Ed013 you should go global with your writing, most comments are of support. Marching on together


{Ed013 - thanks BM, is your name Brian by any chance?}


30 March 2014
Interesting post and some very interesting replies,
I have been saying all season that Austin is pants!
Now I know Brown isn`t a spring chicken, and he`s probably not the type of player to win us the league, But he shows determination and passion and leadership. I`d make him captain and try to steady a sinking ship instead of steaming on towards the iceberg hoping it will come good..we still need some points I fear

{Ed013 - Thanks for your comments mate}


30 March 2014
Why are we all seeing that Austin has gone and needs replacing/resting. Tonge cameon yesterday and did a job. Aidey White has also done well on the left and should be given a chance. Think Brian needs to sort himself out too. Stop making excuses for a team devoid of passion

{Ed013 - Austin must look like Iniesta in training and Brian's glasses must distort his vision in games, other than that I can't explain how he starts every week}


30 March 2014
Good piece Ed, The baffling thing is, if you and many others can see this, why doesnt BMD? The same things apply EVERY match. Also these same players were way above this before Christmas. Its like watching One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, mind you I can think of a few who I would like to give electric shock treatment, starting with the board, pass me that plug............

{Ed013 - Thanks buddy, its shocking how they can't do the basics}


29 March 2014
Watching the game from side-on today, instead of my customary position in the Kop, certain things were immediately apparent that are less obvious from behind the goal. One of the reasons Doncaster were all over us in the first half was that none of Austin, Murphy or Pugh knows how to tackle. Austin looked horrifically out of his depth, and Murphy, though he can look quite silky from behind, has absolutely no forward thrust (perhaps too leggy) -compared to say those rising starts of yesteryear, Howson or Delph. When Tonge came on he instantly looked the part, and looked like a real midfield player, simply highlighting the aforementioned duo's inadequacies. Tonge's impressive performance simply begged the question of why he has been used so sparingly (Brian's seeming hang-up with Warnock's players -Varney, Green, Norris, Morison etc?). White's immediate energy also highlighted the complete lack of heart and thrust of most of the rest. I completely exonerate McCormack and Pearce from criticism. McCormack's passion, drive and leadership was beyond reproach; and in the first half in particular Pearce was the only one saying anything. The rest of the team in the first half were far too passive -in that sense many of the players the current manager has selected reflect his own character. Stewart is a case in point -completely lightweight and unassertive, never really asks for the ball, and seems keen to be rid of it as soon as possible; just not the right sort of character for a big club like Leeds. The only other players I'd like to exclude from criticism are Byram and Mowatt, both of whom, I agree, seem rather wasted in the positions in which the manager persists in playing them. Both have terrific feet, and play with great intelligence and economy, almost always making the right decision as to the sort of ball to play / when to try and beat the man or pass. Both destined for the top. Team selection is all about identifying the right players -those with some combination of skill, pace, drive or presence, Surely a basic managerial skill -especially for one as well paid as Brian. The really shocking thing is Brian had exactly the same view as me today, and the things I spotted after 5 minutes were glaringly obvious. As for Tuesday, I would not consider Austin, Pugh, Murphy or Stewart for selection. As well as starting with Tonge and White, and possibly Warnock (who at least has some character), I'd promote Poleon and Dawson, both of whom at least have something. I agree that Smith is another who flatters to deceive -aside from his headers, he is strictly limited, and may not justify a starting place long term at this level. Also, Hunt and Wootton must not take up valuable places on the bench. Move on Brian! Subs need to be those who can make a potential difference -hence Walters (pace). He will not make these changes as he is conservative and cautious my nature -and I'm afraid his team today in the first half completely reflected his own character and shortcomings. If we are completely broke, and if there is no financial saviour in sight, then I think I would prefer to have someone like Naylor hold the fort for the time being. At least then there would be a bit of heart and soul, and perhaps a bit of forward planning (focused on youth) and a playing culture. In such circumstances, I could even see Grayson returning in the summer, and working with a Naylor and Redfearn on a long term project focusing on youth and a distinctive style of play. There is always a solution...and one thing that has become glaringly obvious is that it cannot feature Brian. The club and the job are just too big for him, nice guy though he may be.

{Ed013 - Very well said mate, again White was getting slagged off at the beginning of the season, it shows how poor we are when he nearly turns the game around and now we look for him starting on Tuesday}


29 March 2014
Thought McCormack played well & Pearce battled hard. Yet to see the attraction in Mowatt & thought we looked more dangerous with White & Tongue on the pitch. Austin poor again, Still can't see why we spent a million on Murphy. Least we showed a bit of fight in the second half but the first was awful.

{Ed013 - Mowatt was out of position again and can't be doing anything for his confidence. He is very talented and with a strong experienced midfielder next to him he will come very good}


29 March 2014
I hope to god he fields the second half side on tuesday. Austin should've been dropped in January he made tonge look like pirlo today, and also 3 centre mids in a 4 4 2 and you put the slowest one on the wing is mind boggling. i sit behind brian and everyone blew up at him just before half time after austins umpteenth misplaced pass. what has happened to this player.

{Ed013 - It amazes me how we all see it, but the staff don't. He must be brilliant in training!}


29 March 2014
Totally agree on Austin. People thought i was crazy earlier in the season when i said Brown or Tonge would be twice as effective. He might be a powerhouse but hes not a footballer. Doesnt look up and worst passer ive seen ever in a white shirt. Funny how all those anti Brown fans now think differently, although id probably only play him away and Tonge more so at home. Jesus we need some leaders brought in during the summer because we aint got any( Brown and Ross apart). Lets hope we get some good news for a change next week Ed, and not panic into sacking BMD!

{Ed013 - It just goes to show how bad we are when we want a 37 year old in the midfield}


29 March 2014
Its just a mass of incompetence from ownership to on the pitch, in my 34 years of watching on a regular basis I have never witnessed anything as bad as this, Fed up of the poor tactical line Ups, fed up with the pityful performances on the pitch, watching McDermott pacing clueless with his hands behind his back is getting more annoying by the match, the whole lot of them need to go.

{Ed013 - Its a disgrace and the FL should be looking at GFH as a bad example of how not to do it!}


29 March 2014
Hi ed, fan since 2000, only 22 and have to agree with others our league 1 team was better. Great post and can't disagree with anytbing. Luke murphy especially is a talented player who I hope has a better midfield around him next season. Despise McDermott anyway think he's shocking but can't be bothered getting into it. Hopefully next season to look forward to, the most common phrase for a leeds fan ehy?

{Ed013 - Very true mate, we are saying the same every year, buy somehow this time it feels worse}


29 March 2014
Hello my name is Brian McDermott. We lost the game today because of the off-field takeover saga.

On a serious note this guy really does need to leave now. Just resign Brian. We are losing because of your useless signings and tactics. Lets just sign Hunt and stick him on 20k+. By the way has Hunt had a shot on target this season?

{Ed013 - I wish he he was better as I am fed up of changing managers every year, but some of his tactics and selections are clueless}


29 March 2014
Yet again Macdonought put the blame on the "ownership" issue in his post match chat with Popey.He is doing all the time now.He is never tackled about why his tactics or selections are costing us time after time(Eddie and Popey are too soft with him).Someone should point him to the Burnley team, far smaller and worse than our team yet look where they are.Ian Baird said it last Tuesday, it's 11 v11 and when the players cross the white line they play for own pride, fans and the badge, end of.Ownership does NOT count on that pitch.Mac donut is Outwitted by far too many managers now, he keeps saying"we'll get stronger from this and we'll learn from this", until the next rout and then it's back to" we need to sort the ownership out" crap he keeps HIDEING behind.when will the fans see through this excuse of man?

{Ed013 - I fully agree mate}


29 March 2014
I have supported Leeds United since 1970, and I cannot remember a team as bad as this one.
All we the fans ask is that when you pull on that white shirt, you give us effort, commitment and pride in that shirt. If you give us that, we dont mind losing so much. The way in which we have been humiliated, especially at home to Bolton, Reading & Doncaster, and thrashed at Sheff Wed and Bournemouth is just too much.
Today, I am so sorry to say, I didnt give a toss about the result because I have finally had enough. I just hope we stay up, and that I can get me appetite back for
Leeds United, for next season.

{Ed013 - It is terrible and the fans don't deserve it. A great club that has lost a decade if young fans due to mismanagement}


29 March 2014
You are very polite towards Mcdermotts management lets face it he would struggle if we had a half decent team .at least we didn't concede 4 or 5

{Ed013 - I did think it would be 4,5 or 6 at half time. I wish he would show some passion on the sidelines instead of standing with his hands in his pockets!}


29 March 2014
An excellent post ed, and sadly sums up a very poor Leeds side and an appallingly poor manager who as you state and illustrate is employed by clowns.

{Ed013 - Thanks buddy, it is heart breaking at times}


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