12 Mar 2018 07:48:03
Not sure what most of you would think to this but hear me out. BPF gets the number 1 kit, unnanounced in summer, suggests were not looking to sign another keeper. lonergan goes, and we do sign a backup. Wied gets axed completely, and sold early on in january back to a german club. Pontus stays, ayling is back fit, and becomes captain, we sign another foregin CB who compliments jansson, and berardi remains at LB with pearce the next best option. Pearce begins to play more towards the back end of the season, and becomes a regular. forshaw is partnered with a revitalised klich next year, phillips stays, okane moves on to a new club, ideguchi and vieira come back in to fight for spots. hernandez signs another deal with huge bonuses if we go up, and makes it his last year playing, and then stays as coaching staff for a year before leaving to go back to his sunny villa in spain. saiz is sold for between 9 and 12 million, and we use it to sign bradley dack, and oztumer. two players potentially good enough to replace him under hecky. alioski stays on another year, and is a bit hit and miss, in and out of the team, relaced by dallas on occasion, and the right wing spot is never really cemented. Antonsson comes back from loan and stays, lasogga doesn't sign for us, he signs for a pl side like stoke. roberts comes back and is fit. grot continues with 23's up top with sarkic, who both get their chance later in the season. ekuban is sold to another championship side. cibicki, sacko, roofe, de bock, all go. Is that too unrealistic or could anybody else see us playing with either antonsson or roberts next year. two players i think could be good, but will they be enough? they're certainly not a gayle, or a murray, or a mitrovic, or a wood, but they both chip in with 10 goals a piece. as for league position, who knows depends who stays and who goes in the league. i'd like this team a lot more if BPF was in, ayling was captain, klich performed better, ideguchi was an option, antonsson performed, we saw tyler roberts, hernandez stayed, and saiz left.

1.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 08:30:20
Very good mystic meg. Are you Bradley decks agent by any chance?

2.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 08:44:16
All quite realistic if you ask me, only major changes are that saiz goes and we sign 2 new boys to replace him. Ayling becomes captain, not unlikely, and we sign a new CB, not unlikely.

3.) 12 Mar 2018
12 Mar 2018 11:18:12
Agree with most of it Samo just a few tweaks. If we don't get a new keeper then I can see Lonergan as back up tp BPF. Personally I would try Forshaw as Capt. Nothing against Ayling but I always think that the Capt should be in the middle of the park. Bera (or U23) should be at RB with Pearce at LB. Saiz going for big money, who knows. but we must have at least one creative midfielder with a good touch. I suppse it's just not in the locker of that sort of player to track back and defend but if there is one out there let's grab him. The only way I would keep Alioski is if he; beefs up and stays vertical and goes at/past defenders with ease. Possibly all our surmising could be affected if some of these "ones for the future" grab their chance, Shaugnessy, O'Connor, Stevens Kun, Clarke etc. etc.