04 Apr 2024 20:06:21
There are a few German teams looking at new managers for next season and click bait has mentioned Daniel Farke, well what I do know that is genuine is that DF was talking to Jermaine Beckford last weekend and the subject was mentioned to him by JB, DF replied that, it had been a burning ambition to manage in the Championship again with a team that has good credentials for promotion because he wants to prove to himself and his doubters that he can be a success in the Premiership. He said he felt that he was unfairly treated by Norwich and the media because he had no real funds available for player additions and he was told the second time they went up he could use the full parachute payment, he actually got given £21M for a complete overhaul to stay in the league. Pukki he said was past his best and they needed a striker but nothing happened, so in his words, he sort of give up and he said he son wants to prove people wrong and here’s the best bit… he believes that this can be accomplished by him with Leeds United. He said the 49ers are a dream.

1.) 05 Apr 2024
05 Apr 2024 08:45:18
He's 100% right. Webber was a right tight b*stard and gave him pennies. Played some decent stuff in the Prem from game to game, but didn't have the quality to do it regularly. He will cook with some financial backing.

2.) 06 Apr 2024
06 Apr 2024 07:02:12
IF we do go up, I have no doubts about either the 49ers OR Daniel Farke delivering what’s needed. We should have rid of the “ship jumpers” as Whitey labels them, a nice boost to the P&L, and Farke can then get they 4/ 5 players we sorely need to not just stay up, but compete in the mid range of the table.
The first word is critical to this tho! Game on!