01 May 2021 18:56:58
Poveda is certainly a livewire with dancing feet but far too lightweight to compete, too often being bullied off the ball by Brighton defenders.

1.) 01 May 2021
01 May 2021 21:11:35
No end product either Leo.

2.) 02 May 2021
01 May 2021 22:32:42
Poveda doesn't appear to understand the game or how his skills are best applied. Many fans say he's direct. It's the opposite for me. Certainly needs to add to his game but of the view he won't and can't. Loan him out to a Championship club and see what happens. Buy Kent and Drax in summer to replace Costa and Pov.

3.) 02 May 2021
01 May 2021 23:12:44
Exactly. He just kept going until he lost the ball. Pointless.