26 Mar 2023 03:18:25
LUFC ?? reportedly interested in signing Kalvin Phillips from Citeh in the summer transfer window.

1.) 26 Mar 2023
26 Mar 2023 09:00:04
Saw that too. However, it was the Star on Sunday, which is as reliable as the Daily Sport .

2.) 29 Mar 2023
29 Mar 2023 20:27:54
Brighty Can't have that. It can hold me haddock and chips just fine.

3.) 01 Apr 2023
01 Apr 2023 12:52:12
Daily Sport was always reliable. Just not for reporting the news.

4.) 02 Apr 2023
02 Apr 2023 11:17:09
April fools surely I’ve only just come back if we resign him I’m back in exiles ain’t I?

In all seriousness he don’t make our team does he?

Adams is the same player like for like and far better. Then mckinnie who I believe we have to sign next season as part of loan deal is also looking great. Rocas not bad either. So will Phillips leave city’s bench to sit on ours?

When he left I did say I see him playing for a burnely or Norwich in two/ three seasons time and I still stand by that.

5.) 03 Apr 2023
03 Apr 2023 12:28:37
Berm a fit KP better than any of the midfielders we have currently

KP on huge 6 figure plus wages with another 5 hears on his contract plus to sign him on a fairly large transfer fee .

so zero percent chancer your predy6vtiin that he goes in 2 or 3 years time to either Norwich or Burnley in fact most teams could not afford him and his mega salary.

6.) 04 Apr 2023
04 Apr 2023 18:26:56
If you reckon baz but I’d take Adams and mckinnie any day.

I fancy pep would as well maybe Adams might of played a massive 70 minutes in a whole season.

7.) 04 Apr 2023
04 Apr 2023 18:53:38
You might ' take em'. ( Adams and McKennie ) Berm ??.

but would Pep?

Not a chance on the latter . and thinking about it further not chance on the former either ??.

. more chance of you signing for Norwich or Burnley ??.

8.) 05 Apr 2023
05 Apr 2023 18:29:51
Got to love those predy6vtiins.