10 Oct 2018 19:03:27
Radz says he's had a few takeover offers, for more than double the amount he's paid in and has turned them down, he thinks we can be "one of the top 8 brands in the PL" all well and good but, I have 8 words to say, we are not a brand, WE ARE LEEDS :)

1.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 19:24:14
Unfortunately al that’s the way of the football world we live in. We all want to be as successful as possible and the main way of doing so these days is to build and promote a global and corporate Leeds United brand.

2.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 20:00:30
I know, but with our brilliantly old-fashioned fans, our old stadium and everything can't we wish for it a bit different, #NostalgicForTheGoodOldDays.

3.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 21:28:35
if he gets us to top 8 of PL he can call us what he wants! it is one thing giving it the talk but needs to invest, the sale of RV still hurts me and at a small fee.

4.) 11 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 11:52:24
Bournemouth are currently top 8 PL



Spending is no guarantee of success. See west ham for details, possibly also fulham

We’ve a good coach, they’ve invested heavily in the youth system. Let’s hope that bears fruit over the next 5 years

RV had potential but that sort of money for someone that wasn’t likely to feature as a starter, sadly did make sense.

If we can get into the premiership and make a few additions to stay there, we’ve the potential to break into the top 8, but so have 5/ 6 other clubs

We’re trying to get in amongst the likes cash rich premierships teams such as

Man citeh
Arse nal

Won’t be easy to get where we should be

Be a few bumps along the way.

5.) 11 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 14:05:45
I stil hurt when you look at how much MB has brought our players on you have to ask how good could he of made RV, a player with true england potential. of course i get on KP's back but I do feel Rv would of outed him from the team, given us the steel and mobility not to be over run. I think we have one weakness and need one player a player with legs who can tackle if I was Mb i would want to sign someone like RV but think he would cost about 15-20 to get from Sapdoria.

6.) 11 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 14:47:31
Nick picking bermo
Big fan of rv but would we have been that much better?
Me say no.

7.) 11 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 15:47:51
RV or Klich?

8.) 11 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 15:52:37
Top 10 of PL in our first season will do for me :) unless we do what we did the last time we got promoted, 4th then champions.

9.) 11 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 16:09:05
Got a good price for RV in my opinion, young lad, lots of potential but needs to show it over the next two years. Could not pin down a place in team last year so doubt if he would have been a regular this one. Obviously i rated him big time talked about him long before he got in first team but he was still a bit raw and a lot to learn. If he had a couple of full seasons under his belt would have brought at least double the price paid if he had continued to improve. Samps will be hoping he continues to improve but you know what kids are like.