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23 Dec 2018 21:46:27
what a game and result. the lads continue to amaze. Definitely better tham the sum of our parts, we done to the kids coming in the managment and most of all the players. the feeling, belief and never say die attitute is top class.

Bermondsey White

1.) 23 Dec 2018 23:00:37
Great post Bermo, it’s been my feeling for a bit, great team spirit building but supported by good planning and great coaching. After that performance today, even if we go behind in games, the team knows it can still win. Well done Leif, another youngster thrown in when he was probably thinking he would be wArning the bench. We are doing it the hard way, overcoming lots of challenges!

2.) 24 Dec 2018 10:38:55
Considering B D pulled out at last min thought the lads responded well to going down .



02 Oct 2018 21:45:05
very pleased with win but not performance

2nd half better but not great

it took a world class goal and last two goals have been shots outside box, this worrys as can't rely on them week in week out (certianly not more than one a game)

not enough shots on target (1 i think) our keeper made more saves than theres?

foward players get critizesed but i think they are often isolated which leaves them little option and haveing to do the amazing every time

people say about MB and yes he is good but recent results and performance have not been great. in my industry you are only as good as your last performance and in this game your only as good as recent form and ours is not great

yes it was a win and pleased but against poor team and recenly we have played a lot of poor teams and not been amazing.

Bermondsey White

1.) 02 Oct 2018 22:18:59
We won the game and you’re unhappy. Sign of a good team winning when you haven’t played well. Why can’t people be slightly positive for a change!

2.) 02 Oct 2018 22:26:34
Matt Don't confuse Berm with people nor people with Berm.

3.) 02 Oct 2018 22:49:13
Point well made George lol.



31 Aug 2018 21:53:55
what a display and what a great performance

some might say we was not great going forward but I think we was up against a great team defensivley with good defenders and best defensive coach in UK (maybe world pulis is great at that)

borough are top team and they didn't outclass us today

thought BPF was great and showed class and matuirty in hard game

also thought i would never ever say this but Baridi was MOTM for me, he was pure class, one bad note was his stuipd tackle that lead to yellow, it can be costly but other than that he was so good and i was really impressed (which is something from me as his harshes critic)

cooper showed his lack of class and was poor tonight against a better team (history repeates)

KP aka the crab had one of his better games but is still poor

worried we got no cover for KP again he just ain't good enough (its the same old song) and cover in defence as cooper is hit and miss, beradi is 5'8 and pontus is injury prone and suspenion prone

outside of all the negitive great performance and went toe to toe with team who I think will be champs so MOT.

Bermondsey White

1.) 31 Aug 2018 23:37:44
Agree with your comments regarding Cooper. Against the better teams he shows up as a liability. To be fair he didn't make any major gaffs but my heart beats faster every time he's involved.

2.) 01 Sep 2018 08:33:11
Agree with you overall but thought Phillips did a brilliant job of protecting his defenders. He was so disciplined. Always covering angles. Always offering an outlet ball to his defenders. And always supporting behind the dynamic forward players in case a reverse pass was all that was on. I do agree he is "over optomistic" with some of his challenges but his decision making will improve with time and good coaching.

3.) 01 Sep 2018 10:04:39
Also thought Cooper was a rock. The only Leeds player, beside BPF, over 6ft. He took responsibility to compete against Boro's giants each and every time. He showed character.

There won't be many centre backs who keep Assombolonga as quiet as he did this season.

4.) 01 Sep 2018 16:14:17
Axe if that’s your assessment and opinion of Cooper then fair enough. Personally I think his idea of keeping the opposition quiet is a combination of wrestling and rugby.
Liability is ‘red card’ Cooper, he will cost us with his poor football discipline.

5.) 01 Sep 2018 20:06:23
IBilko, i have no doubt that Cooper will be recipient of more than a few yellow cards. Maybe even red ones too. But he is giving his all for Leeds United so I am going to be 100% behind him

In my time I have watched lots of physical centre halves. Some better than Cooper some much worse. As long as he trys his best for Leeds with the talent he possesses then i will back him. If the manager finds a better cb, then i will support that person too.

6.) 01 Sep 2018 20:21:55
Spot on Axe, and ditto!

7.) 03 Sep 2018 10:37:02
In terms of cover for KP, Forshaw is now back when the international break is done, and izzy brown also back so if needs be klich or baker can sit deeper to fill that role. KP needs bigger performances against team like wall or he will be dropped, saw that against Bolton when he was brought off that bielsa isn't afraid.



02 Mar 2018 20:51:05
ok even I am saying keeper is a joke and needs to go, outside of that we have to say fair play borough have played well with good players and best manager in the league (to think some on here turned nose up at pulis) I love hecky and trust him but one complaint. phillips. really. have leeds ever had a more pointless player, he does nothing well and more importnatly he does nothing. At fault for first goal and every game maybe only touches the ball 8 times in central mid so maybe not up this season but i see progress and think we will give them a run this half

Bermondsey White



25 Jan 2018 19:22:49
we have had a 3.7 million bid rejected for Celtics dembele. think he will cost a lot more than that but what a signal of intent

Bermondsey White

{Ed007's Note - No you didn't mate. It was a joke on Tw@tter that some Leeds account picked up on and reported it as true.}

1.) 25 Jan 2018 20:22:57

2.) 25 Jan 2018 22:44:57
Wishful thinking Bermo.




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22 May 2019 18:24:36
so now people turn on rads.

for me i have never been a massive fan but at same time i don't dislike him either

as i said when cleiino left (who i loved dispite getting slated by most) be careful what you wish for.

if rads don't invest he needs to go but then saying we got money just drives up prices so maybe he is just being smart

time will tell

only real bad mark against rads was selling veria far too cheap, if he let's shacks and clarke go cheap (less than 20 million) i will start a riot.

Bermondsey White

1.) 22 May 2019 18:53:23
I've suspected radz of being a bluffer for quite a while now and he's doing his best to convince me. Very little investment in the squad. Talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. And swindled us out of Elland Road purchasing under a buy back deal that was agreed with leeds united at a reduced price and placed in a separate company from Leeds.

2.) 22 May 2019 19:55:23
Wex I’ve been reading your comments regarding Rad’s purchase of Elland Road! He purchased Leeds through a company he owns, he has then purchased Elland Road under a company he owns? So The company he owns pays rent to a company he also owns, I’m at a lost to work how it’s taking money out of Leeds United . Can you explain to me please how He loses out as he OWNS Both!

3.) 22 May 2019 20:25:39
Time we realise that we are a selling club and I expect us to sell several of our team this summer. It is what we do, but sadly we let players leave for way below the prices we get quoted for players we want to get in. I am happy to let the players move on that express the desire to go.
Leeds are and will only ever be a business to Radz, not doubting his passion but his love of Leeds Utd do not run as deep as that of a fan, his is about money. And when the time is right for him, he will also move on. Whatever the truth is about why Daniel James move to Leeds broke down, we have now missed the boat as he will end up a Man u. As good as our season was, team investment could have been better imo.

4.) 22 May 2019 20:26:30
How do you make out that he loses out. He's being paid rent. He owns Elland Road leeds united doesn't can you not figure that out. He announced it as leeds had got their ground back. Newsflash we don't.

5.) 22 May 2019 21:15:11
Blubby hell. Here we go again. Who did we sell in January? Just wait and see what happens this summer before slagging the bloke, unless you’re mystic meg in disguise, somat I doubt any of you will own up to. Business is business, and negotiation is a game to be played. Stop taking things so literally. Radz is shrewd. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be as rich as he is, and we would all be potential owners of our club.

6.) 22 May 2019 21:34:23
Said when Radz bought the club, the company he used to purchase is an investment company who put money into sports projects and expect to make a return on the investment. The company or Radz will not invest more money unless it raised through share transactions. Why do you think the emphasis has been on the youth team, because that is how you turn a profit, look at Clarkes valuation after a couple of games. If we sold it some of the money would go on the team and some would go to the investors. Its not rocket science.
Saying that he has made the club financially sound and thanks to Bubs has give us hope back, but do not for one minute think he is all Leeds its a business to him. Of course he wants success but not for the same reasons we do. Fact is we will have to sell players to buy new but do not expect all the money we get for them to be spent on the team.

7.) 22 May 2019 21:43:05
Wex, who owns Leeds United? Am I missing something?
NEWSFLASH, The Owner of Leeds United now OWNS the ground!

8.) 22 May 2019 22:55:27
The owner of sports direct owns Newcastle United so by your assumption Newcastle United own sports direct. Red bull own 4 or 5 clubs do they all own red bull. Can you figure it out now.

9.) 22 May 2019 22:56:58
Bit disheartened by all the negativity towards Radz etc. We have had best season in a decade and a half, played some superb football. Ok, he is only a millionare rather than a billionare and cannot afford Suarez, Messi and Ronaldo, and he makes mistakes during his first year as owner of a football club, but, surely history should have taught us that he is as yet a decent owner. We have had some complete scabs in the last 15 years. Give him time before getting the gallows out.

10.) 23 May 2019 09:13:52
Tory scum, I totally agree! When we have the luxury of choosing between alternative owners, fair enough, but do we really? Where are all these generous, loaded Leeds fans who want to buy the club? Haven’t they had enough opportunities to do it over the last few years and not taken them?

11.) 23 May 2019 09:17:49
Wex, google who owns premiere league grounds? I’ll give you a heads up only Manchester United plc owns the club and the ground! The others are either owned by the local council who receive RENT or by another company owned by the owner or majority shareholder, nothing sinister here, just a business thing . Move on!

12.) 23 May 2019 09:30:20
To also clarify things to you, Rads is our clubs owner, he is also firstly a businessman, he bought the club as a business, he may not have been a supporter before he bought the club, but his success is based on the club being successful! So he will try as hard as he can to achieve this, if he can’t make it successful, he’ll sell it on to someone else . The new owners will be offered the club and the ground . If the new owners can’t afford to buy both of course he’ll expect them to pay rent for something he owns! Or would you expect him to give it away!

13.) 23 May 2019 10:09:58
Good posts Raggity! Wex, provide us with a list of Billionaire Leeds fans prepared to risk the wrath of the fans and spend a lot of their own money getting Leeds into the premiership. Or as a B list a list of foreign countries or ruling regimes from foreign countries with a poor human rights record that you would be happy to take over the club. In the real world there aren’t many perfect “ Roy of the Rodgers” solutions. Anyone out, with cash, who really saw Leeds as a prospect for building a one city premiership team would have bought us or would be trying to buy us now given that we almost got there so have shown it’s possible. If Radz is just in it for the money, he would be easy to buy out!

14.) 23 May 2019 10:52:21

Agree, Radz will look a failure in the business world if Leeds fail. And reputation is everything in that world.

15.) 23 May 2019 11:40:30
We will be paying rent to radz this season.

16.) 23 May 2019 17:10:00
The point is and your all missing it Radz report buying Leeds Utd home ground for Leeds Utd, who else buys the club the rents back the ground to the tune of 2 million plus every year, which we will have to pay him even if he sold his part in Leeds Utd, there was little point buy the club because nothing has changed WE ARE STILL PAYING RENT, no difference,

17.) 23 May 2019 18:04:04
Lufc, don’t lie to the fans, that would be a good start, Radz needs to learn that.

18.) 24 May 2019 07:07:51
Whiteman, see The earlier answer from Raggity!

No one answers the point about alternative Leeds loving owners with cash, possibly because there aren’t any interested? We needed to be bailed out by a Londoner who hated the club, a dodgy Italian and then another Italian. If there was an “ all Leeds” fan with loads of cash, don’t you think that they have had ample opportunity to come forward?

Let’s make the life of the owner miserable and make the atmosphere so hostile he won’t come to the ground with his son, that will really encourage buyers!

19.) 24 May 2019 07:22:17
Whiteman, have a look at the information regarding ownership of grounds. Where grounds are owned by other legal bodies there is rent involved, it’s a common arrangement. Sometimes the ground is owned by the council or a combination. If it is owned by the club it is often through another holding company under the umbrella of a parent company. It really isn’t that uncommon. If any group owns an asset worth millions, they would be expecting to get a rent on it.

I think the point is, it’s better that the ground is owned within the Radz umbrella than outside it. Anyone buying the club would be aware of all the information and would be able to construct a deal to include the ground if it was a deal breaker. If they did buy the ground as well then they would possibly structure it in the same way.

Criticise Radz for some of the decisions he has made but I think the ownership structure of the ground is a bit of a red herring.

20.) 24 May 2019 09:06:59
Spanishleeds, did I say anything about making his life miserable (Not I ) , did I say he should Stop coming to the ground (Not I ) If you lie you will be found out that is simple Spanishleeds, Radz is such and has. MC when through hell some did or couldn’t understand him many made his time miserable, but not I.



22 May 2019 12:54:55
did call the spurs story in november,

met a spurs scout who admitted he has scouted leeds a dozen times.

I asked who, he said he couldn't say

i asked if KP and he laughed

i then said Clarke and he smiled and said the lad ain't 'arf bad is he

anything less than 20million is robbery

harrison is 20 million and not had half the effect of Clarke and hope leeds remind spurs of this.

Bermondsey White

1.) 22 May 2019 13:17:39
Don’t think it will only be Spurs! Advantage with Clarke is that there are likely to be more than one which could drive the price up. Might be able to do a loan back deal with a premiership club . Clarke is still a gamble . Post illness he has not reproduced the promise he showed on a regular basis . I’d like to see him stay for a full season and see the impact he makes after another full preseason and starting as a regular in the first team.

2.) 22 May 2019 14:19:19
Post illness he barely played. He needs to get back to fitness now and feature a bit more regularly.

3.) 22 May 2019 15:17:24
He played a bit more for the under 23s Alf and wasn’t the same there until the last few games. Not sure premiership clubs have got anything to lose by waiting or in agreeing a year loan back to get him playing regularly.

4.) 22 May 2019 18:27:51
my point was also about him laughing at KP I got slaughtered for that and now turns out I might of been telling the truth and spurs scouts thought on Kp playing for spurs were litterally laughable

i am woried about clarkes fitness even before injury he would often look knackered after 15 minutes, still lad is class if we sell for less than 20 million we have been robbed.



21 May 2019 10:50:32
ok goalkeepers union post here

as maybe the best keeper never to play for england (and of course the orical) I feel well placed to say this

firstly I don't like the sweeper keeper, i think when it goes right it doesn't make too much difference but when it goes wrong it costs a goal

I shouted at the screen when i saw our keeper playing on the centre circle and said it would costs us

but this is what our manager wants, like klop, pep and poch it is there style and way they set up

edision does it as well of course he does it better but then cost millions and plays in great team

I think we have to give the keeper a break, i don't like it but MB does and while we all shout get back on your line Mb tells him to come forward

we will not get a better keeper for Mb's style in our price range

if we back the manager we have to back this as well, it is all part and parcle of Mb style with second teir players and club.

Bermondsey White

1.) 21 May 2019 11:16:06
Good shout.

2.) 21 May 2019 11:57:09
In the main, I agree with you Bermo. I do agree with using the keeper to play out from the back, but he should never be that far out, unless he’s the last man defending a very quick counter attack. He was far too advanced vs Derby, and more so than I’ve seen him in any other game.

3.) 21 May 2019 12:14:20
Hi Berms. It is all well and good playing that type of keeping when you have a Real Madrid or Man City defence to work with, but one hell of a worry when it's a Championship defence. The box is his place and he needs to work that out soon. The centre circle is no place for him. That said, there were a number of occasions when BPF went walkabout. Needless and costly risk.

4.) 21 May 2019 12:45:54
Shoulda, woulda, coulda!
A goal was conceded, who knows exactly why?
Was it Kikos fault or Coopers fault?
Who cares now, we are not going up and probably were not ready to go up!
Lets just smash next season :-)

5.) 21 May 2019 13:05:07
You're right BW.
Bielsa loves Kiko. He is going nowhere.
Hopefully BPF will stay and improve then eventually takeover.

6.) 21 May 2019 13:15:12
i agree tory 100%

but mb will try and play city type football, roofe is no aguro, phillips is no fernandino, cooper no stones etc.

same with the keeper. Casillia and BFP both went walk about because the manger tells them to, same with Phillips at defensive mid, our fullbacks playing like wingers at times and our whole pass and move style

of course we can't do it as well as city but that is why MB will try

if we don't want our keeper out of the box then we have to say we want rid of MB as it is his way

i am not a fan of sweeper keeper but think MB might be worth another go and be amazing if he learns.

if we keep Mb our keeper will conceed these goals and it is wrong for us to slate the keeper for essentailly doing as he is told.

7.) 21 May 2019 13:17:54
Do you keep spelling oracle incorrectly on purpose Bermo? Like ironically?

8.) 21 May 2019 13:20:17
It was both of their faults Jay but ultimately Coops went for it and got an awful connection on it that set Madison up. Had he connected properly it would have been clear and out of play. If you're going to commit then make sure you connect properly.

9.) 21 May 2019 13:55:06
So, why are most people blaming Kiko and wanting rid?

10.) 21 May 2019 14:08:38
i may know everything alf but can't spell fro teoffe

yeah both at fault but blame lies mainly with coops

people blameing keeper as most don't understand the position and keeper is an easy blame.

11.) 21 May 2019 14:49:26
Should that be ironicilly Alf?

12.) 21 May 2019 14:50:17
and jay most people are blaming kiki and wanting rid because most people can be stupid.

sometimes we misunderstand a popular choice for a good one.

remember a lot of people brought spice girl records and attended nazi rallies (granted probably not the same people) doesn't make either of them good ideas.

13.) 21 May 2019 14:50:53
As far as I remember Cooper has been at the centre of some outstanding errors. Surely that is telling us something?

14.) 21 May 2019 18:24:28

OH Baby Spice 🤤🤤😘😁.

15.) 21 May 2019 19:57:04
met sporty tewit she was lovely and helped sell out my musical so did me a right favour

also met Ginger regarding her possibly doing my play a few years back, she was stunning

although back in the day it was always about baby spice!

16.) 21 May 2019 20:35:31
A threesome, Baby Spice, Emma and me!

My life would be complete. 😁😁😁.



17 May 2019 11:04:32
just been sacked from my job at the bank, a lady asked if i could check her balance so i pushed her over.

Bermondsey White

1.) 17 May 2019 11:53:15
Just like a lot of posters on here Berm.

The old ones are the best. 🤣🤣🤣😁.



17 May 2019 11:03:59
had to get some new golf trousers after getting a hole in one.

Bermondsey White




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02 Oct 2018 21:02:55
Aus my honest thoughts are the same jounralist who made this post didn't count the wrong amount of teams but just looking in the wrong league

it was 22 teams but not totenham hotspurs and arsenal but thorton heath and averaly.

Kp is a prem league passer but league one mobility, league one tackling and league one pace. he has no chance of playing prem football.

i have to say i think MB's tatcis make the worst of KP's skill sets and don't do him any favours. maybe prem scouts disagree and i hope they do.

Bermondsey White



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13 May 2018 21:31:17
big sam! yes yes yes. he is amazing gets results, we play poor footbal anyway, let's play poor football and win. on another note saw someone on here mention holloway? worst manager in the game at the moment ask any millwall fan about holloway and see what they say, done poor at qpr as well.

Bermondsey White



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23 Jan 2018 09:06:22
i was at the orient game when he scored, looks promising but didn't stand out as someone who was must buy. bit like a poor mans peter crouch but could do a job in couple of years. I do think it is smart it only takes one of two of these to come good and the sale from them will more than cover all the player expenses. I am pleased leeds seem to have one eye on the future

Bermondsey White



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02 Jan 2018 09:51:38
i do agree and think it is bit harsh (not disrespectful as it is part of the job and as fans we have the right) however it is a little harsh, my worry is we will do what we did last year. our team should of made play offs or arguablly gone up. I worry the cycle is we do ok just miss out then our best players leave leaving us in a never ending 7th place. it is far from grim but i do hope for better. Also last few games I have watched (granted on Telly) have been so boring I have found them hard to watch which is something i never had as a leeds fan. I don't mind poor football with win but at the moment team is performing poorly and is capable of far better

Bermondsey White



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02 May 2017 17:26:41
pretty sure Gary will go as Monk and bravo want their own man. I don't mind monk staying but will not lose sleep if he goes. He made some very bad mistakes for me 1. no plan b

2. not selling taylor

3. beradi on the left

4. playing bridcutt so deep so much and turning bridcut from a player all fans wanted to sign as qaulity to a player all fans wanted to drop as he was no good (this was not the player but tactics)

5. choked at the end and threw promotion bid away i like monk and he did well overall so happy for him to stay but think getting rid and bringing in new man makes sense as board will show signal of intent. also bravo has come on board and seems very good so makes sense for him to have say in new man.

don't like pardew, always good at first but always loses it, also have heard he messes about with YTS players GF's and has been known to be drunk at work a few times.

Never done a good job for more than a year. Karakna has done it and raniairi would be massive signal to league we are back. Personally i think it will be someone no on is thinking of and after wagner i would be behind that. Di matteo is a no for me as is zola.

Of course I want Steve Mcclown but fear he is far too good for this club but he would win us champ league in under 12 months he is that good, if not maybe Hock back? who ever we get just don't play beradi on the left

Bermondsey White




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23 May 2019 20:05:58
MC first management choice was beyound a joke but after that were not too bad on paper. Still never brought in the likes of MB but then again wouldn't of sold Veria for a pittance and would of invested all the player sales into the club and then some

I use to get pure hatred on this site for my love and thoughts on MC but now we can look back I am glad most fans like him

I even got spat at at ER during an anti MC protest (during the hudderfield game) I said be careful what you wish for and hope with rads I ain't right.

Bermondsey White



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23 May 2019 17:05:57
ciellino was a great chairman

yes he was mental, yes he had his faults. But he invested in this club, got it out of a hole. invested in the sqaud and stopped certain relegation and got good prices for our players

for me jury is still out on rads but if he don't invest this window then I will be firmly in the I want cellino back camp

risdale was useless but heart in right place

bates was the scurge of the earth and should be hung drawn and quartered.

Bermondsey White



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22 May 2019 18:27:51
my point was also about him laughing at KP I got slaughtered for that and now turns out I might of been telling the truth and spurs scouts thought on Kp playing for spurs were litterally laughable

i am woried about clarkes fitness even before injury he would often look knackered after 15 minutes, still lad is class if we sell for less than 20 million we have been robbed.

Bermondsey White



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22 May 2019 18:22:19
roofe? not bad
some of the young under 23s looking pretty good

bamford and keeper need time

bamford first year not bad at all really

orta for me not done a bad job.

Bermondsey White



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22 May 2019 18:20:12
no player gets on real madrid books without being good and of quality

yes he made some mistakes, so did de gea and he is best in the world.

yes he comes off line like MB tells him too.

im not saying i ain't moaned at him, just saying he might come good

as for bamford he is not the best in league but far from the worst give him another year.

bamfords first season was better than woods and roofes so maybe he is not the scape goat some make him out to be

if we keep shacks and clarke, sell pontus, roofe and phillips we will have money to invest, spend it wisely and using sqaud we have and youth we will be champs next year

money don't get you out of this league, being stable, gritty and having a hard team does, ask cardiff.

Bermondsey White