21 Jun 2022 16:23:56
A frustratingly quiet week on the old transfer frontage. ( yes we signed Roca but that was all but done by Monday last week)
Rumours have slowed down, nothing concrete coming out the club regarding sales or purchases! Is it just me that finds this a tad worrying or is it just paranoia due to our last like 6 transfer windows?

1.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 16:49:59
Just paranoia Sweatz Everything looking good and shaping up just fine. going to be an exciting 22/ 23.

2.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 17:39:22
Sweaty ? Paranoia. Many players on holidays. A dip in noise shall be followed by more action next week my opinion. Am I still talking about transfers? ??.

3.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 17:45:17
Very happy with our signings to date still need five, six more for the season ahead, but cold hard reality is the remaining signings are dependent on the proceeds of selling KP and Raphinia.

Don’t mind the current ‘noise’ around Raphinia as is likely to increase interest, price, would actually prefer he was not sold to a competitor in our league but got to get best price possible for new replacements and if Raphinia and his snake of any agent say it’s Barcelona or nothing, then get settled son, you’re contracted for another two years yet pal!

4.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 19:19:48
Well said Class!, Expect things to start moving once players from various teams contracts expire towards the end of this month / beginning of July. Personally think we need in another 5+ players for our first team squad.

5.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 20:11:13
Can't really complain at 3 in so far with the window only just open. Better than our usual mad rush at the end of the window or nothing at all. I think we will get another 2 but could be more if KP and/ or Raph sold.

6.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 21:12:32
Lads I’m happy so far just thought it had gone a tad quiet that’s all. Probably over thinking it while sipping on gin n juice on hols in Zante . ??.

7.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 21:19:43
A fair start but it will start to feel very underwhelming until/ unless 2 further players of real quality up front Striker (s) and (another) CAM are recruited,

Plus at least one other CM and a LB and an experienced GK.

8.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 21:24:13
With Alf, 2 more (LB and CF) plus replacements for KP and Raph when sold.

9.) 22 Jun 2022
22 Jun 2022 02:36:14
Class Can see Raph being a Chelsea player by end of the month.

10.) 22 Jun 2022
22 Jun 2022 08:52:11
Very good chance George, so long as it’s a decent price as for opening Arsenal bid what did they pay for their flop Nicolas Pepe £72 million!