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11 Apr 2013 17:59:14
Ben Jacobs on twitter saying that he heard from the McDermott camp, that an official announcement and press conference should take place tomorrow, once all formalities done.

MOT let's all get behind the new manager on Saturday. Jackstone

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We are LEEDS

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Red will be in charge on sat! Bmd will be in crowd, looking what he got himself into! Hope he can atleast keep us safe!
Mot dan

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12 Apr 2013 15:15:38
Confirmed on tv and ITV 15-00 hrs.
Welcome Brian.
Give him our support guys.

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12 Apr 2013 16:36:43
we have now got a manager who knows what it takes to get a team out of the championship, if all LEEDS LOYAL SUPPORTERS, and I mean ALL, and also the board show their commitment, by investing in what players we need then we can look forward to a far better season, next year without all the doom and gloom we seem to have had for the last 3months. all I can say is BRING IT ON BRIAN.

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'we have now got a manager who knows what it takes to get a team out of the championship'

We had one before, his name was Warnock

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Lets back him. All this snidey poking fun, and mocking has to stop. I think he is a good, and realistic appointment.

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11 Apr 2013 16:22:22
Right, I have now had it CONFIRMED, straight from the horses mouth, that Brian #McDermott is the new Leeds manager #LUFC #MOT

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I'm a Norwich fan & have always liked Leeds. Don't think you are going for the right managers at all. You need a young hungry manager that can make you a top club again.

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I agree. I hope I'm wrong but I don'y think Mc Dermott is the right man for this big job. O'Leary should have got appointed once Warnock drove out of the carpark. Wish Brian the best of luck. Let's hope we're not calling for his head this time next year. WE ARE LEEDS.

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I disagree, always thought he was the right man.
He's very loyal to his players
He's good at organising a team and getting the very best out of an average team
Apparently he gets respect in the dressing room.
His team so far has played good football!
So what's the problem?

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Not very often I praise anyone else's teeth but Amen to teeth for that last post! I've seen a few places that Leeds fans are saying another hoofball guy well from what I saw of reading they certainly wasn't that. Not a lot may change this season because we need to scrap 1st but next season I can see a different direction. And let the guy build a team a squad, it may take more than one season but let's not be calling for his head if it doesn't happen or well end up clueless and changing manager every year

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I don't think he is right. He got Reading promoted by was clueless in the Prem, playing unattractive football. The player he took to Reading were poor quality. I can't see him lasting 6 months

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What has O'leary done since being at Leeds? Nothing. Where's his hunger? It's non-existent.

If you want a hungry manager, why would you cite a wasehd up underachiever?

I think McD is a great appointment and will get the best out of our team. I wish him all the best, and look forward to the next few years as he builds up a team capable of getting into the Premiership.

its not going to happen overnight, so patience is going to be key.

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So exactly what are you saying? Are you telling me that O'Leary was terrible at Leeds? Did he not have us playing the most attractive attacking and skilful football in years? Champs Lge and UEFA Cup semi finals? Qualifying for Europe in the Premier League? Did he not have us Leeds fans constantly chanting his name? I DO wish McDermott the best in the job as a staunch Leeds fan of course I do. O'Leary would have been my first choice that's all. We just cannot blot out the O'Leary period and pretend he did nothing for OUR club because he did an awful lot. O'LEARY' O'LEARY, O'LEARY, O'LEARY.

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O'Leary won nothing with a team more than capable of winning trophies. That's underachieving.

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Get real. He had the team way ahead of their schedule. We had a team/squad capable of getting to the semi's of the two european competitions that's about it. Don't forget, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich etc existed then as well. O'Leary and his squad over achieved at the time NOT under achieved. Only a jealous "fan" of other teams would dare say that we under achieved at that time.

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Oleary spent on average £15m a season back then! I doubt we have spent £15m in total since we left the Prem.
Get behind maccy d guys- last season reading were relegation fodder in November and in the end totally p****d the championship.
Keep the faith- he's a good one!

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!5m a season is nothing to spend on a team. OLeary did a great job. You are talking rubbish and know nothing about football

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i've followed Leeds for 45 years and will back whoever is the manager, yes o'leary was good, but he was backed, and we won nothing, BM is an excellent choice and he had Reading playing good football, they've got worse since he left, so back him ffs and stop whinging

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11 Apr 2013 16:19:17
le fondre is currently on 8k a week, could easily b tempted!

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Good addition but can't see it

Big Grah

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Average player at best. decent finisher but all round game not in mccormacks class.

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Not in mcormacks class, what games have you been watching, you forget he plays and scores in the premier league, learn your trade before you comment

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We need a goalscorer to replace Becchio. Becchio wasn't in the 'same class as McCormack' as a footballer (if what you mean is that his basic skills were not as good) -but he scored goals, and has been sadly missed. Mac's role in the team was different to Becchio's, and would be different to Le Fondre's. From what I've seen, Le Fondre knows where the net is -and could well be what we need in that department. Chapel A

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Noel Hunt is more likely he is a freebie. La Fondre would cost a transfer fee

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11 Apr 2013 14:40:20
According to an article on news now Ben Jacobs has confirmed by twitter that Brian McDermott is now the new Leeds United Manager, David Haigh and Salem Patel are on there way England to do a press conference tomorrow to confirm that the choice of manager is solely the choice of GFH and that no other third parties where consulted or involved with the decision i. e, Parkin.

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11 Apr 2013 18:07:07
Haigh is in the UK - tweeted at 1600 that he was in a warmer UK than last week - does that suggest he came over to meet McDermott? Unless he attended the away game at Charlton?

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I agree with this, as David Haigh tweeted earlier today about just arriving back in England, either for the game this weekend or Conference tomorrow (or both).
But I reckon it will be announced tomorrow which will mean that NR will still be in charge Saturday due to late appointment. If it was done today BM would be in for Saturday. So would not expect change for this weekend.

First game will be Burnley Tuesday.

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I won't believe it until Duncan Castles tells me it's so.


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11 Apr 2013 13:53:28
New manager could be announced today, O/S giving indications of it happening soon.

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No doubt Noel Hunt will be following him!

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11 Apr 2013 13:06:58
Reported Ben Jacobs has spoken to Maccy ' D this morning apparently, confirming him as our new boss.

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11 Apr 2013 13:00:46
McDermott to be Leeds Manager within next 2 hours.

Source: tv Channel.

Bookies have suspended all bets for next manager.

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It's late

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Also the world ends in 2 hours


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11 Apr 2013 10:18:24
Leeds united in advanced talks with Brian McDermott. All betting sites have ceased betting on next Leeds Manager.

Scource: tv / Paddy Power /

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11 Apr 2013 09:16:54
Brian Mcdermott looks like his on his way. Betting companys have ceased all bets on it now as well.

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11 Apr 2013 00:18:26
Brian McDermott to be named new manager of Leeds.

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Will be named on thursday in time for his first game on sat

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Hope so he can sort out the mess warnock left us with, warnock now can go back to he;s beloved blunts now wilson has left.

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There is always the
chance that he
may not want it

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Lets hope he turns it down. He is not inspiring and he did have plenty of money to spend at Reading. He won't have that from our board

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Totally deflated by this news, sorry want to back him obviously, I suppose he reflects our team- had a good spell, mostly mediocre

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11 Apr 2013 00:16:58
Steve Parkin has reduced his offer for a controlling stake in Leeds

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Be nice of him to purchace a good 20% gives him a seat on the board fo starter, and that leaves GFHC wi 70% control for now just as they wanted. MOT

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10 Apr 2013 23:21:11
According to Andrew Haigh it's Brian McDermott before Saturday.

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