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19 Feb 2013 19:19:55
GFH Capital have spoke to tv Leeds and have confirmed the club will not go into administration under their ownership.
Despite reports that they are financially unstable.

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Yes, because that is exactly how publicly-listed, global finance houses announce their business to the world.

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Well that's a relief- all my dreams at once.
White teeth

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So we go from being a stable club to administration without signing anyone? jesus

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They actually did, heard it from a rep, its not just posted here its posted elsewhere too.

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Well let's be honest they ain't going to come out and say "we could go into administration" are they?

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Well gfh are only an investment company - they are & will do the same to us as bates has done over the last 8 years. they are an investment company, minimumoutlay for maximum return. they're just a larger version of mr bates. they will not be able to take small or large risks due to their shareholders wanting their return on their shares, so its like having 100's of mr bates wanting a share of the cake! like bates but 100 times worse.

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I feel cheated by GFH they just feed us supporters BS

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GFH are an intermediary. We aren't using their money, we're using the money of whoever owns them. They may be financially unstable but that will not impact upon Leeds.

Besides, why would a company with no money, go and buy a football club - something that is almost guaranteed to lose money, and would be an awful investment?

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Because a football club in the Championship will triple in value with promotion to the Premier League.
I repeat (as I have done many times before) the TV deal which starts next season means every Prem team will have an income from TV rights ALONE of over 112 million.
Championship clubs are a good investment right now. spend a little money to get into the Prem and flip for a very healthy profit. English clubs will seriously invade the top 20 richest clubs list and Deloitte will report the massive increase in media rights as the catalyst for this. Investment bankers take (sometimes calculated) risks with OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY. So GFH is almost certainly backed by someone or something much larger than itself.

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19 Feb 2013 17:34:35
Warnock will stay until the end of the season.

By that time Nigel Adkins will have agreed compensation with Southampton after they placed him on gardening leave.

Warnock will then retire to Cornwall.

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19 Feb 2013 18:37:22
Why don't we put Warnock on Gardening leave, then he can go tend to adkins's garden & Adkins can come tend to Warnocks here at Elland Rd lol

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Love the reply! If he finished Adkins he welcome to sort out my lawn drainage.
Has dean gaffney recovered enough to invest yet?
White teeth

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19 Feb 2013 17:03:55
Have heard 3 people saying the same thing today. Warnock to leave after the Blackpool game. He will be replaced by Iain Dowie on a short term deal until the end of the season. He will be assisted by Francis Benali as Mick Jones is leaving as well.

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I, m fed up with everybody blaming Warnock. The only person to blame is Bates. let's be honest if Warnock had been given 2mill we would be sitting in the play off places. I go home and away and will not get involved with the chanting aimed at Warnock, we should still be chanting about Bates beleive me. What does concern me is if we are up for sale again, we won't spend any noney improving the team and if it drags on for months and into the start of next season, we will miss the transfer window and end up with nobody and playing catch up. You, ve tried your best Warnock, and let's remember you can't polish a turd.

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Good, Jones and that other Muppet Jepson. Also is it only me, but have you seen Andy Leening warming our keepers up before each game. What a joke, my youngest son could put them through there paces better than him. Take him too. We need a complete backroom team that train them hard and can keep them focused right into Fergie time.

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Hang on a minute to the 1st response - Warnock has spent over 2million and were no better off than we were last season. Compared to Grayson, NW has been given enough to build his own team and some players he's brought in aren't bad, he just cannot get the best out of them (strange as he's known for his motivational skills).

Pelts, Kenny, Varney, Pearce, Norris, hall, tonge, Austin came to more than £2m and there's probably a couple I've forgotten! That's a luxury compared to the treatment Grayson got pal!

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19 Feb 2013 18:58:40
Warnock should stay and the fake owners should go Leeds ls6

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The only people to blame are the players, who didn't play well enough. They have won against the likes of Leicester and Crystal Palace, so their ability is not an issue. They are capable, they just don't play up to that standard regularly enough. It's their fault for not playing well.

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19 Feb 2013 16:03:15
Paulo Dicanio next Leeds United ace! Should definatly bring a lot of character. i'm sure he will get more out of the players as well. Plus he will stand up for his team and there are likley to be no secrets hidden anymore if he takes charge. He says it as it is! I think he could possibly get us promoted next season. mot

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Why do you want an unstable right winger as your next manager? He would be a disaster.

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Terrible choice he is unproven and you won't find anyone wanting to sign for us with him as manager! The blokes even too mental for LUFC! Adkins preferably altho sadly I think we will be stuck with warnock and his anti football campaign

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He is favourite to re-sign at Swindon

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20 Feb 2013 11:56:50
We've already got an outspoken manager who says it as it is. You want rid of him! Ferguscum, wenger, mourinho whoever, none could get our club up to premier with what we've got. We're a big mess in no better position than we were 9 years ago because ;our saviour" master Bates has bled us dry. What's just as sad is seeing a legend like Lorimer turning into his yes man and selling us out as well

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19 Feb 2013 13:58:25
warnock will not go untill the end of the season they will not want to pay compensation,, we will get one of the many listed and they will again have no money to spend with another dissapointing trans window,, really depressing,,, the glass is half empty at leeds,, just need to follow or team that is not a mid championship time for the forseable future,, MOT scott

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You're a bundle of joy aren't you?

Nothing like hope and optimism is there.

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We need to get a manager that plays decent football, eg poyet, di canio

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19 Feb 2013 17:36:11
Hey pal he's right. No optimism here, we're just a club with a bit of history, no money and a big half empty ground now.

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Some would say the ground is half full :p
Come on we have to smile at something!


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Cant imagine that compo is a big deal with this. He was brought in to do a job and he's failing at it. If he doesn't meet the requirements of his job, he can be sacked. Simple.

Also what compensation could he really be asking with 3 months left on his contract? It's not exactly going to break the bank, is it?

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19 Feb 2013 11:43:22
Here are the latest odds of 11am 19th feb to become next Leeds Manager

Next Leeds United manager odds ()

Nigel Adkins 7/4

Paolo Di Canio 4/1

Neil Redfearn 10/1

Owen Coyle 12/1

Sean O’Driscoll 12/1

Phil Parkinson 16/1

Gordon Strachan 16/1

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink 20/1

Nick Barmby 20/1

Alan Curbishley 20/1

Karl Robinson 20/1

Steve McClaren 20/1

Alex McLeish 20/1

Richard Naylor 20/1

Stuart McCall 20/1

Mark Hughes 20/1

John Pemberton 25/1

Mick McCarthy 25/1

Gus Poyet 25/1

David O’Leary 25/1

Paul Jewell 25/1

Phil Brown 33/1

Lucas Radebe 33/1

Gary McAllister 33/1

Keith Curle 33/1

Noel Whelan 33/1

Nigel Clough 33/1

Lee Clark 40/1

Kevin Blackwell 40/1

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 40/1

Terry Connor 50/1

Steve Kean 50/1

Tony Yeboah 66/1

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Oh dear, some very undesirable names on that list. Some very good ones as well like but some very dodgy ones

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Grrrr forgot to log in so my name isn't printed on there lol Gj

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I'll have a quid on Gus

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Strachan no chance mate

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Judging by the reasons di canio gave for leaving swindon he might last as long as clough at leeds

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I don't care how he made it onto this list or even his chances of getting the job. He's there. That's enough for me :)

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Yeboah! haha

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Radebe in charge with Yeboah assistant? happy days

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Maybe only 2 names I would trust at the helm.

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PLEASE give it to Yeboah!

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Is this list made up, Gordon Strachen!

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Why would relegation Redfearn be 10/1? the third Favorite

Richard Naylor worth the risk could become a good manager

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Hassilbank, Barmby, Pemberton, Whelan, Curle, Whelan Blackwell, Kean Connor?? Who exactly is this bookie because he hasn't a clue -Gerrymc123

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Yeboah every time for me!

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20 Feb 2013 12:17:20
As above. is this list real? I would give 1 million -1 on some of these! Clough, hughes, barmby, curle, jimmy.! Ha ha not. MCleish would be a disaster as he was at villa

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Warnock might get leeds up

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This list doesn't seem totally truthful but adkins or yeboah

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19 Feb 2013 10:43:55
Just heard that NW might be walking (probably old news) also that a consortium has put in a second bid to take a shareholding in us (again probably old news). Also heard we have been in contact with nigel adkins, alec mcliesh (if that's how you spell it) and paolo di canio but more likely we get adkins or mcliesh


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19 Feb 2013 11:41:15
O'Leary's fame at Leeds rests upon his promotion of a series of younger players, Jonathan Woodgate, Lee Bowyer, Alan Smith, Harry Kewell, Stephen McPhail, Eirik Bakke, Ian Harte and Danny Mills (signed for �4M from Charlton Athletic). He promoted several members of the youth team into an exciting Leeds side that played a pressing game relying on youthful enthusiasm. Alan Smith in particular exemplified this attitude and O'Leary's arrival seemed to many fans like the arrival of a new attitude at Leeds - bold, innovative and attacking.

In an interview regarding the decline of Leeds, O'Leary stated "I never wanted to leave Leeds. The fans are fantastic to me here. I hope they stay up because I had great times at the club".

O'Leary has since stated that he would like the chance to return as manager of Leeds United, after Peter Ridsdale left the club. The news was met with mixed views from Leeds United fans.

I don't want to jump the gun or anything but I wouldn't mind O'leary back as manager. If we had a board that kept an eye on his spending so spending over 10 million on players such as Robbie Fowler would happen again I used to love his style of play. We was such an attacking team and didn't fear anyone.

Like I said, under the correct guidance of spending to an acceptable limit from the board. David O'Leary could be a good manager.

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19 Feb 2013 14:08:34
I completely agree with you, I said they were rumours and to be fair we need a manager who will take a chance on the youngsters like poleon, dawson, the turners, gimpel and payne. All these are brilliant players with potential and would be far more exciting than since that time.

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O'Leary's success with youth was based on the work of George Graham and Aidy Boothroyd.
I remember watching pre-season friendlies where Graham would spend the game with the youth players like Smith, talking them through the game, decisions made. when they got the chance, they were ready. That had nothing to do with O'Leary.

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Funny how people still think O'Leary was reckless with money. This might be news to some, but DL never spent a penny on anyone - that was purely down to Ridsdale.
O'Leary stated who he wanted, Ridsdale spent the cash - Personally I would love to see him back at ER. With all of the also rans who have managed the team, we have never come close to matching that style and passion that his team had.

The blame for our dimise is purely down to Ridsdale.

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Di Canio going to Hammers, probably.

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19 Feb 2013 15:56:22
Get a grip, how can people be blinkered about o'leary he was as much to blame as Ridsdale & co in one way or another, can't even go there, let's not live in the past let's move FORWARD! Mot, mighty, mighty whites APN-ing63

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Mccleish was at Sundays game versus City

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19 Feb 2013 07:53:47
just on my way to catch a train saw what looked like david oleary coming out of the station in leeds!!!! said he'd got unfinished business? {Ed013's Note - I have to question these posts due to so many people that post to get a reaction, you say you are on your way to catch a train and saw O'Leary coming out of Leeds, yet your post is coming from the Sheffield area so that was some going getting from Leeds to Sheffield and sending a post from a computer after a lookalike Mr O'Leary gave you a hint as to why he was there. I hope you can understand why I would question this}

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HA HA HA nice one Ed. Another fool brought to light. Some sad people about. {Ed013's Note - I just don't get why people do it}

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It wasn't just the fact that he had seen someone who looks like O'Leary it was the fact that this lookalike spoke to him aswell saying he had unfinished business. Perhaps this look alike had to nip back to Greggs to finish his order?

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What a complete half-bake!

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Ed the stalker {Ed013's Note - Not a stalker, I prefer Detective!}

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Ed. The problem is that you are happy to post this rubbish. I know you say a rumour is just that and doesn't require any evidence or declared source. That will only lead to people posting, as a rumour, whatever is on their mind. Those aren't rumours they are simply conjecture, and you don't have a section for that. {Ed013's Note - Actually there is a dodgy section and you don't see what I delete! I put this out there to show you the type of crap we get and hopefully we can stop this when the regulars sign up for a username and password}

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Hi just can't believe these posts make me laugh not a Leeds fan but follow their progress. Only unfinished business O'leary has with Leeds is to finish off bancrupting them lol.
Cyprus Red

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Well said ed

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Ha ha busted

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Love it Ed,
We should see which Ed catches the most false /made up posts on here, I will gladly buy the best Ed a Crate of beer after the season ends {Ed013's Note - I will await your crate!}

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Taking this one seriously for a moment just for the sake of it 'looked like David O'Leary'.

Ermmmmmmm. Isn't our poster sure? It just 'looked like' him? Then the lookalike announces he had 'unfinished business'. Who did he announce this to? Our poster? The world at large? His imaginary friend? And why is he announcing this to whoever?

We are in deep b*ll*cks territory here.

Next rumour: Doris Stokes seen at Leeds City station announcing that she is taking over as Leeds manager after agreeing with the shade of Don Revie to channel him. She's dead too? Really? Well it looked like her.


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Maybe he was using time travel, after all sheffield is around 100 years behind every other city.

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As David Olreary lives near wetherby and the last time I looked there is no station there I doubt he is at Leeds station

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Am a regular on this website. I read it everyday. in fact I have tired postings on this website what 6 times and never once have my posts been posted. I don't really get why this posted was questioned. its clear that this is a made up rumour along with vast amount of others. its like the one in per season when someone saw Roman lukaku in Leeds train station. but yet he was in the usa. that still got posted. {Ed013's Note - Maybe you should have a better look around on all the pages as they may be there, however, this post is the only one that has ever come through from whatever you are using to post and in the London area. If someone posts they think they have seen a player in Leeds I don't have time to check to see if he is America, some posts stand out like the one at the top of the page and is clearly Bull}

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