24 Jun 2022 18:03:31
He's gone. Citeh. Done. Good luck Kal.

1.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 18:18:31
Indeed, all the best to the Yorkshire Pirlo.

2.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 18:21:58
Yes. All the best. Stayed when we needed him to stay. And goes with the best luck and wishes. His fee will pay for the signings we have made already. MOT.

3.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 18:24:34
Seems a low price even with add ons but clearly Kal wanted the move and best of luck to him, hadn’t heard mention of the young Citeh midfielder before though, Dario Gyabi who scored 9 goals in 18 games from midfield last season, althletic announcement

City will pay £42m up front with potential bonuses worth £3m. 18-year-old midfielder Darko Gyabi will move to Elland Road in a separate £5m deal.

4.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 18:32:20
Who is the young midfield player we are getting from city and is he one for the future?

5.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 18:51:44
Still to do medical and agree terms, but should only be a formality.

6.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 19:08:20
Grealish twice as good as KP? Not

Citeh pay £100 million for Jerkish to start on bench yet only £45 million for KP. to do the same. Hmm smacks of Radz and Co wanting KP gone and selling him cheap ( at least £10 million too cheap)

Definitely don't sell Raph this season ( especially with our clown undervaluer selling negotiation team of Radz and Uncle Victor) or relegation battle guaranteed beckons.

7.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 19:09:25
Gutted he has left, but wish him the best of luck, not sure how much game time he's going to get though. Hopefully we spend the money and get a decent replacement quickly.

8.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 19:11:59
Good luck to the lad, deserves it, but i for want would of expected more (rumours say 45 to 50) is Grealish twice as good no, is rice twice as good no
Lets hope its soent wisely.

9.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 19:13:16
Bring back Cellino . he would have got £60 million for KP instead of the meek meerkats we currently have as Board members.

10.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 20:21:05
I wish him all the best, coz, as I have said before, I’ve followed him while as a coach, since he was 10. That said, I can’t help but feel that we have let him go too cheap, and have had our donuts proper tongue punched on this one.

11.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 21:30:37
Gyabi would appear to be one for the future, though Beren Cross seems think he may be on the fringes of the first team squad next season. 18 year old CM/ CAM, stepped up to Citeh’s u23s last season - came off the bench against our u23s at Elland Road, and got an assist. Decent skills for a 6ft 3 youngster - was featured in one of the BBC Wonderkid skill videos in Sept 2020. Apparently Uncle Victor has been monitoring him for quite a while and has tried to sign him previously.

12.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 21:43:32
Brighty Guess I can read body language then and I wasn't talking nonsense!

13.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 21:53:55
Don’t think the quoted figures are accurate. We reportedly turned down £50m last summer, so why would we let him go cheaper now? The £55m total now being quoted sounds more likely.

14.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 22:45:33
Baz If you bring back the crazy ? Italian, there'd also be increased economic activity in certain streets of Leeds.

15.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 22:47:22
45 50 or 55 million don’t matter a jolt if the cash ain’t reinvested. Personally I think 50 is about bang on for Phillips considering his position on field and his injury record. going to miss the lad though as he’s a very good player and an even better man.

16.) 24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022 23:04:15
That's my fear Corky pal, that lolly needs firing into the 1st team otherwise this is a huge backward step.

17.) 25 Jun 2022
25 Jun 2022 08:23:02
Chris - no need to fear on that count, of course it’s going to be re-invested.