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11 Nov 2018 09:18:09
Let there be no mistake yesterday's performance was not just one bad day at the office. We played how we usually play but there is no substitute for quality. Roofe is no Robson Kanu and Roberts is certainly no Dwight Gayle. Neither is Bamford. We have a style of play and energy that can get results from a team with more than its share of average players but once the system has been sussed and/ or we come up against quality we are very suspect. The reason we don't create too many chances is we lack quality. We have Roofe through the middle and Dallas and Alioski on the outside supported by Hernandez and Klich. Dallas is a poor defender and not a great winger. Nothing coming from there then! . Alioski can defend but not a great winger. Not too much from there. We rely on Klich and Hernandez to create. Roofe is Ok through the middle but not great anywhere else. If he has to come back to get the ball he is very average. At the back Cooper makes too many mistakes and cannot cope with pace. Problems then when we play decent a team and/ or those with coaches who can devise ways of matching our system. We have Douglas, Jansson, Hernandez, Klich and Phillips has come on a lot. They are decent. Bailly Peacock, Dallas, Alioski (as a winger) , Roberts, Cooper, Harrison, are liabilities if we are talking seriously about promotion. We should finish in the top ten - higher if we strengthen with quality players in our crucial positions.

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11 Nov 2018 09:54:01
So who are the quality teams we need to watch our for then Hess?

11 Nov 2018 10:20:17
Any one of seven Corky with the usual dark horses emerging in the spring. Still think that even with no additions we are a good top six bet come May. Although maybe with a few changes to the matchday lineup.

11 Nov 2018 13:32:00
Sorry Hess but robson Kanu is no better than Roofe. I think you’re right on many occasions but Kanu is pants.

11 Nov 2018 16:08:01
He scared the death out of our defence last night tho Yebo, and looked quality!

11 Nov 2018 16:23:44
The guys have done their best, but we have a weak team that will be overtaken and we WILL lose more matches if nothing is done.
The bench is weak and the academy is not the answer.
Money and sensible scouting/ buying is!

Remember if you pay peanuts you get monkeys!

We have the coach now give him the tools or its a 1 season job!

11 Nov 2018 09:14:32
Guess it was going to happen, they were the better team but still 3rd and getting closer to Jan. He has to invest, we are so close and can win this league but need 2-3 quality players added. Seen foyth now starting for spurs and scored, damn.
If we add a quality CB with Pontus and need to drop alioski, he try's hard but no end product.
Those balls in first have over to left wing were great but then it breaks down, need a player to run at them and it ain't Ali.
Mb seems to love him, takes off Douglas who was playing well.
Then a top class striker needed, then with roofe in squad and Bamford back and Izzy to come in, could be finished product.

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11 Nov 2018 10:23:41
I see many, including you, are viewing Bamford as "the Great White Hope". My jury is still out on the man. Not seen enough of him in a white shirt to decide.

11 Nov 2018 12:33:10
Trouble is we are putting all of eggs in the ( returning injured players) basket! We then got to hope that they hit the ground running and none breakdown again . Meanwhile we continue to play square pegs in round holes and hope we can still be in around the promotion pack. It may pay off but surely to get to this position and not strengthen is a risk. At the very least play a player at right back who is a right back, unless our ones for the future are not really up to it.

11 Nov 2018 13:37:10
Forget Bamford. Won’t score more than 5.
Why did we manage to buy him cheap? Because he is useless. Would we take less than ten for roofe? No. Because?

11 Nov 2018 16:26:18
Harsh, Ausman1 but might well be true.

Too weak and I've said this before the season started. now I see it in many posts. a bit late to the party guys!

11 Nov 2018 01:26:29
Well, I posted before the game that I thought we would need 3 goals to win, just add 2 more on!

All credit to West Brom and their manager for their tactics and execution. The good thing is, I don't think there are many other teams in the division who have the players with the size and skill to do that to us again!

We have now had the heavy defeat that most of the challengers apart from Middlesbrough have had. The key now is how Bielsa and the players react with two perfectly winnable home games coming up. Good that Bielsa and his team have some quality thinking time coming up.

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10 Nov 2018 22:21:03
Questions for posters. Is it just me or are Bailey's hands inter-dimensional? Have they been corrupted to an Avengers' style time stone time warp? Or is it more they're simply made out of the weakest material known to man? How did he become a goalkeeper? Didn't his recruiter shake his hand after the job interview which ought to have given it away? Time for Jamal.

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10 Nov 2018 23:19:52
Bpf is not to blame today. We were lame all over the park. He made several great saves, but also a couple of blunders. Win as a team and lose as a team.

10 Nov 2018 23:28:04
He has definitely cost us a few goals this season. he's a young lad with time to learn, do think Blackman should be given his chance now. Beilsa is stubborn so doubt he will change keepers just yet.

11 Nov 2018 01:14:10
His age was always going to mean lack of experience. He will learn and with a good trainer will grow. He has massive potential and I believe the confidence to move past the setbacks he has faced. Could end up a champion one day and if so I hope he achieves this with a Leeds badge on his shirt. The key question is how do we go about putting the sparkle in this gem and can we afford to pay the price as we do so. Also, how do we know Blacman Will fare any better. He hardly has a truck load of first team experience to fall back on either.

BPT is good. So too, I think, Will be Blackman when put to the test but I feel our patience will be sorely tested during the ride.

11 Nov 2018 08:16:48
Can’t blame Bpf, the hole team need to take a good look at them self’s, we are still not goo enough to play in PL as these type of games will come every week, we still need investment, time is coming Rads to dig deep, he needs to buy PL players who can play at that level,

11 Nov 2018 09:31:16
BPF is not the sole reason why we lost but he is a weak link. He is at an age where he can improve but needs to work on his positioning and his susceptibility to long shots. Blackman his bided his time, he should now be given an opportunity.

11 Nov 2018 13:39:12
I think bf knows he is letting team down. Bielsa needs to give him time to regroup.

11 Nov 2018 16:11:59
I agree Notts. I’ll never slag a player, and still refuse to, but Bailey needs a break, and maybe a more senior keeper ahead of him, to mentor him. Time for Blackman, but another addition IMO, whether Jan, or Summer.

10 Nov 2018 21:49:23
They had us bang to rights. Let us drift forward, attack the ball in numbers, steal it and hit on the counter. They were too quick and strong for us to keep them out for 90 minutes. Skill and flair is great if you have the freedom to use it - we didn’t and couldn’t 🙄😢. Time to reflect and regroup. MOT.

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11 Nov 2018 01:17:32
This season was always going to be a bumpy ride but it's not yet over and I am sure has thrills yet to provide. We can still do this.

11 Nov 2018 10:28:37
I trust, and hope, that Bielsa is the man to dissect the last debacle, work heavily on the training pitch and put right the obvious problem that were highlighted by a rampant WBA.

10 Nov 2018 21:25:28
Yes West Brom were the better team but it was for me simply one of those days.
Almost every ricochet fell straight to the feet of one of their players.
Not too down really as you get those days, so we will bounce back.
Keep the faith.

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11 Nov 2018 01:23:44
Another game with 70+% possession but not only the reward to reflect this. We have some things on point but still some work to do on the train field. I would rather be in the position we are of leading the play but still to learn how to finish than still learning how to get the ball and control it. We are not there yet but are definitely still in the race. For the sake of my sanity alone I chose to hope and believe in Bielsa. MOT.

10 Nov 2018 20:48:50
Seeing as we needed a goal desperately I was surprised that not only did we not play 2 upfront but did not fit Clark up there somewhere. Everytime he has been asked to perform he has scared the daylights out of defenders.

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11 Nov 2018 13:40:06

10 Nov 2018 20:41:15
Well that was good!
Just back from the game and nothing much to be happy about tonight.
Will firstly give credit to WBA, they are a big powerful team and they put us to the sword. We had loads of possession but got caught on the counter several times. The guy Harvey Barnes they have on loan from Leicester is brilliant very strong and fast. Made me realise today just how small and lightweight we are as a team.

Could not understand why Douglas as taken off, two quick goals arrived soon after. Alioski poor today, time to give Blackman a run out in goal too. This team found wanting today and needs strengthening. Only positive for me was the fantastic noise coming from our fans in the away end they were a credit to the club.

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10 Nov 2018 23:21:23
Didn’t like the way Douglas reacted to Corberan as he came off.

11 Nov 2018 03:09:09
I liked it Bright, I don't like to see someone happy when they're subbed, and if there was anything in it Bub will sort it.

11 Nov 2018 09:16:24
Just back from the game and post at 8.41.private plane? .

11 Nov 2018 10:25:35
Not all Leeds fans live in Leeds! 😕.

11 Nov 2018 12:40:38
Yes ALAW, I unfortunately live in the Midlands very close to Brum, didn't take as long as when I visit ER to get home mate.

11 Nov 2018 13:42:50
Alaw. Shameful post re plane. Lift your game mate
I hated being subbed. Credit Douglas.

10 Nov 2018 20:10:43
Bielsa makes some bizzar subs.

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10 Nov 2018 22:09:58
FFS we are third in the table! Only 2 clubs are above us. We lost to a good team. Give them Credit! It's a Long season ahead! MOT.

11 Nov 2018 01:25:21
Hear! Hear! Hooksie.

11 Nov 2018 03:09:31
Great post hooksie.

10 Nov 2018 19:57:54
Best part of today. 4-0 down and the only supporters you could hear singing; Leeds. Top marks! you deserve better.

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10 Nov 2018 20:47:23
They really were a credit to the club, very respectful to the remembrance tribute before kick off, gave sky sports plenty and sang their hearts out until the final whistle. They really deserved a better performance from the team. Respect to all those guy!

11 Nov 2018 13:43:19
They were.


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