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11 Jun 2019 11:50:19
These are the results of the POTS vote.

1. Spanish
2. George
3. Bermondsey

Spanish won by record landslide.


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11 Jun 2019 12:48:11
Could not have been no other winner. 👍🇪🇸⚽️
Well done George and Bermo.
Always keeps the posts interesting and makes plenty off response. Keep it up lads.
Now the transfer saga and will he? Won’t he?
MOT ⚽️⚽️⚽️.

11 Jun 2019 13:31:44
Well done Spain guy.

11 Jun 2019 13:52:43
Thanks to George for organising the vote and to all the Ed’s for providing us with a great place for us to wax lyrical about our favourite subject!

Well done to George and Bermondsey, I think between the three of us there is a great representation of views and styles.

Thanks to everyone who voted, it’s an honour to follow the Auz and I really mean that.

I know I have a reputation for excessive positivity and I love you cheery posters but I also really value the posters with a different view including, Bermo, red hot, Wex, Whiteman, Hessian and others. Don’t ever stop questioning and challenging. We should all also be prepared to be criticised or banterised, it is a banter side after all.

Looking forward to another great year of football and banter, bring on the pre season.

Thanks guys!

11 Jun 2019 14:23:46
Congrats Spanish well deserved. Honored to have you representing us as POTS 2019/ 20. Hopefully you will be 'the POTS that won us promotion'.

Thanks as always for organising George and as Spanish says thanks to the Eds for their patience, dedication and tolerance.

11 Jun 2019 16:22:09
Well done Spanish lad, unlucky George and Bermo all great banterists! 😎.

11 Jun 2019 17:39:24
Well deserved Spaniard. Level headed, logical and interesting, wins every time for me!

11 Jun 2019 21:54:01
It was a particularly stimulating vote this year, good spirited. Spaniard a most worthy winner. He will take over Ausman's mantle with aplomb no doubt.

11 Jun 2019 10:41:49
Too those who ask why I don't rate Radz I ask 1 question would the vile Ken Bates given the position we were in in January have sat on his hands the way Radz did.

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11 Jun 2019 10:57:06
No, the vile Ken Bates would of sold Pablo, Roofe, Pontus, Jack and countless others. Your comparing Hitler to Theresa. I can't stand Hitler or May, but I know who's worse.

11 Jun 2019 10:59:45

Master Bates would have sold all of our players in the Jan window for a pittance to line his own pockets - then 'replaced' them with cheap journeymen. At least Radz didn't sell our brightest talents even though he failed to strengthen the squad.

11 Jun 2019 11:07:21
The answer is we don’t know and we will never know Wex! Also, does it really matter now? Not sure it answers the question why you don’t rate Radz because you didn’t rate him before Jan either. For me Jan is more complicated than that. We would have to have bought a player or players that Bielsa really wanted and that he thought would fit his style of play pretty quickly or immediately . Not sure that was ever going to be a long list! I’m more inclined to go with George and James was the one that got away, Bielsa would have played him and could have made a real difference. Don’t think Radz sat on his hands because he probably thought he had done enough because the lad was in Leeds ready to sign, but he didn’t secure the player, therefore he got it wrong.

11 Jun 2019 11:13:13
The fact is that we would’ve never been in that position under Bates .

11 Jun 2019 11:44:39
Bates is the devil and should never be let near ER again.

11 Jun 2019 11:54:00
Wex, sometimes you open yourself up to some huge backlashes

I understand your frustrations that your dads legacy has never been truly appreciated, but come on, Mr Bates was never one to put his hand in his pocket whether it was Leeds or Chelsea

Btw, wish your dad all the best and hopefully be us enjoying the good weather in Monaco at the moment.

11 Jun 2019 13:33:18
Pmsl axe.

11 Jun 2019 13:53:54
Axe it's father in law.

11 Jun 2019 14:25:24
can you get some of his cash Wex and buy the club?

11 Jun 2019 17:42:13
Wex, lmao, I hope your wife takes after the lovely Mrs Bates and not her pug-ugly husband.

11 Jun 2019 19:45:57
It's not Mr Bates it's Mr Cellino my missus is Elenora Cellino. Google you won't be disappointed.

11 Jun 2019 22:01:29
Wex That were true, you wouldn't be posting as much. I certainly wouldn't. I'd be deep sea diving.

11 Jun 2019 10:14:37
'Via the Sun' we are ready to splash 35 mil for wilson and kent! ha ha ha ha silly season is here brothers!

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11 Jun 2019 10:32:58
DJ saw that myself this morning had a good chuckle, lazy journalism.

11 Jun 2019 11:45:12
Maybe loan to buy if promoted.

11 Jun 2019 12:31:02
Radz is lining his pockets with 2 million a year, no better no worst.

11 Jun 2019 13:33:59
You got the proof now whiteman?

11 Jun 2019 14:27:55
Of course he is if not more - do you expect Radz to be a football chairman with no remuneration? The first thing they all do is sort themselves out with a fat wage. People who run charities are no different so why not? He will pay himself for the job he does.

11 Jun 2019 17:45:20
Exactly Alf. He’s a businessman. You don’t do something for nothing.

11 Jun 2019 17:47:27
Was Kent the lad who played for Barnsley a couple of years back?

I remember watching a game on TV were Ayling had a similar named left winger in his back pocket.
Hopefully, if its the same lad, then he has improved with age

So Wilson is a left winger, if it's the same Kent then he is a left winger, and isn't Costa a left winger?
Do you think we are looking for a left winger?

11 Jun 2019 18:57:36
Over, you can stick and out.

11 Jun 2019 18:59:16
Brightwhite you’re right there mate something for nothing that Radz all over.

12 Jun 2019 09:12:00
Whiteman in English please? Hey if you can do a better job running ithe club maybe you should put your hand in your pocket and buy it out then you would be the only buisiness in the country trying not to make a profit. Do you go to work for nothing? If the answers no then why would you expect radz to work for nothing either.

12 Jun 2019 10:46:36
They would not print it.

10 Jun 2019 22:38:43
Hope you don't mind me returning to a topic from yesterday, and a question I hoped Spanish and other U23 veterans in particular might respond to. If BPF was with either sold or sent out on loan and if either Huffer or Miazek were to be promoted to no2, which would you prefer and why?

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10 Jun 2019 23:54:20
Clueless, not sure I like the word “veteran”! 😉

I’ve seen more of Huffer and. I like him, seems very calm and collected and with a lot of presence for his age. Also seems to shout and command his area, whoever is in front of him. But both are promising.

The difficulty for the young goalkeepers is that they need to play to get real experience and the number 2 is hopefully going to be bench sitting for a lot of the first team season. However it’s also useful to be training and warming up with the first team goalkeeper and coach.

Could a number 2 goalie travel and train with the first team and then train and play with the under 23s or Huffer goes to number 2 and Miazek and Male act as the under 23 keepers.

11 Jun 2019 08:35:33
Miazek Is my choice, great with penalty’s too which would come in handy with Oliver and coops in our team.

11 Jun 2019 11:08:42
Good that we have these good young goalkeepers, if Carlos and Bielsa are equally convinced, it will make it easier to call BPF´s bluff!

11 Jun 2019 12:49:51
Thanks for your replies. As I said in my post in the earlier discussion of this topic, I saw a number of U23 games last season but never actually saw Huffer - just Miazek and Male. I'd thought Miazek was MoM in the National final - despite our superior possession he actually kept us in the game with some fine saves - followed by his heroic in the penalty shootout. I guess Huffer has a natural advantage in terms of command of his back line due to ease of communication, while Miazek improves his English language skills. That might also currently give Huffer greater confidence in command of the area.

In light of this, would it be best for either BPF or Huffer to go out on loan (with the other as no2 to Kiko or whoever replaces him) and also keep Miazek in-house as the primary keeper in the U23s to build his communication skills and continue learning the Bielsaball ways?

On Harrison Male, as I also said previously, I was surprised how small he looked. While he is certainly spring-heeled and perfomed very well, do the longer established U23 watchers (apologies for the use of Veterans earlier) feel that his height might unfortunately possibly hinder his chances of progress at the top level of the game?

11 Jun 2019 14:31:48
I had my resignations about Male due to his stature. i think ultimately that will be a huge barrier to overcome although De Gea is only 6'2" and he does ok.

10 Jun 2019 17:49:17

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10 Jun 2019 20:35:21
1 Ed001
2 Ed001
3 Ed001.

{Ed001's Note - a man with taste and discernment!}

10 Jun 2019 21:53:10
I'll back you Alf.

10 Jun 2019 23:14:12

Difficult choice really - it was 3 from 5 for me - the others being Alf and Bright.

11 Jun 2019 01:31:23
Voting has closed.
Alf and Tory only your first votes count. I'm disregarding therefore these subsequent but invalid ballots. However, I now have irrefutable proof of attempted voter fraud for which you will both answer to the highest authority.

11 Jun 2019 11:02:58
Looking forward to seeing the results George. Can the highest authority be Emma from LUTV please?

10 Jun 2019 13:37:26
Leeds' interest in CB Ben White at Brighton is notable for one reason . It's that MB has finally accepted he boobed big time not listening to us fans and indeed, the board who implored him to sign an extra CB last Summer . Not only did he refuse to, he failed to correct this error by neglecting to do so again in Jan . So better late than never, but I can't help wondering if had we done so we would now be planning for prem football, instead of the assault course of another promotion campaign. I know we failed to convert too many chances but had we kept it a little tighter at the back, that may not have mattered . It's good he's finally fessed up to this inexcusable error, but please fellow posters let's not see next season anymore moronic in " Bielsa I trust " hashtags or sarcastic criticisms of posters that have the temerity to question " God's " judgement, with comments like : " so you think you can do a better job than MB " . Please leave that to the fools on twitter and elsewhere . This site is too good for that! I love the guy, but he's human and makes mistakes like the rest of us which need to be highlighted and discussed .

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10 Jun 2019 14:27:59
Well put for a bloke red hot, hindsight is wonderful. Too many fifa players on here think they know better than lord bielsa. All joking aside it was a great post and makes total sense.

10 Jun 2019 14:46:56
I think it's bold to use the word "Moronic" in the context of your fellow posters, your fellow Leeds fans. Some might take that as you calling your fellow Leeds fans Morons. Those people won't take kindly to it. But what would I know? I'm just a moron 😉.

10 Jun 2019 15:02:40
So you think you can do a better job than MB? I don't think we should be questioning god's judgement.


10 Jun 2019 15:42:38
So we criticize him when he doesn’t change his mind and we criticize him when he does! What I think is funny is that after we appoint someone who is famed for being self confident, self opinionated or stubborn depending on your take, we seem surprised when he is all or one of those things! He is what he is and that is definitely very human, but I like him for all of that! Let’s just remember that all of us are human as well and we all make mistakes!

Let’s see how he responds to having a year in the championship!

10 Jun 2019 15:50:46
We've been called morons before Southern.

10 Jun 2019 16:03:50
Spanish may be re - read my post . No criticism of MB for changing his mind “ better late than never “, just criticism of the original error and delay in correcting it . As for the hashtag “ in Bielsa we trust “, I love it in its general sense of trusting the man to take us forward . But when it’s used as a stick to beat any fan who questions his decisions, then in that context, I have an issue . Southern all Leeds fans are my “ brothers “ . But I have been known to call out my own brothers for doing something “ moronic “ . Doesn’t mean I don’t love them .

{Ed001's Note - I think people need to understand the distinction between doing something moronic and being a moron. We all do stupid things, but it does not mean we are stupid.}

10 Jun 2019 17:45:21
RHC It's like looking into my own mind.

Not popular but if I was running the place I'd look to spread and distribute the strength evenly across the back 4 especially central defenders. I'd sell Pontus for £11m probably to Benfica and wish Bera bye then get Barbet and Elphick on frees. If I could I'd also try land Michael Hector on loan or permanent.
Coyle would back up Ayling at right back and Douglas would back up Alioski at left back with Davis. Cooper, Barbet, Elphick, Halme, Struick and Diaz sufficient strength in depth centrally and at that point we've not really spent too mucb having profited from the Swede. Simples.

10 Jun 2019 17:51:42
Alf! LOL! 👍🏻🍻.

10 Jun 2019 18:36:47
It's funny how God isn't able to address the problem of his teams fading in later stages of the season. Look a run of 6 or 7 losses and these worshipers will be the first to turn.

10 Jun 2019 18:56:08
The only words that grate George are " Alioski at left back"

10 Jun 2019 20:37:45
RHC you are making the assumption we are actually looking at White and it’s not just paper talk.


10 Jun 2019 20:56:24
leodis, I have to agree 👏.

10 Jun 2019 21:37:05
Red hot, just lots of criticism for how long he took to change his mind when he should have changed it as soon as you decided! The first three sentences are all critical, “ finally accepted” “boobed” “ he refused to” “ he failed to correct this error” “ neglected to correct the error” “ better late than never”! People always want to appoint a manager and tell him how to manage, of course he makes mistakes like all of us but he took the team to 3rd in the table and yet we all on here could have done better with the same resources! If it was that easy and Radz was that tight don’t you think he’d pay you 250 k a year to manage the team and save 2.25 million.

10 Jun 2019 23:13:53
So Spanish you are basically saying football fans shouldn’t question or criticise a manager’s decisions because we could not do the job ourselves . Isn’t that a bit like saying we can’t criticise a prime minister or a Doctor who makes an error because we could not do their jobs?

10 Jun 2019 23:42:46
This is assuming that we keep Jansson or replace him if he is sold.

10 Jun 2019 23:44:53
Elphick and Coyle not good enough George. Sell Jansson and replace him with an inferior player not a good idea.

10 Jun 2019 23:45:24
Bloody hell Wex you used to be a positive geezer!
For a man that used to and I believe still does laud Cellino you do have me scratching my head. I’m an optimist fair enough but I amazed you are so negative towards our chairman and now manager it seems. Just enjoy imo all the good stuff happening at ER! MOT.

10 Jun 2019 23:46:01
Couldn’t have put it better myself Spaniard!

10 Jun 2019 23:47:31
Just like to add a point. What centre back should we have signed. Any ideas? Because January is a tough time to bring players in.

11 Jun 2019 00:01:49
Wex and I come back to the same point, do we really understand what happened in the run in and for me particularly Wigan and Derby. I’m really interested to see how Bielsa 2 develops, don’t think he’s God, the Messiah or a naughty boy, but I love the way he plays and the passion he brings to the job. First challenge for me is to get us to the New year in contention again and playing good football. Why I thought he might go, is I thought he might not think he was able to do it again and I feared a bad start and people calling for change and him walking. The fact he has stayed is a think there is a feeling it can be done, let’s see!

11 Jun 2019 01:21:58
Love you all, always as my LUFC brothers n sisters, but a bit shocked and disheartened at some of the anti Radz and Bielsa crap I have read on here tonight. Rhey have done cracking job. Credit where credit is due guys. Slating them whilst slating anyone who slates you for slating them? Perplexed. Utterly butterly perplexed. Haven't been in such a good spot for years, but let's wimper n wimper about how bad it all is and point fingers. Nah, I will back em. MOT.

11 Jun 2019 09:37:04
Red Hot, I was answering your statement that you weren’t being critical of Bielsa for changing his mind, I think you were, look at the words you used. Everyone has the right to be critical of everything, it’s massively important to have critical people around. Some errors are factual others are much more about subjective opinion, whether Harrison is good enough, whether you should pick Beradi etc. If you paid an architect a fortune, I guess you’d really hope you could trust his ideas rather than switching to what a financial advisor suggested on the back of a fag packet! Criticise away but then always be prepared to be criticised for your criticism!

11 Jun 2019 09:38:52
Great post Toryscum. Club going massively in the right direction, Radz, Orta, Bielsa and Carlos have to have played a big part in it!

11 Jun 2019 10:49:29
Good morning fellow posters

Wow, loving this particular thread.

And do you know what I can see all sides
RHC. I can understand your frustrations. We were so very very close and yes, a few tweeks during the latter end of the season may well have got us over the line and to the Promised Land (P. L. Premier League) . I know whenever I make a mistake I try to make sure I do it better next time. I think we all hope Biesla is similar. He will reflect on the past season and be more capable for the next one.

George. I think your being totally rational in speculating that Jansson may be sold. He is a bl00dy good player and deserves to be playing at the highest standard he can, and be rewarded properly. He is no spring chicken. And Barbet and Elphick are good shouts. Both have experience in thus division and possibly Elphick is a good leader too

Spanish, Alf, Brighty. as always love the positivity, and don't worry I don't think Radz or Biesla make decisions based on reading "leedsrumours. co. ". This is just us fans discussing all things Leeds

So, anybody want a cocktail and 10 minutes in the "hot tub of hope" now Mr Biesla has vacated?

11 Jun 2019 11:01:43
Here what your saying Spanish . But on the whole think you and others of your persuasion visa vis the club have been drinking just a little too much Kool Aid for my taste . Corkwhite re CB’s in Jan and their unavailability, a certain Mr Tyrone Mings happened to be pretty instrumental in Villa’s promotion.

11 Jun 2019 12:00:30
RHC, good call regarding Mings, but I believe that Villa disregarded the FFP in their quest to reach the Promised Land and possibly the signing of Mings was amongst that carefree attitude

It looks like LUFC are taking the said FFP a lot more seriously and so our budget is not going to be as high as those around. Its unfortunate, but I can live with a more prudent stance given the plummeting we did after Risdale.

10 Jun 2019 12:10:45
Hi All, not been on for a while as left job and moved back up to Yorkshire where me n mrs DJ belong! bought a house near Osset west Yorkshire 6 mile from Church, spending 3 month renovating the new pad and gearing up for the new season, got a season ticket so can't wait to cheer the lads on at ER regularly, hope you are all good looking forward to some great banter with you all MOT brothers 😎.

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10 Jun 2019 12:19:08
Welcome back DJ73.

10 Jun 2019 12:47:47
Cheers Axe, good to be back mate been darn sarf 12 years, am buckling up for silly season transfer rumours! although hope we get Costa would definitely be quality loan signing.

10 Jun 2019 15:03:40
Wondered where you had got to DJ - welcome back.

10 Jun 2019 19:58:59
Cheers Alf must catch up at ER and have a beer get Bermo up despite his poor record for witnessing victories at er 😂.

{Ed001's Note - just give us all warning when Bermo is going so we can head to the bookies!}

10 Jun 2019 20:30:07
Definitely DJ - get together is long overdue. Maybe for a preseason game if we do the last one at ER like the last few seasons?

10 Jun 2019 20:54:26
good to have tyou back mate, house is looking good and looking forward to meetiing up over the new season mot.

10 Jun 2019 21:32:29
Cheers Bermo be fab to see you fella hope all is good mate.

11 Jun 2019 10:58:46
DJ, I know that area well, I was looking at houses around there, I know chickenley and earlsheaton and hanging Heaton was where I was born and my grandparents lived all their lives. Handy for Elland Road and also Dewsbury Rams if you fancy Rugby League. Nice bit of Yorkshire leagues cricket up at Hanging Heaton too. Hope you have a great life there. Try and get to some under 23 games if you can as well, well worth it.

11 Jun 2019 11:08:29
We need to lure Bermo up to Leeds soon DJ - he is getting too cosy with that Leyton Orient crowd (once an 'O' and all that) and needs to remember where his heart truly lies. Fancy a late pre season game should we have one at ER Bermo?

In fact, all posters on here should try to make it (understandably the posters from abroad may struggle) - we could have a LeedsRumours party in the Peacock!

11 Jun 2019 21:06:27
Cheers Spanish already settling in nicely dewsbury rams just down our road not far wakefield trinity not far too definitely catch some rugby and U23s mate for sure,
Alf yeah i'm definitely up for that now mate got me ST sorted in west stand lower MOT boys!

10 Jun 2019 12:06:20
Ryan Kent anyone?

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10 Jun 2019 13:29:47
Yeah Tory think he'd be a quality addition having him and Costa on the wings would be a scary prospect for champ defenders pablo at no 10 roofey up top, although still would like to see another striker come in! A proven prolific one preferably.

10 Jun 2019 14:28:55
Not sure but worth a punt.

10 Jun 2019 15:28:31
Think I'd take Harrison before him, he knows the championship and Kent was playing in the 4th tier last season with Rangers, personally I'd take Wilson all day long but can't are it, and definitely Costa.

10 Jun 2019 23:43:06
Pablo can't give us 46 games a season. At 34 years old he needs to be protected.

Formula 1: Canada Talking Points

10 Jun 2019 10:13:21
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Formula 1: Canada Talking Points

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10 Jun 2019 08:45:49
So it had to happen, interest in Carlos from Cultural leonesa to be their new manager. Effectively a third division club in Spain, segunda B! Going to be a bit of a difference for him after the Elland Road crowds.

It will test his desire to be a manager or lead coach rather than more of a team player in a bigger club.

Having said that, as the club is still part of the Aspire group, it could be part of a development programme for him and after his experience, he could move onto a bigger club, like us!

I'd really like him to stay, he is continuity linking Bielsa to the past and future of the club and probably one of the few of Bielsas gang now likely to stay when he goes. I think he is important part of the youth into the first team development plan for the next few years.

Another big test for Radz and Orta. He will be a big loss.

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10 Jun 2019 09:08:22
I hope it’s just lazy journalism, he will be better learning off bielsa for another season then hopefully slot straight in when bielsa retires.

10 Jun 2019 09:36:02
Hopefully he will stay, a lot of number 2s try going into management, and it dosent work, why because there number 2s, Pep Clotet to Oxford springs to mind, McClaren good no 2, awful manager, Brian Kidd another.

10 Jun 2019 10:19:41
Richie, I really agree with you. I worked for a massive U. K. company where we had a superb one and two both excellent in their roles but wouldn’t have been able to do each other’s as well as their own. The number two was very well rewarded. Massively important for clubs to have people like Carlos.

Apart from that, he is another Valencia boy, from a small village outside of the city.

10 Jun 2019 15:07:12
Im sure he would rather carry on learning from MB for another year first.

10 Jun 2019 22:29:04
Spanish, Corberan has already been a head coach, albeit only in the Cypriot First Division, and he left that post to come to us as U23 coach. I would put managing a 7th place Cypriot team either on a par with, or above, managing Cultural Leonesa in the Spanish 3rd. With his role here having since been upgraded, and with the possibility of replacing Bielsa in due course, I'd be rather surprised if he accepted to role with Cultural. Given how that club failed to provide opportunities for Ideguchi and (less surprisingly) Bouy, I really hope that he doesn't go there. Given our supposed links with them, they are being less than helpful.


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