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26 Feb 2022 21:38:33
Early reports are that Marcelo has gone and we are very close to appointing Jesse mars h as his successor. If true then I’d like to thank Marcelo for all he has done for the club and us fans, and also welcome Jesse Marsch to the club.




31 Jan 2022 14:18:59
Summerville’s move to Hamburg has collapsed as has our muted move for minamino.
I’d like to say I’m surprised but hey I’m not.
We will sign nobody.


1.) 31 Jan 2022 15:06:45
The minime deal was dependant on Summerville going out on loan. No money in, so no money out.

2.) 31 Jan 2022 17:10:30
Another awful window from the board. They’ll sprinkle glitter of the rubbish and claim it’s been a good 1 because Raphinha and Phillips haven’t left! Yet.

3.) 31 Jan 2022 19:06:03
Oh woe is Me! Stay pitiful, stay negative, be unhappy. Glad we didn’t have this site when Ridsdale wrecked us, because they were really bad times, let alone the late 70’s and most of the 80’s!



25 Jan 2022 11:13:27
Fiorentina beating us to another of our supposed targets in Arthur Cabral. €14m + 2m in bonuses as opening bid.
Really really getting frustrated by our boards reluctance to improve the playing squad. Ya can’t tell me this guy wouldn’t offer as much if not more than Rodders and Tyler the bj king do combined.


1.) 25 Jan 2022 14:53:15
“Supposed” is the key word in that statement!

2.) 25 Jan 2022 15:21:27
Isn’t every link just supposed unless their actually signed?
My point is more that another potential is slipping away.
It’s fine though I suppose in Victor Radz and Bielsa we all must trust.
How dare anyone have a differing opinion hey.

3.) 25 Jan 2022 16:01:35
Lol, me! Wasn’t a dig at you, and I’m happy for you to have your opinions.
Gotta say that I’ve enjoyed the to and fro over recent weeks between the different camps, as it’s what makes me like this site best. Some really good people on here, with strong opinions, and willing to stand by them, which is everyone’s right! Long may it continue! On, on, on!



16 Jan 2022 07:12:13
According to this mornings reports we have agreed a £6m deal for midfielder Nicholas raskin? Yes I hear you all, WHO? He plays for standard liege and is 20yr old. I’ll believe it when I see him sign Ont dotted line.


1.) 16 Jan 2022 09:29:43
Is in his second full first team season at Liege as a CM. Standard Liege play a multitude of formations, requiring him to be versatile in role, including CDM, though generally in a double pivot when doing so. Played in Europa League last season. Has played 67 games for them, with 3 goals and 7 assists.

2.) 16 Jan 2022 10:17:18
Just watched a few YouTube’s on him and he looks decent, albeit in a not too challenging league. That being said you never know he may turn out to be a worldly. Got to start picking up our performances and points from today. Mot.

3.) 16 Jan 2022 13:41:34
Looks like a proper DM, with the same passing range and accuracy as Kal. Hope it’s true!

4.) 16 Jan 2022 16:00:13
Could be an impressive signing but untried in the Prem. Desperately need reinforcements in midfield though - especially now.

5.) 16 Jan 2022 16:48:50
Probably made up like the rest of the mirror rumours as he's starting the game against Anderlecht today.

6.) 16 Jan 2022 17:44:15
That's what Yorkshire Evening Post say too 🇨🇦.

7.) 16 Jan 2022 18:34:06
And if that first half is anything to go by, we should pay no more than 600,000.
Dallas runs more in 15 mins than he did in a half. Did not stand out in any way.
Of course I have no clue how Liege normally play and what he has been asked to do in the game but wasn't impressed at all by what I just watched.

8.) 16 Jan 2022 19:19:33
Graham Smyth has said it’s not happening.



15 Jan 2022 18:51:33
Evening reports that Rodrigo has asked to leave with Barcelona apparently being back in for him!
Personally I’d sell him, he’s not delivered on a near £30m fee we paid.
Get a decent attacking midfielder/ forward in instead.
Gotta be plenty of options who’d do better than Rodney has let’s face it.


1.) 15 Jan 2022 19:12:34
Totally agree, as long as we get back what we paid for him! Get a top notch creative midfielder in with all of the money PLUS the rumoured £19mill available! Nice guy, but delivered nowt. Writing will be on the wall if he ain’t in the squad tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Again.

2.) 15 Jan 2022 19:18:00
Never gunna recoup what we paid for him but something near £20m and I’d be happy so long as sleeping Victor actually replaces him that is.

3.) 16 Jan 2022 13:42:40
Don’t why we wouldn’t recoup our investment? He is still on a long term contract, which has a massive sway on a players value.

4.) 16 Jan 2022 16:08:35
Wont recoup on the investment as we overpaid and nobody will pay 27mil for a player that has been poor for 2 yrs. Will be lucky to get 16m but need him off the wage bill so I say get shot.

5.) 16 Jan 2022 17:41:05
Put a bid in for mitrovitch at Fulham be good signing get up to Mr bielsa speed for next season.

6.) 17 Jan 2022 14:44:27
Would love Mitrovic! Plus he has a nasty edge to him too!




Me's banter posts with other poster's replies to Me's banter posts


03 Mar 2022 21:22:33
Jesus Christ, old Karen Carney’s at it again. Now the “pundit” trying to claim she believes Kalvin will be sulking following the departure of Marcelo! she gunna pull out the sexist victim card when the fans start to react again.
All this tick box recruitment the media companies are doing now is just ridiculous.


1.) 03 Mar 2022 22:41:26
Fortunately we have the privilege of switching her off and tuning into other TV stations with articulate knowledgeable presenters. Diminishing viewing figures will result her ending up working on Hospital Radio. Heaven help me if she is broadcasting on the ward where I am having a Hernia repair next week.

2.) 04 Mar 2022 02:53:22
Really doubt that any of the players are sulking following the departure of El Loco.

3.) 04 Mar 2022 12:48:26
Why’s that Baz? Do you think none of them really liked him anyway? Maybe all that joy and love shown towards him was just fabricated for the press eh! Unbelievable you are Baz, unbelievable! How long are you giving it before you decide our new manager is crap?

4.) 04 Mar 2022 13:07:45
If we lose at Leicester Baz will call for his head, plus Orta Angus and Radz.

5.) 04 Mar 2022 13:24:58
Woody you are a passionate Leeds supporter and I like that, but think sometimes before you go off on a rant

quite simply the original poster (Me) quite rightly questioned the validity of Karen Carneys suggestion that KP would be (key word, ) ' SULKING', because of MB departure.

Watching the numerous videos of all the players training under Jessy I didn't see any players " sulking " ( ie bad tempered morose) .

So come on then Woody which Leeds players are 'sulking'?

6.) 04 Mar 2022 13:58:10
Ox no need re AR, VO and AK they look to be on their way out this summer.

As for Marsch I wish him the best.

7.) 04 Mar 2022 15:02:34
How many of those players would of played prem football if it wasnt 4 Bielsa,

8.) 04 Mar 2022 15:26:10
None of them? Kal, Klich, Bill, BamBam, Harrison, Meslier, Pasc, Cooper plus many others, all loved the guy. They won’t be sulking, as they are all good people, and pros, but will however be saddened by the nature of departure to say the least!
Time to stop with the sniping, sneery, jibes, and move on buddy. Everyone else has!

9.) 04 Mar 2022 17:23:13
Brighty I was responding and agreeing to another poster stating that no player is ' sulking ' which you also agree.

A complete overreaction from Woody.

10.) 04 Mar 2022 17:34:38
Sorry Baz. I got the wrong end of the stick there pal.

11.) 04 Mar 2022 17:43:13
That's fine Brighty.

12.) 04 Mar 2022 18:36:28
Baz, read your post, “I really doubt any of the players will be sulking at the departure of El Loco! Well what does that mean if it doesn’t mean they are glad he’s gone? Maybe it’s you who needs to engage mate. You have been on MB’s back for ages and still doing now he’s gone! In fact please don’t worry as I’m bored with it all now, negativity breeds negativity!

13.) 04 Mar 2022 19:10:01
Im sulking but the players very unlikely to. They will all want to impress the new boss and rightly so. Players, managers, chairmen all come and go in football and a career is too short to waste on regrets and sulks. Us fans, however, are around until the world stops going round.

14.) 04 Mar 2022 19:31:32
Alf got it spot on Woody.

15.) 04 Mar 2022 20:31:15
Of course players will mis Mr bielsa but they will get over it but not interested what carney says mot boy n girls come on nnnnn leeds good luck jesse.



26 Feb 2022 14:08:46
Think that Dallas shall we call it a miss just about sums everything up right now. Awful no composure no confidence and poor decisions.




26 Feb 2022 13:31:57
I heard some clowns on talk sport before the game (actual fans outside the ground) claiming they would rather keep Bielsa and go down than make a change and try stay up!
Now that sentiment is exactly why we are in the poo poo we are in.
Astonishing and foolish to say the very least.


1.) 26 Feb 2022 13:36:49
Me They're thinking ahead to a season in the championship and hoping lightning âš¡ strikes twice.

2.) 26 Feb 2022 13:37:44
Who then?

3.) 26 Feb 2022 14:29:57
Richie, maybe one of
Ernesto valverde, quique setien, zinedine zidane, lucien favre, Paulo fonseca, Andrea pirlo! Just a few that are available at this present time pal.
I’m sure there are dozens more that could actually change a broken system not just keep doing the same thing badly and getting spanked week in week out. 14 goals conceded in the last 3 games, I don’t care what narrative ya put on it or who else ya blame except Jesus, god or whatever else some call the man it’s time to make a change and hope to hell someone else can turn this around because he certainly isn’t gunna do so.

4.) 26 Feb 2022 15:18:22
Richie Anyone who doesn't have a man marking obsession.

5.) 26 Feb 2022 15:32:08
Zidane 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, valverde 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, pirlo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣,
Do u honestly think a) any 1 of theses would come to a relegation battle, and b) with no prem expierience would do a job.

6.) 26 Feb 2022 17:05:53
It's simple we have done well with squad since Mr bielsa arrived but there like a flower spent now in this league you need quality quality players we made dire look like a great player I said before Kate the man to watch when he drops deep he causes all sorts of problems and he did today we need a big clear out even if we down I was at the game and last 3 games to play like bielas wants them plY you have got look after ball better and we don't sorry fort long post rant over issedoff mot.

7.) 26 Feb 2022 17:35:57
I’d have Pirlo at the drop of a hat.

8.) 26 Feb 2022 18:02:29
Richie you seem to like the old 😂😂 button fella but what do you want? Bielsa taking us into the championship and financial ****upery? I wasn’t saying we could get them you asked who so I simple showed some that are available pal.
****ing zippy George n bungle could at least change the game plan and put the players in the right positions right now.

9.) 26 Feb 2022 21:23:12
“Me”. did you just suggest that our own George was from Rainbow! Well!



26 Feb 2022 13:00:34
30mins in, 0-3 but hey ho in Bielsa some trust.
Time to go and let someone else try turn this rubbish show around while there’s still possibly time.
Many of us saw this coming 2 months ago but hey Radz will stay in hiding again.


1.) 26 Feb 2022 13:04:37
I've been a Bielsa fan for a number of years now, but I must agree, time to go. He's lost the dressing room and his tactics just aren't working.

2.) 26 Feb 2022 13:06:10
All season
Weak useless lemmings Radz and Orta should have sacked MB months ago.

3.) 26 Feb 2022 13:14:05
When said MB should be sacked in January i was scalded.

4.) 26 Feb 2022 13:19:20
Maybe they should have got him some players in January.

5.) 26 Feb 2022 13:21:38
Baz both you and I have said it for long enough pal. Most of those around us made changes when they had to and we didn’t, blind loyalty both from the owner to the coach and the coach to the playing staff that are way out of their depth.
I honestly believe we will go down now.
It’s so hard to watch and all this lot giving it we are too good to go down! Really, the last Leeds side that got us relegated was far better man for man than this lot so don’t give me that old chestnut.

6.) 26 Feb 2022 13:21:50
Baz Living in Lala Land lemmings. I've seen more fitness for purpose from a cluster of finely placed chocolate 🍫 fireguards 🔥.

7.) 26 Feb 2022 13:29:14
We’d they tried and he didn’t want any!



24 Feb 2022 13:21:36
Very telling how the mood and opinions on here from the vast majority has changed over the last 3 games or so.

I’m not sure where we go from here and I’m at a loss as to where the next win or draw comes from.

The players seemingly aren’t good enough on the whole, some of us probably predicted that in the summer once the promotion bubble, 2nd season syndrome kicked in and the pressure of having full stadiums back would have.

The board have failed US the fans, they haven’t failed Bielsa.

They have apparently taken names to him and he’s rejected those.

I’d ask other than DVB and Winks, who else has he turned away?

If Marcelo believes DVB and/ or winks wouldn’t have performed better than Klich and Rodrigo then I’d certainly question that.

He has been given far too much power and say in certain aspects of the club, as I’ve said before a bit like Wenger had at Arsenal.

If I’m Radz and unless he’s blind or extremely arrogant then I’d have told my employee that I am signing player X, Y and z and he will use them and make it work too improve the situation.

We apparently were in talks for Kamara (cdm at Marseille) available at €10m, didn’t make it happen! Romaine Fairve went for less than €15m Aaronson was clearly never available and any decent due diligence would have told us that in November.

The owner, the director of football and the coach have all dropped massive bollocks right from last summer, Radz probably keeping his wallet partially closed to try maximise his profit in the summer, the embarrassingly unprofessional behaviour of orta carrying on in the stands etc instead of acting like a dignified director and doing his job.

Radz’s apparent none spending to maximise profit may well end up back firing if as it’s looking more likely we do get relegated, then what? Do the 49ers walk away or simply pay say £200m not the £450m quoted?

Who knows, but things have got to change. You can’t stand still in this division and hope to keep up. Radz’s quote of top 8 next season is and always was bloody ridiculous at very best or simply plain arrogant.

We on here may have differing opinions but what we all have above all this lot and the players included is veins that run white and hearts that are full of unconditional love for our club, it is our club we sustain the club with our unequivocal support. Players, coaches and owners are temporary. We are here and will be long after this lot have gone.




1.) 24 Feb 2022 17:55:57
Is took the squad as far as he can they have done brilliant they really have but we need changes now that's if we stay in prem and Mr bielsa stays but long term would be better it must hampper signings that surely but we are leeds and we move on spurs.




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28 Feb 2022 16:44:37
Don’t think either would be a big loss if I’m honest.




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25 Feb 2022 18:20:04
Be a good move it it’s true.




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31 Jan 2022 19:26:21
How they gunna get a medical done?


{Ed001's Note - a deal can be done subject to a medical.}



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31 Jan 2022 17:10:30
Another awful window from the board. They’ll sprinkle glitter of the rubbish and claim it’s been a good 1 because Raphinha and Phillips haven’t left! Yet.




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25 Jan 2022 15:21:27
Isn’t every link just supposed unless their actually signed?
My point is more that another potential is slipping away.
It’s fine though I suppose in Victor Radz and Bielsa we all must trust.
How dare anyone have a differing opinion hey.





Me's banter replies


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28 Feb 2022 16:51:51
Chin up clue, hope things take an upturn for you soon pal. Stay strong.




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28 Feb 2022 16:50:12
Mate, Ayling has been missing all season and we have a quality young number 9 sat Ont bench week in week out that someone refused to play him. A large percentage of our troubles have been self inflicted it’s that simple.




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27 Feb 2022 18:13:47
What a ridiculous question. The board have to try rather than going out with a whimper.




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27 Feb 2022 10:28:36
Kly mate just remember which club we all support, ya don’t need to make it up pal. It’s what we do but we must must must stay up. Galvanise and grind put some points. Think we would all take 17th by a point, I’d say goal difference but hey we all know that’s a pipe dream.




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26 Feb 2022 18:02:29
Richie you seem to like the old 😂😂 button fella but what do you want? Bielsa taking us into the championship and financial ****upery? I wasn’t saying we could get them you asked who so I simple showed some that are available pal.
****ing zippy George n bungle could at least change the game plan and put the players in the right positions right now.