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07 Jun 2022 11:54:53
Rasmus kristensen is officially in Leeds, he’s currently at Thorpe arch and will return back to Leeds and Bradford airport this evening after spending the day. That part is factual

My personal assumption is he’s having a medical and probably looking at the facilities.


1.) 07 Jun 2022 18:35:58
LAD My personal assumption is he attended Royal Armouries museum and Leeds city art gallery then he completed a medical.

2.) 07 Jun 2022 23:45:33
Ooh, I liked the royal armouries, maybe on the next visit in September.
May as well go on a match day as there won't be any chance of getting a ticket for the game!

3.) 08 Jun 2022 07:59:05
Spotted him in The Dragon pub, Wortley, eating a bowl of chicken wings with a lager shandy.



26 May 2022 21:58:45
This one is supposedly only in its infancy and may not come to fruition but Leeds are currently in talks with Ethan ampudus agents. Whether it’s specifically him they are talking about I’m not sure but it’s definitely his agency and I don’t see any other player from there group who would be of any interest rest to us.


1.) 27 May 2022 08:02:25
I’d be surprised if we were interested in any of their clients, including Ampadu. Hasn’t exactly set he world alight at Venezia on loan.

2.) 27 May 2022 09:14:03
Completely agree, I suppose the meeting could be non player related but I don’t think it’s coincidental they are meeting during a time of transfers.



25 May 2022 20:28:44
I’ve just had confirmation from my official sauce (Heinz) that Brendan anderson is in Leeds today and should be officially announced tomorrow. Jokes aside, I’ve heard on the grapevine he’s here and it’s a case of crossing the T’s and dotting the i’s.


1.) 26 May 2022 17:39:10
Now confirmed.




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03 May 2022 19:22:53
What a load of tosh, Everton’s games has been delayed by 2.5 hours for TV meaning Leeds will have played there 37th game before Everton plays there 36th, talk about giving them the extra motivation if they watch Leeds draw or lose to Brighton. Where is the sporting fairness and integrity in that? Before you all jump on the “oh it’s Leeds they never do us favours” bandwagon think about it rationally and I just don’t see how it’s fair whatsoever.


1.) 03 May 2022 20:31:35
Loveawaydays, we have all the motivation we need staying up or going down let’s not worry about Everton, play our games and make sure we get 3 points each time and we will stay up simple. It’s up to them now not anybody else not even our new manager, them and only them.

2.) 04 May 2022 09:26:22
Plus the FA investing action into the Richarlison flare incident has been “put on hold” until the police investigation is complete!? You can’t make this sh1t up! He throws a flare into the crowd, and is not immediately banned? He will probably get his season when Everton have the points to survive. 🤬🤬🤬.



03 May 2022 01:06:40
I’ve lumped on Burnley to go down, I’m sure looking at the remaining fixtures it’s going to be then that go, it has to be. Villa twice, spurs and Newcastle is no easy feat. I simply just don’t see them picking up any more points this season.


1.) 03 May 2022 05:23:39
None of Villa, Spuds or Barcodes will be easy games certainly.

2.) 03 May 2022 05:33:57
Spurs will blow them away, just depends whether Villa and Newcastle want to play football?
If they do then Burnley could find themselves with 1 more point theoretically.
It’s more about what we can do though.

3.) 03 May 2022 07:49:41
Spurs fighting for top 4 with Gerrard and Howe needing to impress and finishing as high as possible to sell the dream for next season coming.

4.) 03 May 2022 10:57:17
LAW days 2, of 3 of us, burnley are probs in the best place, be honest now how many points you think we going to take from Arsenal, Chelsea, or Brighton? Because my thoughts are zero to 1 at best . Radz and the other 2 clowns farked this up in Summer + January, now we all reaping what they sowed .

Our main striker who wasn't really playing OR scoring all season was out long-term, yet they deemed us strong enough to cope!


As it stands it's between us and Everton IMO.

5.) 03 May 2022 13:03:55
Villes other 2 games are Liverpool and Citeh, so they'll be looking for points v Borenly, let's be honest there league position is a joke with the amount they've spent, so i think vlle may turn up for both, i'm thinkin and hoping Borenly nil points from next 3 🤞🤞.

6.) 03 May 2022 14:16:37
I honestly believe we will get 4 points from the last 4 games, I’m not sure from who and how many. I don’t see Burnley getting 4 however 1 win will see them possibly finish above us due to our goal difference but as above I don’t see which game they will get it from. Everton are technically in a stronger position IF AND ITS A BIG IF they win there game in hand and with some easier teams to play.

7.) 04 May 2022 09:56:02
How many points from those 3 games? Easy - 9.



27 Apr 2022 20:17:29
Man City play Tuesday and Saturday at 17:30 against us

Liverpool play Wednesday and have to play at 12:30 on Saturday,

I’m not sure how much 5 hours would make a difference at professional level but it does make you wonder why they can’t just swap them or wait until the champs league draw is made before switching them from 15:00s.




26 Apr 2022 23:00:02
Our defensive improvement is down to Jesse marsch is down to his new style of play but our poor attacking performance is down to bielsa man mark style of play according to Jesse himself. Hmm 🤔.


1.) 27 Apr 2022 02:40:17
George seems to rate and have faith in JM.

But beyond JM seeming to be a (short term ) man motivator confidence builder is he actually a good tactical coach who can get good results season after season?

Cant wait for this season to end whatever the final outcome!

2.) 27 Apr 2022 05:43:40
Baz Yes I do. He's reminiscent of Keegan motivational wise and tactically has traits of his predecessor just more defensively restrained. If EPL status is preserved, I can see him doing wonders with a wisely invested net summer spend of approximately £150m. Full backs, central midfield and strikers all require upgrades along with the arrival of a new commanding central defender.

3.) 27 Apr 2022 06:51:06
The stats I posted yesterday suggest our defensive performance is actually worse than under Bielsa. I'm not seeing any real improvement yet and think this is a case of the emperors new clothes so far. Maybe in time things will change but so far what my eyes see, and what the stats tell us is that we are currently worse off.

4.) 27 Apr 2022 08:36:13
The jury still out for me.
He def seems to like the club and players and also seems a good motivator.
But I haven’t seen too much difference on the pitch. Tighter in defence maybe but nothing else.
They looked confused at palace.

5.) 27 Apr 2022 09:04:41
The problem the squad have right now is adaptation.
Let’s not forget that the majority of them have been religiously drilled day in day out for 3 years in Bielsaball. It’s got to be hard for them to break those habits at the drop of a hat, as JM has said. This was always going to be the biggest challenge JM faced in such a short space of time. I agree Baz, whatever happens, I just want this season done with now; it’s been a nightmare. Wherever we start next season, it’s with a clean slate, and the promise of a new, exciting beginning! MOT.

6.) 27 Apr 2022 14:47:19
Surely his first job was to tighten our defence and he's done this. Also is missing the teams main striker. So on the whole we can't fault his points per game ratio at this moment.

7.) 27 Apr 2022 15:04:54
We have to give JM some time to implement his style on the players and the new ones coming in the summer. I think it would be very harsh to judge the man already. The main thing is we are not losing too many games with him and if he can keep us up then I think it would be a very good start.
For me the stats don’t come into it yet, he will be judged on his performances at a later date.
We’ve been used to Bielsa’s heavy metal attack style football so we can get used to not seeing this style of attack from JM.
We are not going to get the same football, for good or bad and this is something we have to adapt to also.

8.) 27 Apr 2022 15:38:57
Funny but I actually thought the Leicester match was the most impressive?

9.) 27 Apr 2022 16:22:50
Does anyone know if it is true that the players were allowed to jet off on holiday to Europe with their wags during part of this 16 day gap between games?

If true not impressed because

1) should they only be training keeping as ( match) fit
2) should they not be spending this time wisely trying to learn the new tactics systems whatever they may be.

10.) 27 Apr 2022 17:53:55
Nice post Wex.

11.) 28 Apr 2022 09:04:49
But has he Wex, or has Cooper’s return done that for him? Check out the stats that Alf shared the other day. Yes we’ve had 2 clean sheets on the bounce, but luck played a big part, as did Meslier.



21 Apr 2022 00:41:29
Leeds last 6 fixtures currently on 33 points

Palace away
Man City home
Arsenal away
Chelsea home
Brighton home
Brentford away

Everton last 7 games 29 points

Liverpool away
Chelsea home
Leicester away
Watford away
Brentford home
Palace home
Arsenal away

Burnley last 7 fixtures 25 points

Southampton Home
Wolves home
Watford away
Aston Villa home
Tottenham away
Villa away
Newcastle home

Making your own assumptions on how many points you think each team will get leaves me wondering where Burnley will pick up there 8 points plus how ever many we take from our remaining 6

Total points end of the season
Leeds 38 points
Everton 37 points
Burnley 33 points

That’s how I believe the table will roughly come end of the season.


1.) 21 Apr 2022 07:28:25
I concur with that LAD2 it will be nothing less than something totally extraordinary for Burnley to win enough points to go ahead of us. We would have to lose all our remaining games in all likelihood for them to have even the remotest chance.
Personally I’m not concerned anymore.

2.) 21 Apr 2022 07:32:38
Only Tottenham out of burnley fixtures have anything to play for. The rest are mid table or down.

3.) 21 Apr 2022 10:26:04
I’m basing my predictions on the optimistic hope that JM has had the desired impact on the squad over the last 2 weeks, and the return of key players and likelihood of having a real striker playing, plus the reality that no hard how they fight, the quality they may have at the other two clubs will be insufficient. Burnley are rudderless, and Everton may as well be too! MOT!

Total points end of the season
Leeds 41 points
Everton 33points
Burnley 33 points.

4.) 21 Apr 2022 10:29:47
Wolves also have something to play for Aus but. Burnley have easily the most favourable set of games compared to Everton and Leeds

As for the gap of 8 points the key for Burnley will be winning 4 out of 7 entirely feasible with teams on the beach like Saudi Barcodes will be last game of seasonn
if they did they will most likely finish ahead of both Leeds and Everton as I predict.

OP back in Jan, the Saudi Barcodes were I seem to recall 11 points behind us when we played them, they then went and won 3 games in a row and were ahead of us in a matter of 4 or 5 games.

Burnley bridging points gap of 8 points is more than feasible.

The palace game is huge because we will very likely get nothing from Citeh, Chelski and Gooners.

5.) 21 Apr 2022 10:36:07
I’d rather have Burnley’s fixtures than ours
Everton have a tougher run than burnley also but burnley would need to win as many games in last 7 as they won all season.

6.) 21 Apr 2022 10:48:25
Baz, they bought virtually a new team, Trippier eked two or three victories for them, then whilst injured they lose again. I don’t think there’s anything special about Newcastle, but they are winning their matches overall. They have assured their safety in the Prem fortunately for their fans, it’s usually the effect that happens when you probably have the richest owners in football history, take over your club. !

7.) 21 Apr 2022 10:59:26
Yes they bought/ loaned 5 players OP indeed and they still aren't good I agree but winning one match then 2 brought them confidence and crucial momentum.

8.) 21 Apr 2022 11:32:36
It’s quite difficult to predict the Burnley points haul. The first three fixtures may be key, but for those you could as easily see them managing 7 points (WDW) or none (or anything in between) , and how well they do in those will clearly affect their confidence (and consequently results) for their remaining two home games - not particularly likely to get anything v Villa and Spurs away) .

Likewise tough to call the Everton haul. It would perhaps be a surprise if they didn’t get 3 points at Watford, as so far only Villa and Devon have lost there and even Newcastle under Bruce managed a point there. Brentford and Palace at home could be any result for them and who knows which version of Chelski will turn up at Goodison. They seem most likely to return from Liverpool, Leicester and Arsenal empty handed.

As for our likely results, Palace may actually prove little tougher after their performance last night. Vieira will demand a reaction, having stated after the game that they didn’t start well, not competing in the first half hour or so. Also acknowledged that playing us on Monday (rather than the weekend will give them more time to work on the mindset etc, following a possible hangover from the FA semi disappointment.

Citeh home and Arsenal away don’t look great, despite Citeh possibly needing to rest/ rotate players between CL semi matches, and with Arsenal seeming to have rediscovered some form. The rearranged Chelski home game being before their FA Cup final could play for and against us, with some players being rested, but others trying to prove they should start in that match - including Lukaku, who as a former Toffee and Devonian, may be eager to get the chance to scupper Liverpool’s hopes of a quadruple.

Our efforts in playing Chelski, will not be helpful for what would otherwise be a more winnable game against Brighton (who will have had all week to recover from a comfortable strolled win at home to Devon) and may well all be gathered together to watch us play Chelski on Sky, and chat through tactics against us for the weekend. Brentford will be so up for beating us in that final game. I’m certainly not confident of us getting much from our last six games.

9.) 21 Apr 2022 11:42:22
Equally, a little later than them with players coming back from injury and perhaps the new manager bounce has seen us acquire 10 pts from 12. If we can get a win against Palace, the big confidence lift may give us some unexpected results, especially against the teams at the top part of the table.

10.) 21 Apr 2022 11:53:24
I wouldn’t rule out squeezing something from the Russians as they seem to have gone awol.

11.) 21 Apr 2022 12:27:04
Good analysis again Clu ; Leeds are most definitely in considerable peril of R due to our remaining fixtures.

12.) 21 Apr 2022 13:46:31
I think the point being missed is that we are not quite the same team at the end of Bielsa’s reign. Then we had taken a walloping by several teams, still a lot of players missing and confidence at an all time low.
The players should be given some credit for fighting their way out of this situation and I think Marsch has given the players belief also.
So it would be I’ll advised to judge the team as they were 5 or 6 games ago to now.
Both Everton and Burnley have stuttered, picking up only one point a piece at home when there’s no doubt they needed three at games they could have won, ie, playing a tired Leicester with nothing to play for in the league.
A clearer perspective should considered.
I’m not going to make a prediction with our game against Palace but I feel it’s a game we can definitely win.

13.) 21 Apr 2022 14:27:57
Currently, at my most optimistic I could envision us getting 6 more points, with a win and three draws - which would be likely to see us safe and looking down on both Burnley and Everton. But my most pessimistic side can envision both those sides overhauling us.

The outcome of our game v Palace and Burnley’s games v Saints and Wolves will likely determine how pessimistic I’m feeling for the remainder of the run-in.

14.) 21 Apr 2022 15:50:31
OP Regarding your post concerning Barcodes, highly weird then you couldn't see it when they immediately took over. Did it take you awhile to fathom that enormous wealth is helpful or more likely was it if George says black is black and white is white it must be wrong because George said it?




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27 May 2022 09:14:03
Completely agree, I suppose the meeting could be non player related but I don’t think it’s coincidental they are meeting during a time of transfers.




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21 Jan 2022 23:28:40
Doomsday people will say £20 million over 10 years.




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18 May 2021 21:07:44
Again Martyn.




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16 May 2021 22:58:51
All ifs and butts, put your handbag away Georgie Porgie.




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01 Feb 2021 22:02:59
Lol Alf.





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27 Jun 2022 23:22:10
To bring his dead nan into the convo is pretty disgusting and I’m disappointed we have fans such as you.




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25 Jun 2022 19:46:50
And to re iterate the my above comment

A lot of ifs and butts however until the season kicks off we don’t really have no idea ?‍♂️.




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25 Jun 2022 19:36:28
As with all signings they are a gamble and I was pointing out until they kick a ball in the premiership it’s difficult to gauge whether they are better than there designated replacements.

I’m not disagreeing clu that roca is a replacement for Phillips however his position is a defensive midfielder and correct me if I am wrong but Jesse said he had a different role for Phillips as he didn’t want him playing the way he did for bielsa, so in theory until an actual replacement comes in then who’s to say we are replacing him? And roca isn’t the replacement albeit slightly less deep.

Rasmus may be an upgrade on ayling and I’d probably agree with you but a few season in an Austrian league will not convince me that he is better on paper than ayling until I see him as I’d of been convinced firpo was going to be a great signing until I watched him.

Same rules apply for Aaroson so I’m not sure how you’ve confused my negativity with logic.

Foreshaw and klich usually played one or the other when bielsa played the 3 man midfield one deep, one box to box and the other more attacking. Usually Koch/ Phillips, foreshaw / klich, Rodrigo/ roberts so I believe that forshaw and klich were similar players.




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25 Jun 2022 15:26:15
I don’t often agree baz but right now our transfers in of

Aaronson, is he going to be better in the premiership over foreshaw or klich

Rasmus, is he going to be better than ayling

Roca is he going to be better than Phillips

So possibly right now on paper is it possible we are weaker than we was than last season

Any new players like any new players for everyone is going to be a gamble

Manager said he’s playing his way this season and not the way he played to keep us up. So basically new manager and new ideas, another gamble

Are we gambling on the 3 teams coming up on being worse than us or that other teams in the league are going to get weaker?

A lot of ifs and butts however until the season kicks off we don’t really have no idea ?‍♂️.




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25 Jun 2022 12:36:30
Next time you change jobs whiteman I hope it goes down the pan and you get sacked. Well that’s assuming you will change your current jobs before you retire unless you are a one company man?