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Team: Leeds United

Where from: Rotherham moved to Ireland

Favourite player: Billy Bremner

Best team moment: First match i watched v QPR early 70s.

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05 Sep 2014 17:15:35
To all the guys who hated the Hock read this!

My mate whos a first team player phoned me thursday night and after a little discussion divulged that (to his knowledge but could be more) 8 first team regular players begged MC to give Hock another month in charge. He said training was enjoyable and he brought a great togetherness in the camp that's been missing for a few seasons, he said his tactics were VERY good and if he was given time he personally thought the Hock would make it work.
(A few lads have been to see Hock since he was let go)

Very interesting.

Andy MOT

1.) Yes Andy!

2.) 05 Sep 2014 18:02:45
A fitness coach with average knowledge about football. That's it. Tactically abysmal. Once we are in the premier league maybe bring him back for pre-season fitness purposes but no more. He is no more a coach or manager than any of our readers are astronauts.

{Ed001's Note - there do seem to be a fair few space cadets, to be fair mate......}

3.) 05 Sep 2014 18:36:14
I am guessing the first teamers were Hunt,Morison,Austin,Tonge,Murphy,Warnock, Pearce and White!
As for his tactics being very good it's a shame he didn't employ them during games.

4.) 05 Sep 2014 18:50:34
Seemed a really nice genuine / down to earth bloke, but playing tonge murphy Austin ect along with formations and tactis that didn't oppose any threat. evidently it will get you the sack, billy sharps 'instinctive strikers' goal vs boro bailed him out abit I suppose! Good riddance hock

5.) He was given time at forest green and look at his record there! Let's face it he was a nice guy but not a good manager.

6.) Funnily enough I heard this too- leading MC to say how he liked hock and hoped he would come back one day. It's true he had poor preparation to preseason with all the comings and goings and the Ross fiasco however he was out of his depth in formation tactics and subs. I think MC should have brought a head head coach above the hock I mean £80k in football terms is nothing for a
'Nice guy'

7.) That's why you need a manager rather than a coach

8.) Just like a previous poster who 'had a mate' who told him the squad were in revolt at the cluelessness of hocks strategy?!

9.) Prosedentes
This is genuine mate, just passing on what he told me.
I didn't want the Hock either but he seemed to hit a few heart strings in his short time as coach ;(

10.) My first reply to this was blocked for some reason (might of been strong language). Andy let it go mate. if this is true no wonder we struggled as our players can not have a clue. FOUR YEARS HE WASD USELESS AT FOREST GREEN. tactics where poor, fact. everywhere he went he lost a lot of games. fact. at all of his clubs year in year out his form was religation material. no way our players could of back a guy who clearly has such a bad skills set of knowlegde. Anyone who can say anything professionally positive about a guy who took the man city of none league football to near relaitagtion four years running clearly has no clue. Andy no you love him mate but why bring this up just to annoy me ;)

11.) And enough about him being nice. I'm nice my nan is lovely, my uncles dog is a delight should we all be running leeds? I refuse to believe any professional players can rate his tatics or knowlegde. if they do results would suggest they need to seek professional counciling

12.) Hock may have made it work if he'd been given a bit longer, we'll never know. And the players (and the indiscipline of some) can share some of the blame, because without the sendings off = a couple of more wins, DH may still have been here. But the positives are that people seem to think he is a good fitness coach, and I've not seen a post anywhere about him not being a nice person - seems he's a genuinely good guy and I wish him well. I think some other team may well take a chance on him, and I hope they do!

13.) He may be a good coach and trainer, but the main man he is not.

14.) To be honest anything is believable at Leeds!

15.) B
You took your time lol

Only telling ya what I was told bud, like it or not that's how the players felt about your best mate ;)

16.) The Hock was never mine or I think it's safe to say most peoples choice .
I have to stand by something I did say which is by the time the first game was played the squad looked fitter than before .
Think he did have an up-hill struggle players getting sent off -new players coming in and not -being fit or not being able to know how they will perform etc etc.
Whatever anybody thinks he was trying to push a train!

17.) 06 Sep 2014 12:55:30
The fact is he kept picking the wrong players simply to play it safe. Cook was overlooked big style and Mowatt. Benedicic was not given any time. How a man can pick Austin and Murphy every game is beyond me. He was supposed to showing us they way forward it was more like, back to the future. I supported him when he came but if he was still here at Christmas I think the players would have been losing faith as well.

18.) No way is that how they players felt, they may be being polite. it is not often players come out and say, yeah the bloke was a mug. listen to what he said in interviews, look at how his leeds team played, look at his forest green results. he was clueless and anyone with half a footballing brain would see that including our players and MC. MC hired him to fire him, quick cheap and puts the focus on hock and not MC, MC is a brilliant and very clever man. The hock is a puds

19.) Hock was a really nice guy and good fitness plus cameraderee guy(spelt wrong)
But he was the wrong guy at the wrong time.
We need a b-----d in charge.

20.) I can tell you one that didn't approve andy,,, a certain mr McCormack last seasons top scorer who saw through him from day one.

21.) In the end I believe as BIGE has said, the hock played what he though was a safe option.
Young Cook of which I have not seen a massive amount of, looks class beyond his years.
Maybe had he have taken a gamble, the fans might have backed him a bit longer!

22.) 06 Sep 2014 17:11:20
He's gone , forget him and move on

23.) We will never know if hock would of made it work, but why think he would when he never made it work at non leauge forest green. as they say crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. hock failed failed and failed again, to expect him to do anything other than fail at a harder league with a smaller team (in comparision forest green where man city with loadsof money) it plain crazy. ross saw he was a joke and got out and rightly so, samy byrman was not happy either. players have visted him if true (which I doubt) it must be like when you see an old uncle who is has gone bit senial, you don't want to go but you do the right thing

24.) Yea you got a point there Dogwise

25.) Also I know a lot of lads gutted the hock has gone. and they all support millwall. gutted we are no longer certain to go down, gutted we are no longer a laughing stock and gutted he will no longer hear the hocks great interviews. that says it all. hock 0 bermonsdey white 1 (unlike the hock to lose)

26.) We know at least 1 (Warnock) of the 11 was in favor of Hockaday as the coach. Likable or not, the tactics were not conducive to winning. I wish him well though. He seemed like an honest guy.

27.) Martyn
Is that the same top scorer who tried to run away in jan before the Hock was brought in!!

28.) Yea ok I'll hold my hands up after reading what McCormack has said about his transfer and how MC forced him out but I also read Viviani wasn't impressed with him or his tactics or his team, any way he's gone now but what baffles me is you say you didn't like him but your very defensive if anyone puts him down.

29.) I've NEVER been defensive of the Hock, I always said I didn't want him but WHOEVER gets the job deserve a chance to prove themselves.
Would you like to start a new job and on the first day people start shouting your s***e sack him?

30.) Sorry andy just wrong, not anyone who gets a job deserves a chance. his record was poor, his tactics were poor, his interviews where poor. people need to earn respect not just be given it. if a person did as bad as hock they would not work again let alone be given a promotion at a bigger company. and I would happy take hocks wages and postiions as leeds head coach tomorrow. with the job comes pressure and the fans who pay my wages deserve to have their feelings from the off. I would either prove them wrong or be sacked. hock was sacked end of really. he proves all those calling for him to be sacked staight away correct. Hock made me right by being very poor at everything he did before and during his time at leeds. now when I say hock is a joke people can agree or be wrong

31.) Here here, couldn't of put it better myself B

32.) What his interviews were poor "I talk pizza " in reference to the Italian lads .
Your not kidding!

33.) Difference is andy I wouldn't take a job that I knew I wasn't qualified for, I drive Arctics for a living so I wouldn't try convince people I was a racing driver because that would be stupid so he and MC are to blame, he shouldn't of took the job and MC shouldn't of offered him it.

34.) Agreed marytn I have said the same. I am and actor and script writer years ago I was in blood brothers in the west end. I was offered the chance to audition for the tour that is coming up soon. I said no becuase I knew I was not upto it anymore and knew if I did I would be judged and people paying there money to see me would say he is not very good

35.) Utter garbage from more than a few.
If you were offered a job you thought you could do, you'd say yes.
Hock was offered a job he thought he could do. He said yes.
Good luck to the fella, I say. He gave his big chance a shot and it didn't work out. You can't blame him for giving it a go.
Not one of you would have said no in the same circumstances.

36.) Martyn
So if someone said il give ya x-amount to to drive for Ferarri you would say NO?

(Pull the other one mate)

Anyways I ONLY posted what a first team player tole me believe it or not, I think deep down you do believe it but hate the Hock that much you don't want it to be true!

37.) What some of you seem to be forgetting, when you criticise his team choices, is that the majority of players we have signed are not regulars in a team. They are reserve players getting used to a demanding league. So yeah, playing Austin and/or Murphy is a safe option if they are fitter, and putting the work in on the training ground whilst the other players get up to scratch.

It was always going to be a slow burner this season, whoever was in charge, and as much as I think it was right to move on from Hock, I'm not convinced he was given time to show what he or the players could do.

15 new signings is a lot to bring into an established group and expect instant results from. They need to bond, and they need to get used to the club, the league, the fans, their team mates. Patience is key this season, it has to be because it si unlikely that we're going to turn up on Saturday and suddenly be promotion material - and if we do, then Redders is a genius!

There's definitely talent in the club now, and it needs nurturing and that takes time. Most likely we would've seen improvements over the coming weeks if Hock had stayed, but he hasn't, so we'll never know.

38.) Again it was hard for him but. four years forest green in that time he was garbage. please see the link I put to people slating him in the stands at forest green after four years. if it was a normal coach I would say he didn't get enough time but for what he said and what he did before he got four games more than he deserved. and city white when I was 22 I played mickey in blood brothers in the west end. this year I was offered the tour I said no, I knew I was no longer good enough so said no. hock must of known what I knew unless he is sillier than me which is possible. he must think, I stunk at forest green this is going to be harder? I fail to see how he missed what me and many others knew. if he respected himself and the club he would of said no. I respect myself and the people paying to see the new blood brothers tour so I said no. seven years ago yes but now that job and all the money that goes with it is too big for me

39.) B
How do you know if your good enough unless you try it?
I was in maintenance for 8yrs and was head hunted to service aircaraft, I s**t myself when I was approached and been doing it ever since.

Gordon Brown took a job he couldn't do,
David Moyes said yes to Manchester United but he was NOT good enough! Pillipa Scholari said yes to Chelski but he was NOT good enough!
Look at Andres Villas Boas (whatever his name is) how many top jobs has he had and DONE nothing. I could go on and on and on but will leave it at that.

HE WAS NOT good enough but ya can't blame the Hock for taking the job and he DEFO didn't do it for the money.

Your ONLY as good as your last job ;)

40.) Andy I don't hate hock I just strongly disagreed with the decision to appoint him and no I wouldn't sign for Ferrari if offered (maybe scania if they had a team " joke by the way" my point from the beginning was its all time wasted when everyone knew what the end outcome was going to be so why not get a quality man in and utilise the time we have now wasted trying a non league manager. By the way you seem very defensive of him again and when when you said believe it or not in your post well I choose NOT.

41.) Martyn
I agree the Hock was a waste of time but ONLY MC knows why he set him on.

If Ferari asked you WOULD sign as would anyone.

YOU SAY YOU don't believe my post!
Then don't read them and don't comment SIMPLES mate.

42.) Andy I know you must love hock, maybe you are the hock as your comments suggest nothing but pure bromance. you are talking utter garbage and here is why.

how do you know if your good enough unless you try? he did try at forest green. he had lots more money had the biggest budget and transfer kitty and was none league. he failed and was there four years. so he had done this job albeit a far easier version of and he sucked so hard the fans at forest green booed hissed theatented and hated him.

also your other examples. gordon brown was left with the job due to retierment so was more interim like redders at the moment. he couldn't do job but different situation.

david moyes did well and achived at a smaller club in same league with smaller budget (so nothing like hock) fair play to DM, scholiari had won almost everything, it didn't work out at chelsea but he had every reason to think it would (again different to hock I would of given him more time had he won a couple of world cups) AVB again won treble or quadruple (and you say nothing) and had a great win rate (again unlike Hock).

if you could go on and on why did you use such bad examples? find me another guy as bad as hock then find him taking a great job (they must be proven to fail at a man city like team in poor league with years to get it right. any examples of course not jokes like hock come but once a lifetime)

not for money he was unemployed bum 90k is lot of money compared to dole plus decent payoff for short time being crap.

your only as good as your last job. forest green. now leeds nuff said me thinks?

any more posts andy. you say you don't like but seem to keep fighting the corner when no one agrees with anything you say about him and starting to look silly. please read over your posts. love your posts you normally speak sense and I love your optomism would love a beer with you, but mate you got beer goggles on when it comes to hock

43.) B
You talk with fork tongue mate you said the Hock should have said NO to the job in an ealier post, why didn't Gordon Brown say NO as he wasnt up to the job!
Your twisting the Scholari story I said he went to Chelski and did nothing!
If David Moyes was that good it took the Evertonians about 2hrs to get over him leaving, ask them what they think NOW!
Man utd players found him out in 3 weeks, wouldn't play for him and he was ousted!
AVB I said how many TOP jobs TOP being the operative word buddy. What did he win at Spurs after spending over £100 million? your at it again twisting my post mate, JUST ANSWER what I write without TWISTING! We won't mention his time at Chelski as I didnt. Youd make a great politician.

NO ONE agrees with the post! UTTER BULL S**T 63 agrees and 80 dissagree mate look the stats they don't lie and I don't lie.
A first team player told me and you don't like it.

{Ed001's Note - to be fair, AVB never spent most of the money, similar to Hockaday, he was given players and told to make the best of it. In a number of cases, such as Lamela, they were players he asked not to be brought in. His time with Spurs was doomed to fail the moment Baldini decided to be an arse.}

44.) True ED
Someone else leevy or whoever should be held blame for the Spurs debacle but AVB is not a GOOD coach, he might be one day but not yet IMO.

Anyway just to clarify B I NEVER wanted the Hock, if it sounds like i'm sticking up for him then it wasnt intended that way. I just made a post as I was told by a first team player.
This is my last comment on a guy that has gone let's move onwards/upwards with our new coach whoever it may be!

Hock as never been as popular lol

45.) Fork tounge, you say you don't like hock yet stick up for him and kiss his bum at any opportunity.

i am not saying any of the people were good enough for the job, just saying all had claim to think they might be hock had no such claim. when others failed it could of been percieved as a shock when hock failed all apart from the really dumb saw it coming. I am no genius yet I knew the day he signed he was rubbish how because of what he did before. if we sign rick waller as a forward I know he won't score.

people agreeing are not saying they like the hock no one other than you like the hock and even you at times say you didn't think he was good enough. they are saying they beleieve players have looked him up since.

No one liked the hock he was never going to be good enough and wasnt and if he stayed four years we will not know but can guess it would be same as forest green or worse. he has rightly gone everyone is happy and over it apart from you. you seem to like hock and dislike smith. are you a wednesday fan or know nothing about football? and fork tounge you have said he wasnt up to job so why the sudden turn around. I think the guy who said you had a job of of I heart hock shirts for sale might be right :P

46.) Well said B am glad it wasn't just me that saw how he jumped down anyone's throat if they dared to say bad about the hock.



30 Aug 2014 13:10:29
Having a beer before match and a rumour flying round pub Adryan could be unveiled before kick off today!

Anyone else heard anything?

Andy MOT

1.) 30 Aug 2014 14:29:55
Awesome. Hope so!

2.) 30 Aug 2014 14:46:28
It was on newsnow earlier that this may happen.

3.) 30 Aug 2014 14:47:17
According to Phil Hay the deal was done last night.
Montengro also very close and others in before Monday too.

4.) Yeah think your right

5.) 1-0 up already Andy keep us in the know!did Adryan get unveiled or not buddy? Cheers Wingy

6.) Well Andy pray tell as I'm at work did it happen?



26 Aug 2014 10:27:38
My mate just text me we are in talks with Palermos Davide de Genarrio (sent as per text) midfielder in his 20s he said.

Anyone else heard anything or if he's any good?

Andy MOT

1.) Getting a bit fed up of hearing all these random names I've never heard of from random leagues. Personally, I reckon what we now need is some quality Championship experience -which probably means a focus back on British. It would be a major job for a top manager to merge all these different nationalities into a successful, fluent team, let alone one like DH with no experience managing at this level. I think what we need more than anything is an experienced Championship midfield general who can put his foot in as well as spraying it around-a younger Michael Brown?

2.) But in answer to your question Andy

i have been seeing this name linked with us since last Thursday so there is maybe something in it.

Don't know much about him but got to be better than the 3 stooges we play in midfield atm. I understand Tonge looks good on the ball I understand Austin can be our best player and I also know Murphy cost 1m. But the three can't play together with any attacking capabilities. Move them on and get some more in even if I had not herd of them or are from a league I know little about. Christ he would only have to make 25 passes and would be better than Murphy.

3.) 26 Aug 2014 13:51:03
attacking midfielder 26 thing is lots coming but cockupaday still plays same 3 in middle austin murphy tongue need to change it take a chance at sometime good players coming in some will have to go same were not signing british players after all leeds is an english team not italian

4.) He apparently was offered to Leeds before M C started the Adryan deal, which is if we read certain media is set to be done by weekend also reported that we are in for left winger Lucas Castro!
Adryan looks a good player, Man U were after him at one stage .
Do agree that it may be time to sign at least three players with experience of this league .
In fairness to D H keeping 11 players on the pitch might help as well, ps no I m not a D H fan in case someone makes a comment to that effect.
My friend is a Watford fan and was at game and after gloating said the sending off changed the game!

5.) Tks Spain
Murphy I thought would make a good midfielder but he's going backwards i'm afraid.

After a phone call to a GOOD FRIEND who has a bit of pull, rumour has it Adryan should sign VERY soon onloan with a view to a £3 to £4million pound buy out clause (if NO hicups occur) Also we are tracking 2 wingers one from abroad and 1 from England, sorry but he would NOT mention any names not even to a friend ;(

6.) Andy do you think M C is reading fan forum?
I agree about murphy, and would add pearce .

{Ed001's Note - Liverpool's owners FSG have people checking fan forums for them, it is common practice to do so amongst all clubs. I would be shocked if Cellino doesn't have someone checking them for him.}

7.) Dogwise
I don't know if anyone from LUFC reads this site to be honest i'm afraid.
RE- the phone call he's a GOOD friend inside ER and I wouldn't risk our friendship and his career chances by disclosing information he TOLD ME in confidence tks.

Hes told me things in the past I've put online and they have come true (someone might verify that) others have NOT materialised for one reason or another.

Hop you understand!

8.) Andy, good for you(not revealing source ), just the rumour is enough you don't have justify yourself to me .
Re -Eds note at the bottom of my comment .



25 Aug 2014 09:43:53
Casper Sloth
22yr old Danish international who played at wembley against England in march is expected to sign a 3 year contract on tuesday @ ER.
Only seen him play once looked a good passer of the ball and someone who could read the game well. Could this be our creative midfield play maker?

Fingers crossed.

Andy MOT

1.) Sure do need a creative midfielder sloth/adryan maybe both as v brighton 4 goal attempts 1 on target v Watford 4 goal attempts 0 on target Watford scored for us the stats don't lie time Austin, murphy and tonge were dropped work it out whackaday!

2.) Think bianchi could be if we had wide men he played a well nice ball with doukara for sharp to hit against boro bit of quality there. Doukara is such a loss for us but hopefully this kid can do summet the rest cant. lufc4life

3.) 25 Aug 2014 17:13:48
he's signed but hock may turn him into a zombie getting good players but need good manager/coach not this bloke out of forest green

4.) With a name like that, he'll fit nicely into our midfield. Most of MCs signings have been terrible!

5.) Bic
I will give MCs signings until xmas then slate or praise ;)



23 Aug 2014 09:16:30
Re my Adryan rumour in Italy yesterday.

It was Salerno himself who was in Italy meeting Adryans representatives. ALSO Salerno was trying to sign a striker called Pavolletti, we (apparently) missed out on him as he's wanting a move to Genoa I think was mentioned.

So we are looking for ANOTHER striker!

Andy MOT

1.) I do not know Andy! Was hoping we would sign a couple of wingers next .
I suppose M C and N S know these players and see potential for Leeds in the future .
Another reason may be that M C did say a while ago about the amount of games we have to play in this league .

2.) 23 Aug 2014 19:09:29
well let's wake up so many new players but stil crap 2 sent off we all want to go forward hockaday well go get a good coach pay for one not 80K a yr hockaday crowds will go down I've got season ticket to watch the same crap

3.) How was the weather Andy? Not sure the Adryan deal is a rumour though more of a possible deal in the waiting. Thanks for the info though mate!




Andy MOT's banter posts with other poster's replies to Andy MOT's banter posts


30 Oct 2014 10:50:32
What a difference a few months make!!

Now the dust has settled and the players have contributed um um to there new team, what do people think about selling McCormack & Smith now??

Be carefull you know Ross will be trying his damned hardest to put a couple past us soon lol

Andy MOT

1.) Who is Mcormack? But I do sort of remember that lad smith how is he doing? Never see him on team sheets.

2.) Think I saw him kissing a badge somewhere down south

3.) Got a great price but would love ross up front with anutic if honest like douk but think ross is quality. that said for deal glad he went it was great money for good/above average player. smith offers somthing different if morrison don't step up to plate. still onwards and upwards love our current squad

4.) I think. I don't think. Leave it in the past, we have a new set of strikers, BUT, the most important thing, we have a team, every one a part of the whole. With Ross it was such a one man show on occaision

5.) True vid



22 Oct 2014 19:39:18
We'll talking to my player friend this morning and ALL MCs signings are on the same wages, yes they get bonuses for scoring goals, clean sheets, winning etc but the bonus is shared bewteen all the players. Also they have been promised tripled wages if they reach the prem league.
Smart way to get the players to respect each other and NO jealousy/anamosity in the ranks IMO

Andy MOT

1.) Like it 👍

2.) Simple and brilliant Andy! Trouble is, in these times of greed, its getting players to agree which js where Massimo is a genius. Too many get paid mega money whether they play good bad or indifferent or sit on the bench, because whatever the result they are on £300K a week, no incentive what so ever

3.) Sounds good to me Andy

4.) Ive always thought pay should be performance related. Great the way mc does it. Warnocks and mcds team should have had 50% of their wages docked most of time.

5.) 25 Oct 2014 12:05:20
Good in theory but maybe not in practice as it seems a bit communist to me. Are you suggesting Taylor and Ajose are on same basic as our new star strikers? Find this hard to believe. Also statement on bonus getting shared, I do not understand do you mean the bonuses get shared as in one player scores and this gets passed around? I hope and believe MR C has given a lower basic with performance based bonuses but not everyone on the same basic. I just do not see how this could work at any club and what about the players here before? Would this not cause a rift?



21 Oct 2014 08:14:51
Tough game tonight after canaries knocked off too spot at the weekend, saying that as a team we should have worked on the defensive mistakes we made against millers.
Can't see us winning as my head says 2-1 but my heart says a fiver is going on Dakoura and 1-1 and a point would be a VERY good one :)

Andy MOT

1.) Given up predicting Andy! But I would say, I think we are capable of winning any game and I don't fear a stuffing like last season!

2.) Perfectly summed up Vid. We can win, or lose, any game these days depending on how we play - and while we are not scoring many goals I'm more confident we won't often get stuffed. (If that isn't a cue for a 9-0 defeat, I don't know what is lol)

3.) 1-4!!
Drug and alcohol free!

4.) Ooooooooo I hope so Ausman, I will crush all me grapes if that happens

5.) 21 Oct 2014 17:30:42
Bit nervous about this one to be honest but if Lucy can bag 1 or 2 we may be tonights coupon buster. Hope that's not too negative just being honest!

6.) Degsy
I was being honest mate and greedy at the same time, Doukara n 1-1 is 66/1 and the bookies have us @ 11/2 just to win which is a great price. If we click we can beat anyone in this league and if we play like the second half at millers anyone could beat us ;)

7.) 21 Oct 2014 21:51:20
Great prediction fella, enjoy your beer courtesy of Ladbrokes!



18 Oct 2014 21:57:07
Although I like MC for saving our club and I believe his intentions are to try and get the club back where it belongs. You have to take a back seat once in a while and take stock!

If rumours are right Belgian player Frans has come out and said MC promised him a move to Leeds, his girlfriend packed her job in and he arrived at ER ready to play.
On arrival he was told to sit down and answer questions about his star sign, his fav numbers, his fav colours ummm
I'm guessing this will be in the press on Sunday (they love us too much) and if it's true a little worrying to say the least.

What's peoples thoughts??

Andy MOT

1.) Mc is bit too involved but I take all newspaper reports with pinch of salt and do not eblieve them. why we can not be sure if this one is true, we know the one about paddy was a lie, he was not sacked because his birthday was 17 he was sacked because he was 17 stone over weight. I work in theatre and film and deal with press a lot they love to jump on story and distort facts, this is there job, our job is to read them look at the pretty pictures and take no notice of what they say

2.) Seemed to work well with silvestri, bellusci, Bianci, Antenucci and ill even say Adryan.

who gives a stuff about interview technique really? Also would anyone really get their girlfriend to give up work go to leeds with a one way ticket before the contract is signed? Think about it. If he did deserves all he got for being a thick sod and there are enough numpties around football we didn't need another.

3.) Spain
Who gives a stuff about interview techniques!!
Hello wake up mate IF this is true how on earth are we going to attract top players when we hit the premiership??
This story has not hit the papers yet but I'm guessing it will be in Sunday/Mondays news.

4.) Doh!

It's only a rumour that this interview technique actually happened

why would a player, intent on signing for Leeds, even think about leaking this; if it is true?

5.) Essex
Rumour has it he signed for a Scottish club last week and was that upset what happened at Leeds just wanted to let everyone know why he didn't sign.
Think my mate said he signed for hearts but we'd had a few beers so could be wrong mate.

6.) Hi mr player (some would say mersconary)

we are in prem here is 40K a week you are currently playing in smaller league for less. by the way what is your star sign. how old is your mother. can you bark like a dog. do you prefer mint or jelly beans

player lovely where do I sign

agree with Spain who cares about interview techniques and this almost ceaintly never happened like with Warnock like with paddy Kenny paper talk is rubbish and that is coming from me and I know what I am talking about when it comes to talking rubbish

7.) So his girlfriend packed in her job and .

Took another one somewhere between Leeds and Hearts .

I don't think so

8.) That's a driving distance of 210 miles OR 338 kilometres

Obviously didn't want to play for LUFC in the first place or why else go to a second rate Scottish team (oh; and I'm a Scotland supporter - well someone has to be!) lol

9.) Essex
You sure your not MCs sin??



18 Oct 2014 18:27:42
LOST one sheff weds fan goes by the name of sleaford-owl, last seen on this page mid-sept but a run of 5 games without a win might have something to do with his disappearance ;)

Andy MOT

1.) Don't be saying that Andy. On that reasoning, we might all be disappearing soon :(

2.) Speedy lol
Trouble is mate we don't go bragging on other teams pages then vanish ;)

3.) True Andy lol




Andy MOT's rumour replies


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Norwood is correct red bull made a statement, also I think it's a rather silly post.
Why would MC go beserk finding out red bull want Leeds??
If MC don't want to sell he just says NO!

Andy MOT



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Personally Ausman I rate him as a championship player at best, if we want to reach and stay in the premiership he wouldn't be on my wish list of players.

Andy MOT



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Why should we send him back home, everyone said he looked brilliant on YouTube!!!

Andy MOT



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Done Spain well done bud ;)

Andy MOT



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12 Oct 2014 17:19:40
Tell ya what mate I won't argue with ya but name your price and I will match it!
Bates fingers are in ER trust me.

Andy MOT




Andy MOT's banter replies


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We gave them Becchio plus cash?
Ffs worse than I imagined ;(

Andy MOT



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3 weeks ago you couldn't remember the football we played in 80s/90s and I throw a red herring in and YOU BITE. (I didn't even have a worm on the hook) Your Alzheimer's didn't last long buddy lol

Andy MOT 1 BW 0 Game over

Andy MOT



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Guess your right BW and Sir Alex was wrong signing Smudger?
Am I missing something ere!!

Andy MOT



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Wooton yes Ausman forgot him, wish whoever signed him had.
Morrison was exchange for Becchio no? Didn't cost anything I don't think.
Might be wrong but as I said above SIGN GOOD players, Wooton Morrison are not anywhere near that category I'm afraid.

Andy MOT



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The same smith who with viduka and kewell won the old first division??
The Same guy who won the league against beckham, giggs, scholes, etc etc NOT many players have done that

Andy MOT