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04 May 2024 22:18:11
Well my gut-feeling was 100% wrong and even betting on the opposite results to what I wanted didn't work (I would have preferred automatic promotion to the collect) .

I am an optimist by nature, but I cannot see how we are going to turn around our current form for the play-offs.

I will hope for the best, but fear the worst.

Having said that I am not too disappointed because, before this season started, I said we would need a couple of seasons to recover from the sh! t storm that we went through before a ball was kicked.

At the end of the day it is not important to me if it is Premiership, Championship, League 1 or whatever, so long as I have a Leeds team to support.

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27 Apr 2024 03:18:44
Let's get it right. No ifs maybes. This team. These players should get promoted. Auto.
This team are the best in the league. Easy
We failed.

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27 Apr 2024 18:55:43
Feel really sorry for you bud. Are you ok?

28 Apr 2024 00:17:37
Aus is very disappointed by the bottle 🍼 jobs / not bothered jobs

8 points in 21 but hey you carry on happy clapping fella 👏,

If Leeds don't go up Mr Marathe will be uber disappointed with DF having been top with 8 matches left 😒.

30 Apr 2024 21:30:23
Baz mate did think we had it in the bag but for crying out loud what the hell went wrong we just lost it or did we have to much confidence and did care, DF must that some of the blame he lost his way sublingual with 10 minutes to go crazy the own well he will be unhappy as us negative fan we will have to wait to see what he will do.

01 May 2024 10:27:57
Whitey ; Farke has surprised me this season; he really isn't all that at all with glaring weaknesses

As such no longer surprising to one at all that he was sacked in 2023 after just one mediocre season in Germany.

02 May 2024 16:34:15
What Baz said.

17 May 2024 19:41:14
As long as we go up now, I'll be happy. definitely disappointed not getting autos tho, considering how close we were. Was like being kicked in the b*ll*cks.

09 Apr 2024 05:48:32
45 mill set for Summerville. Apparently.
Bit shy of my estimation. Setting 45 means negotiating prob to 40. Should have put 60 on him I reckon.

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09 Apr 2024 06:54:34
Decent bit of dough is that. Probably bang on the money as well tbh.

Think we could identify a quality replacement for cheaper, too. Someone like Philogene, Nusa, Odobert, to name a few examples.

09 Apr 2024 07:11:41
Dunno why we would set a price to be honest? Just say “not for sale” as an opening position.

12 Apr 2024 22:49:14
Everyone is for sale at the right price. Plus we need to be careful not to demotivate a player.

13 Apr 2024 11:01:01
Jack Clarke?

15 Apr 2024 08:45:41
A good call that Dougie!

17 Apr 2024 07:08:44
Yeah. I’d pay 15 to 20 for Clarke.

28 Apr 2024 11:58:34
Identifying and Leeds all too regularly ain't always the best fit though

The obvious problem shall spring to mind if we don't go up

Squad will once again be decimated, then new faces in

Then the inevitable " oh we in transition give it time for next 2-3 seasons "

The boat should have been pushed out a bit further in January, and I ain't saying that with hindsight

We look clapped out now.

14 May 2024 13:11:46
If the rumours are right Chris. we were on the brink of our own penalty for breaking FFP, so I suspect that's why we didn't do much in January, and why there will be a lot of selling this summer to finance any "rebuild, " regardless of the league we are in.

That's the bit I hate Chris. the constant resets; it's not like we get to build on from the previous "success;" Bielsa's second season being the only recent exception.

04 Apr 2024 20:07:35
to work for and they have huge plans in place for us when we go up. I sent that to soon Ed if you could add that on to the end of the other, thanks Ed. 👍.

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16 Apr 2024 03:20:41
Well he would say that wouldn’t he! I don’t read that much into it, if money is right he will be back to Germany before you can say blitzkrieg.

04 Apr 2024 20:06:21
There are a few German teams looking at new managers for next season and click bait has mentioned Daniel Farke, well what I do know that is genuine is that DF was talking to Jermaine Beckford last weekend and the subject was mentioned to him by JB, DF replied that, it had been a burning ambition to manage in the Championship again with a team that has good credentials for promotion because he wants to prove to himself and his doubters that he can be a success in the Premiership. He said he felt that he was unfairly treated by Norwich and the media because he had no real funds available for player additions and he was told the second time they went up he could use the full parachute payment, he actually got given £21M for a complete overhaul to stay in the league. Pukki he said was past his best and they needed a striker but nothing happened, so in his words, he sort of give up and he said he son wants to prove people wrong and here’s the best bit… he believes that this can be accomplished by him with Leeds United. He said the 49ers are a dream.

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05 Apr 2024 08:45:18
He's 100% right. Webber was a right tight b*stard and gave him pennies. Played some decent stuff in the Prem from game to game, but didn't have the quality to do it regularly. He will cook with some financial backing.

06 Apr 2024 07:02:12
IF we do go up, I have no doubts about either the 49ers OR Daniel Farke delivering what’s needed. We should have rid of the “ship jumpers” as Whitey labels them, a nice boost to the P&L, and Farke can then get they 4/ 5 players we sorely need to not just stay up, but compete in the mid range of the table.
The first word is critical to this tho! Game on!

04 Apr 2024 17:15:18
Fab Rom reporting that Foxes are to be deducted 6 points in the next 24hrs.!

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04 Apr 2024 18:08:48
Is this a wind-up Brighty?

04 Apr 2024 21:54:38
Really? Hope so!

05 Apr 2024 06:39:42
I take it with a table spoon of salt this one……. read it online, so we shall see soon enough I guess. Fingers crossed!

05 Apr 2024 17:17:39
Not looking too hopeful right now, is it!? 🤬.

12 Apr 2024 20:52:36
no deductions this year as it's the EPL not the EFL.

04 Apr 2024 06:53:12
Mason Cotcher, England U17 international currently at Sunderland is subject of an offer from us. "Ones for the future" theme continues.

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04 Apr 2024 15:47:08
He's actually been on trial with us and scored a couple of goals.

04 Apr 2024 17:20:23
Didn’t know that George! Cheers!

11 Mar 2024 03:16:54
Hi Eds,

Is there any interest from other teams in Summerville this summer (no pun intended) ?


{Ed002's Note - Crysencio Summerville (RW/LW) Leeds have no interest in selling but his agent is looking for a step up and speaking with clubs about him - he has certainly approached Chelsea and Spurs and I suspect others. Agent is close to Aston Villa and the City Football Group. Any move will likely depend on promotion being gained or not. Leeds will look for a new contract.}

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11 Mar 2024 18:04:38
Interesting debut post from obviously a very sincere Leeds fan Dk97.

13 Mar 2024 13:03:51
If a club offered £40 to £50 million this summer I would be very tempted to take it.

He is a very good player at Champo level but how good was he / will he be at EPL level?

13 Mar 2024 14:53:26
Baz Purely imo it's only a matter of time before Cree gets it and maximizes his talent in the EPL. Farke should be able to assist him with good coaching and tactics. This time he'll have a much better Rutter playing alongside him.

14 Mar 2024 01:18:19
He will want euro which he knows he won’t get at Leeds for a good few years.
Hes gone. Just get as much as we can for him. Enough for a decent replacement from abroad. As Baz said, anything above 50 has got to be considered.
As I always say. Just sell em all in first week of window. Get others in and have time to work with them pre season. Learn from last year.

16 Mar 2024 18:55:23
A couple of summers ago, Forest were close to paying £20m for an unknown Summerville.
He has improved massively since the, yes it is at Championship level but he did show glimpses of his potential in a very poor Leeds team last season
So personally, let Chelski follow up their alleged interest and take no less than £50m.

02 Apr 2024 07:47:42
Thanks for info and work ed02 along with other Ed’s - is there any interest of Georgino as well? Slight MOTD fever but looked quality last night and has some really good stats for a young player in a tough league.

{Ed002's Note - Georgino Rutter (F/S) Olympic Lyon want the player to replace Lacazette and may be willing to wait until 2025. Unless Ndiaye picks up, interest of Marseille could appear. Leeds will not want to sell but promotion may be key.}

04 Mar 2024 13:19:33
Away from home we have to score first pref in first 15 but def anytime.

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12 Feb 2024 21:11:37
According to reports, Spurs want between £10-15m for Rodon. Given he's entering the last year of his contract, I think an opening bid of £8m would be my preference. I think he's worth more but let's test Levy's resolve with a low end bid. He's happy here and his contract situation means he (and we) may have some leverage to push a deal through.

{Ed002's Note - They will say no and his fee will rise.}

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13 Feb 2024 12:21:43
Levy is well known to get the price he asks for sadly. The structure of the deal is possibly the only Leeway we will have, or a player plus cash deal, which none of us will want!

13 Feb 2024 12:30:32
Levy always a f*cker to deal with.

14 Feb 2024 12:55:07
Get promoted. Buy him.
Not promoted. No chance.
Great guy. Seems to love the club and players.
Fingers crossed.

20 Feb 2024 18:57:17
What Aus said.


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